Here is a small selection of files from the site converted into an e-book format. These e-books are only a primitive construction for experimental purposes. We would like to know if you find them useful, if you would like them in different formats . . . and any other comments you would like to make. The portable device market is in a very early fluid state. There is the likelihood that browsers will become normal on them, so one possibility is that material such as STEM could be held locally on the device and accessed off-line anywhere, hence the question: Are you content to access the material in STEM using a browser on your e-reader, tablet or phone? Please give the reasons why you prefer - or not - a 'proper' book format.

in epub format:

Abigail - Hamilton Smith
Abraham - Hamilton Smith
Abraham - J G Bellett
The Call of God - Abraham and Lot - C H Mackintosh
The Canticles - J G Bellett
Delivering Grace - J T Mawson
The Life and Times of David - C H Mackintosh
Enoch - J G Bellett
Joseph - Hamilton Smith
Balaam: His Words and Ways - W W Fereday
Elijah: A Prophet of the Lord - Hamilton Smith
Elijah the Tishbite - W W Fereday
Elisha - The Man of God - Hamilton Smith
Elisha, the Prophet - W W Fereday
Gideon - C H Mackintosh
Heaven and Earth - J G Bellett
Hezekiah - C Stanley
How to Overcome - J T Mawson
Isaac - J G Bellett
Jacob - J G Bellett
Jehoshaphat - Worldliness - C H Mackintosh
Job - J G Bellett
Job and His Friends - C H Mackintosh
Job's Conversion - C Stanley
John the Baptist - H L Rossier
John the Baptist - only a voice - C H Mackintosh
Jonah - W W Fereday
Jonathan and His Times - W W Fereday
Jonathan - C Stanley
Joseph - C Stanley
Joseph - J G Bellett
Josiah and Revival - W W Fereday
The Life and Times of Josiah - C H Mackintosh
Mephibosheth - C Stanley
Noah - J G Bellett
Revelation of God and from God - W T Turpin
Samuel - God's Emergency Man - W W Fereday
Samuel the Prophet - Hamilton Smith
Samuel - C Stanley
Saul of Tarsus - C H Mackintosh
Simon Peter - H L Rossier
Simon Peter - Apostle and Living Stone - W W Fereday
Simon Peter - His life and its lessons - C H Mackintosh
Stephen - The First Martyr - Hamilton Smith
To the Parents of My Grandchildren - G C Willis
Work in its Right Place - C H Mackintosh
Young Believer's Difficulties - C Stanley