Extract from a Letter.

G. V. Wigram.

Christian Friend vol. 15, 1888, p. 48.

"How far is Christ practically formed in our hearts and minds? I mean not, as in Galatians, Christ formed in their souls, but formed in us so that His thoughts are our thoughts, His cares our cares, His subjects of interest our subjects of interest, and none other. So it was in Paul; and so it might be wherever His life reigns in us, although our portion and calling be not so Nazarite as were Paul's. I ask for more of this for myself in my remaining sojourn down here — one thing, and but one — that, standing and abiding in Christ where I am, my range of affections and thoughts may be in unison with His until He comes. I can think of nothing as more blessed than this reproduction in oneself of His life, already ours through faith, but needing the unhindered action of the Holy Ghostfulness of the Holy Ghost — in order to be practically seen and known of all around, as enjoyed by the soul in the secret of God's presence. The dust of the wilderness — one thousand and one little cares — would then drop off; or, if remaining, be but as the last year's fruits that have still survived the autumn blasts and the hard frosts of winter, and will drop off as spring returns and the fresh flow and sap come, and show what is and what is not virtually connected with us." G. V. W.