Satan's Moves and God's Countermoves.

W. H. Westcott.

Extracted from Scripture Truth, Volume 36, 1950, page 106.

It is profitable and establishing for our souls to trace in the Scripture the way God has, in CHRIST, triumphed completely over Satan and all his work.

We see how persistently and determinedly this great enemy of God set himself against God's work. He overcame man by sin; then he moved Israel to break the law. He overcame the influence of the prophets and other messengers from God, and finally stirred up men against Christ, the Son of God, leading them to crucify Him and putting Him on their part to a shameful death. Then when the Holy Ghost came with His testimony to the Lord Jesus Christ, he was instrumental in directing men to reject Him, thus apparently closing up all hope of recovery.

Thus it would seem that his moves had resulted in victory for him all along the line. But in reality it was not so.

God is not defeated and it has pleased Him to reveal to us His countermoves. Resurrection shows that God is above all the power of evil; goodness has been vindicated and is now enthroned at God's right hand. God had a plan in all that He has permitted, and in this His Son is to have the central place.

Although He was never seen again by men generally, there are abundant evidences to the Lord's resurrection, as detailed in 1 Corinthians 15. 4-8; John 20 and John 21; also, Acts 1:1-11. He has further been raised from earth to heaven and is seated at the Father's right hand. Then the Father's promise, intimated through the Son, that is, the gift of the Holy Spirit, has been fulfilled by His coming and taking up His abode in the waiting company on the day of Pentecost. He came to each and all were filled.

The promised kingdom on the earth is not dropped but postponed and in the meantime witness is being borne and sustained in Satan's world by a power he cannot crucify and in men who were to be here in Christ's life all over the earth. A unity is formed which is not national and not international but is composed of those drawn out of every class — priest or people, Jew or Gentile — once sinners in Satan's kingdom but transferred into the kingdom of the Son of His love; kept, fed, taught and formed till Christ's return. For this is the service of the Holy Spirit, qualifying each one to be a witness for Christ, capable of multiplication. Satan's hatred is no longer concentrated on one Person, but having to do with 120, 3,000, 5,000, and ever growing numbers, and eventually in all lands.

Then finally the Rapture when all those indwelt by the Holy Spirit will be translated in a moment; no power of evil availing to delay by one fraction of time or to prevent any single one being raised or changed.

God's triumph will be seen to be universal and complete. The blessed Man, His Christ, once discredited will be manifested in glory, and with myriads, after His own order, in glory with Him. All evil will be put down eternally; Satan bound, man delivered, the earth blessed. The will of God will be done on earth as in heaven. Heaven and earth will be in accord under the rule of Christ and finally a new heavens and a new earth and God all in all. Alleluia!