G. V. Wigram.

Christian Friend vol. 17, 1890, p. 328.

If Christ is the Root and Offspring of David, there are certain glories; and those who delight in Him know that He will show forth these glories; and if His glory shall cover the earth as waters cover the sea, they rejoice in the prospect. Still, that would be nothing to satisfy the heart; and hence there is another thing — "I am… the bright and morning star." This is for a people who know the secret, not of being connected only with His manifested glory as the Sun of righteousness, but of being associated with Himself now, a people who have to watch during the night, looking out for the harbinger of day. His people see Him up there, and know they are one with Him, and long for Him to come, because they know there is no rest of heart save in Him.

*  *  *

This is the only passage (Rev. 20:17) in which the Spirit is presented with the Bride. There is something very touching in connection with wilderness circumstances, seeing that the Spirit in this character speaks thus, "Come." Is the Bride for the earth? What has she to do with the earth, with the wilderness, save as Rebecca passing through it?

*  *  *

We have here, not alone, "I am … the bright and morning star," but also, "I come" (v. 20), presenting Himself with all the savour, all the attractiveness of what He is. Have not some of us known Him for years, and have we not found the attractiveness of His beauty deepening in our souls? But what is all we have learned of Him here, when compared with the thought of beholding Himself, looking on His face, seeing the One who died for us, the One who loves us with an eternal love? G. V. W.