His Priesthood.

W. H. Westcott.

Extracted from Scripture Truth magazine,

Volume 13, 1921, page 48.

O Son of God Eternal,
  - Jesus — in glory now,
Before Thy throne of mercy
  Behold a sufferer bow.

Thine eyes of tenderest pity,
  Thy heart of strongest love,
Thy pierced hands of power,
  All move for me above.

Upon Thy face, Lord Jesus,
  My soul would fix its gaze,
Such love as Thine inviting
  Its rest in Thy blest ways.

These marks of earthly trials,
  Of loneliness and pain,
Oft touched Thy holy Person,
  And touch Thy heart again.

Yes, there in brightest glory,
  One Person lives for me;
Who tasted all this sorrow,
  And — Death — upon the tree.

From out this house of weakness
  In spirit, I'll away;
Affection's mighty pinions
  Cleaving their heavenward way.

The body in its suffering
  Shall not enchain the heart;
Love finds its happy solace
  Where Thou, Lord Jesus, art.

And at Thy feet adoring,
  High Priest of God's own choice,
I'll fold my wings untiring,
  And in my heart rejoice.

For here in deep communion
  With God revealed in Son,
And saints who also love Him,
  We bow before His throne.

Thou, Lord, dost lead our singing,
  (Thy sufferings all behind),
And we in spirit with Thee,
  Repose in worship find.

"I thirst"

John 19:28.

W. H. Westcott.

Extracted from Scripture Truth magazine, Volume 13, 1921, page 28.

      A thousand memories linger round the tree,
      Where Jesus died for sin, at Calvary;
Gal. 6:14 The sinner's refuge, and the saint's true boast,
Rom. 5:8 Where shone the love that seeks and saves the lost.
 * * * * *
Luke 23:33 On either side there hung a dying thief,
Luke 23:39 Of whom, one spurned, the other sought, relief
Luke 23:40 From endless shame. He found it; at his side
Rom. 5:6 Was Jesus, who for guilty sinners died
2 Cor. 5:15 That they might live; suffered, that they might have
1 Thess. 5:10 His place in glory, conquerors o'er the grave.
1 Kings 10:7 No mind can e'er conceive, no language tell
Titus 2:14 All He has done to save our souls from hell.
 * * * * *
Matt. 27  Long hours of suffering at the hands of foes,
Matt. 26  Sickening desertion, on the part of those
John 15:15 Whom He had called His friends, both told their tale
Lam. 1:12 Upon His frame. All other hearts would fail
 Beneath such sorrows. He, devoted, stood,
Isaiah 52:14 His visage marred, His form besmeared with blood.
Mark 15:24 At length He hangs, in boundless love for me,
Luke 23:44 Aching and lonely on the accursed tree.
Ps. 69:20 Lonely? Ah, yes! though all around Him stand
Mark 15:29, 32  Lawyers, and priests, and elders of the land;
Luke 23:48 Though throngs of people see Him there impaled,
Isa. 53:4 Lonely He hangs, by every woe assailed.
Matt. 27:25 They thirsted, — for His blood! He too is heard,
John 19:28 "I THIRST!" * * * * * * * *
Ps. 102:20 * * * * * Did not a myriad Angels gird
Ps. 102:21 For service at their Maker's word, and fly
John 1:51 With lightning speed adown the darkening sky?
2 Sam. 23:15 Were there not found three mighty men to break
 Through hosts of foes, from Bethlehem's well to slake
 The thirst of David's Son, and David's Lord?
 Not men, nor angels, can relief afford.
 * * *
2 Kings 3:17 Was there no miracle? He gave the stream
Ex. 17:6 In answer to His people's cry, whose gleam
 Spoke life from out the stricken rock. He wrought
Judges 15:18 A gushing fount in Lehi when besought
 By Samson in his need. But for His own,
Ps. 22:4, 6 No miracle appeared. No ringing tone
Isa. 41:17-18 Of cheery succour reached His ear; no rain
 Fell from the brazen heavens; unmeasured pain
 Was unrelieved. * * * * * * * *
Ps. 104:10-11  * * * * *  Where are the flashing rills
 Leaping and splashing from a thousand hills,
 Fed by eternal snows? Where are the springs
 Sparkling from depths profound, whence water brings
 Welcome refreshment, to remove all thirst?
 Did not some rushing torrent, awe struck, burst
 Forth from its rocky chains, and gently lave
 The Master's lips with its submissive wave?
 * * * * *
Ps. 22:11, 15 He thirsted: and no human means availed
 T'assuage His great desire. His words unveiled
2 Cor. 8:9 The sorrow of His heart. He panted there
Rev. 1:5 For love of sinners, who in glory fair,
Rev. 5:9 Might own His love, and owe eternal praise
Rev. 22:4 To His death-sorrows. Yes, their raptured gaze
1 Peter 3:18 Will rest on Jesus who thus died to save
1 Tim. 1:15 Rebels from hell, and sinners from the grave
1 John 4:19 He thirsted: and adoring saints proclaim
Gal. 1:4  'Twas for the love of rebel hearts, whose shame
Eph. 2:3  Deserved eternal woe, where thirst shall reign
Luke 16:24 Supreme. * * * * *
John 6:40 * * * * * * * * O needy one
 Canst thou not trust God's blest, eternal Son?
John 4:14 He thirsted: but for thee, there ever flow
John 7. 37  Streams of salvation. DOST THOU JESUS KNOW?