’Twas For Me My Saviour Suffered

  ’Twas for me my Saviour suffered
    On the cross of Calvary,
  ’Twas for me Himself He offered,
    To procure my liberty.

  Oh! His love for me …
  Oh! His love for me …
  ’Twas for me my Saviour suffered,
  Oh! His love for me.

  None but Christ could meet the sentence
    God has passed against my sins;
  Deep though be the soul’s repentance
    E’er the joy of faith begins.

  His atoning work is ended,
    Now in heaven He’s glorified,
  To the throne of God ascended,
    He awaits the Church—His Bride.

  Great His joy will be to have me
    In the Father’s house above:
  Great His grace to stoop and save me,
    Son of God! how great Thy love.