STEM Publishing : hymns : Hymns for the Little Flock (1881) : 1-50

Little Flock 1881 Edition — Section 1.

1    C.M.

Of all the gifts Thy love bestows,
Thou Giver of all good!
Not heaven itself a richer knows
Than the Redeemer's blood.

Faith, too, that trusts the blood through grace,
From that same love we gain;
Else, sweetly as it suits our case,
The gift had been in vain.

We praise Thee, and would praise Thee more,
To Thee our all we owe;
The precious Saviour and the power
That makes Him precious too.


Father, 'twas Thy love that knew us
Earth's foundation long before;
That same love to Jesus drew us
By its sweet constraining power,
And will keep us
Safely now, and evermore.

God of love, our souls adore Thee!
We would still Thy grace proclaim,
Till we cast our crowns before Thee,
And in glory praise Thy name;
Praise and worship
Be to God and to the Lamb!

3    L.M.

O God! we see Thee in the Lamb
To be our hope, our joy, our rest;
The glories that compose Thy name
Standing engaged to make us blest.

Thou great and good! Thou just and wise!
Hail, as our Father and our God!
For we are Thine by sacred ties,
Thy sons and daughters, bought with Thy blood.

Then, oh! to us this grace afford,
That far from Thee we ne'er may move;
Our guard — the presence of the Lord;
Our joy — Thy perfect present love.

This gives us ever to rejoice,
Turning to light our darkest days;
And lifts on high each feeble voice,
While we have breath to pray or praise.


Ere God had built the mountains,
Or raised the fruitful hills;
Before He fill'd the fountains
That feed the running rills;
In Thee, from everlasting,
The wonderful I AM
Found pleasures never wasting,
And Wisdom is Thy name.

When like a tent to dwell in,
He spread the skies abroad,
And swathed about the swelling
Of ocean's mighty flood,
He wrought by weight and measure;
And Thou wast with Him then;
Thyself the Father's pleasure,
And Thine the sons of men.

And couldst Thou be delighted
With creatures such as we,
Who, when we saw Thee, slighted
And nail'd Thee to a tree?
Unfathomable wonder!
And mystery divine!
The voice that speaks in thunder
Says, "Sinner, I am thine!"

Unto Him who loved us — gave us
Every pledge that love could give;
Freely shed His blood to save us;
Gave His life that we might live;
Be the kingdom,
And dominion,
And the glory evermore.

6    C.M.

Jesus! how much Thy name unfolds
To every opened ear;
The pardoned sinner's memory holds
None other half so dear.

Thy name encircles every grace
That God as man could shew;
There only could He fully trace
A life divine below.

Jesus — it speaks a life of love,
Of sorrows meekly borne;
It tells of sympathy above,
Whatever makes us mourn.

Jesus, the One who knew no sin,
Made sin to make us just;
Thou gav'st Thyself our love to win —
Our full confiding trust.

The mention of Thy name shall bow
Our hearts to worship Thee;
The chiefest of ten thousand Thou,
Whose love has set us free.


Thou Son of God! — the woman's seed
Who didst for us on Calv'ry bleed,
And bear our heavy load;
Spoiler of death's o'erwhelming power,
O'ercome by Thee in that dread hour;
Thou holy One of God!

Thy blood we sing; by that alone,
With boldness to th'eternal throne,
Through Thee we now draw nigh
It blots out ev'ry stain of sin,
Washes the guilty conscience clean,
And makes th'accuser fly.

Behold us, Lord! a feeble band,
In conflict with the foe we stand,
The ransom'd of Thy cross;
We sing the triumphs of Thy name;
All other glory here is shame,
All other gain's but loss.


O Lord, we adore Thee,
For Thou art the slain One
That livest for ever,
Enthrone'd in heaven;
O Lord! we adore Thee,
For Thou hast redeem'd us;
Our title to glory
We read in Thy blood.

O God, we acknowledge
Thy greatness, Thy glory!
For of Thee are all things
On earth and in heaven;
How rich is Thy mercy!
How great Thy salvation!
We bless Thee, we praise Thee:
Amen, and Amen.


Father, we, Thy children, bless Thee
For Thy love on us bestow'd,
Source of blessing! we confess Thee
Now, our Father and our God.
Wondrous was Thy love in giving
Jesus for our sins to die!
Wondrous was His grace in leaving,
For our sakes, the heavens on high!

Now the sprinkled blood has freed us,
Hast'ning onward to our rest,
Through the desert Thou dost lead us,
With Thy constant favour blest;
By Thy truth and Spirit guiding,
Earnest He of what's to come,
And with daily strength providing,
Thou dost lead Thy children home.

Though our pilgrimage be dreary,
This is not our resting-place;
Shall we of the way be weary
When we see our Master's face?
No: — e'en now anticipating,
In this hope our souls rejoice,
And His promised advent waiting,
Soon shall hear His welcome voice.

10    S.M.

Grace is the sweetest sound
That ever reached our ears,
When conscience charged and justice frown'd,
'Twas grace removed our fears.

'Tis freedom to the slave,
'Tis light and liberty;
It takes its terror from the grave,
From death its victory.

Grace is a mine of wealth
Laid open to the poor;
Grace is the sov'reign spring of health;
'Tis Life for evermore.

Of grace then let us sing!
(A joyful, wondrous theme!)
Who grace has brought, shall glory bring,
And we shall reign with Him.

Then shall we see His face
With all the saints above,
And sing forever of His grace,
For ever of His love.


Jesus, the Lord, is risen
Triumphant o'er the grave;
For us he burst the prison,
Almighty now to save:
Captivity is captive led,
Since Jesus liveth that was dead.

Who to our charge shall lay
Iniquity or guilt?
Our sin is done away
Since Jesus' blood was spilt.
Captivity, etc.

Who now accuseth them
Whom God hath justified?
Or who shall those condemn
For whom the Surety died?
Captivity, etc.

Christ hath the ransom paid,
The wondrous work is done;
On Him our help is laid,
The victory is won.
Captivity, etc.

12    S.M.

Sing without ceasing, sing
The Saviour's present grace,
How all things shine in light divine
For those who've seen His face.

He's gone within the veil,
For us that place has won;
In Him we stand, a heavenly band
Where He Himself is gone.

There all's unsullied light,
Our hearts let in its rays;
And heavenly light makes all things bright,
Seen in that blissful gaze.

Such here on earth we are,
Though we in weakness roam;
Our place on high, God's self so nigh;
His presence is our home.

And stayed by joy divine,
As hireling fills his day,
Through scenes of strife and desert life
We tread in peace our way.

That way is upward still,
Where life and glory are;
Our rest's above, in perfect love
The glory we shall share.

For ever with the Lord,
For ever like Him then,
And see His face in that blest place,
Our Father's house in heaven.


Worship, and thanks, and blessing,
And strength ascribe to Jesus!
The Lord alone defends His own,
When earth or hell oppresses.
Omnipotent Redeemer!
Our ransom'd souls adore Thee;
Our Saviour Thou, we own it now,
And give to Thee the glory.

Thine arm hath safely brought us
A way no more expected
Than when Thy sheep pass'd thro' the deep
By crystal walls protected.
We sing Thine arm unshorten'd,
Brought thro' each sore temptation;
With heart and voice, in Thee rejoice,
Thou God of our salvation.

Thy glory is our rear-ward,
Thy hand our lives doth cover;
And we, e'en we, have pass'd the sea,
And march'd triumphant over;
We own thy great deliverance,
And triumph in Thy favour;
And for the love which now we prove,
Shall praise Thy name for ever.


Hark! ten thousand voices crying,
"Lamb of God!" with one accord;
Thousand thousand saints replying,
Wake at once the echoing chord.

"Praise the Lamb," the chorus waking,
All in heaven together throng;
Loud and far each tongue partaking
Rolls around the endless song.

Grateful incense this, ascending
Ever to the Father's throne:
Ev'ry knee to Jesus bending,
All in mind in heaven is one.

All the father's counsels claiming
Equal honours to the Son,
All the Son's effulgence beaming,
Makes the Father's glory known.

By the Spirit all pervading,
Hosts unnumber'd round the Lamb,
Crown'd with light and joy unfading,
Hail Him as the great "I AM."

Joyful now the new creation
Rests in undisturb'd repose,
Blest in Jesu's full salvation,
Sorrow now nor thraldom knows.

Hark! the heavenly notes again!
Loudly swells the song of praise;
Through creation's vault, Amen!
Amen! responsive joy doth raise.

15    C.M.

All that we were — our sins, our guilt,
Our death — was all our own;
All that we are we owe to Thee,
Thou God of grace, alone.

Thy mercy found us in our sins,
And gave us to believe;
Then, in believing, peace we found;
And in Thy Christ we live.

All that we are as saints on earth,
All that we hope to be
When Jesus comes and glory dawns,
We owe it all to Thee.


Many sons to glory bringing,
God sets forth His heavenly name;
On we march in chorus singing,
"Worthy the ascended Lamb!"

God who gave the blood to screen us,
God looks down in perfect love;
Clouds may seem to pass between us,
There's no change in Him above.

Though the restless foe accuses,
Sins recounting like a flood;
Every charge our God refuses:
Christ has answer'd with His blood.

In the refuge God provided,
Tho' the world's destruction lowers,
We are safe — to Christ confided,
Everlasting life is ours.

And ere long, when come to glory,
We shall sing a well-known strain,
This is the never-tiring story,
"Worthy is the Lamb once slain!"


May the grace of Christ our Saviour,
And the Father's boundless love,
With the Holy Spirit's favour,
Rest upon us from above!

Thus may we abide in union
With each other and the Lord,
And possess in sweet communion,
Joys which earth can ne'er afford.


Paschal Lamb, by God appointed,
All our sins were on Thee laid;
By Almighty love anointed,
Thou hast full atonement made.
All Thy people are forgiven
Through the virtue of Thy blood;
Opened is the gate of heaven,
Peace is made for us with God.

Jesus, hail! enthroned in glory,
There for ever to abide;
All the heavenly hosts adore Thee,
Seated at Thy Father's side;
Worship, honour, power, and blessing,
Thou art worthy to receive;
Loudest praises, without ceasing,
Meet it is for us to give.


Praise the Lord! He died to save us!
'Tis by Him alone we live;
And in Him the Father gave us
All that boundless love could give:
Life eternal
In the Saviour we receive.

20    11s.

Lord Jesus! we worship and bow at Thy feet,
And give Thee the glory, the honour that's meet;
While through Thee, O Saviour, our praises ascend
And join in the chorus that never shall end.


"Abba, Father," we approach Thee
In our Saviour's precious name;
We, Thy children, here assembling,
Now the promised blessing claim.
From our guilt His blood has washed us,
'Tis through Him our souls draw nigh;
And Thy Spirit too has taught us
"Abba, Father," thus to cry.

Once as prodigals we wander'd
In our folly far from Thee;
But Thy grace, o'er sin abounding,
Rescued us from misery:
Clothed in garments of salvation,
At Thy table is our place;
We rejoice, and Thou rejoicest,
In the riches of Thy grace.

Thou the prodigal hast pardon'd,
"Kiss'd us" with a Father's love;
"Kill'd the fatted calf," and call'd us
E'er to dwell with Thee above.
"It is meet," we hear Thee saying,
"We should merry be and glad;
I have found my once lost children,
Now they live who once were dead."

"Abba, Father!" we adore Thee,
While the hosts in heaven above
E'en in us now learn the wonders
Of Thy wisdom, grace and love.
Soon before Thy throne assembled,
All Thy children shall proclaim
Abba's love as shown in Jesus,
And how full is Abba's name!


"How bright, there above, is the mercy of God!"
"And void of all guilt, and clear of all sin,

Is my conscience and heart, through my Saviour's blood."

"Not a cloud above" — "not a spot within."

Christ died! then I am clean "Not a spot within."
"God's mercy and love! "Not a cloud above."
'Tis the Spirit, thro' faith, thus triumphs o'er sin:

"Not a cloud above" — "not a spot within."

23    8s.

How good is the God we adore,
Our faithful, unchangeable Friend,
Whose love is as great as His power,
And knows neither measure nor end.

'Tis Jesus, the First and the Last,
Whose Spirit shall guide us safe home;
We'll praise Him for all that is past,
And trust Him for all that's to come.


Where shall our wond'ring souls begin?
How shall we all to heaven aspire?
As slaves redeem'd from death and sin,
As brands pluck'd from eternal fire,
How shall we suited triumphs raise,
Or sing our great Deliver's praise?

O how shall we the goodness tell,
Father, which Thou to us hast shewed,
Children of wrath and doomed to hell,
But children now redeemed to God?
On earth we know our sins forgiven,
Blest with this antepast of heaven.

25    C.M.

Father, Thy name our souls would bless,
As children taught by grace,
Lift up our hearts in righteousness
And joy before Thy face.

Sweet is the confidence Thou giv'st,
Though high above our praise,
Our hearts resort to where Thou liv'st
In heaven's unclouded rays.

There in the purpose of Thy love
Our place is now prepared,
As sons with Him who is above,
Who all our sorrows shared.

Eternal ages shall declare
The riches of Thy grace,
To those who with Thy Son shall share
A son's eternal peace.

Absent as yet, we rest in hope,
Treading the desert path,
Waiting for Him who takes up
Beyond the power of death.

We joy in Thee, Thy holy love
Our endless portion is,
Like Thine own Son, with Him above,
In brightest heavenly bliss.

O Holy Father, keep us here
In that blest name of love,
Walking before Thee without fear
Till all be joy above.


O Love divine, Thou vast abyss!
Our sins are swallow'd up in Thee;
Cover'd is our unrighteousness;
From condemnation we are free:
In Jesu's blood our hearts can trace
The boundless riches of Thy grace.

Fix'd on this ground must we remain;
Though heart may fail and flesh decay,
This anchor shall our souls sustain,
When earth and heaven shall pass away.
Mercy's full worth we then shall prove,
Loved with an everlasting love.


Lamb of God, our souls adore Thee,
While upon Thy face we gaze,
There the Father's love and glory
Shine in all their brightest rays.
Thy Almighty power and wisdom
All creation's works proclaim,
Heaven and earth alike confess Thee,
As the ever great I AM.

Son of God! Thy Father's bosom
Ever was Thy dwelling-place;
His delight, in Him rejoicing,
One with Him in power and grace:
O what wondrous love and mercy!
Thou didst lay Thy glory by,
And for us didst come from heaven
As the Lamb of God to die.

Lamb of God! when we behold Thee
Lowly in the manger laid;
Wand'ring as a homeless stranger
In the world Thy hands had made;
When we see Thee in the garden
In Thine agony of blood,
At Thy grace we are confounded,
Holy, spotless Lamb of God!

When we see Thee as the Victim
Nailed to the accursèd tree,
For our guilt and folly stricken,
All our judgement borne by Thee,
Lord, we own, with hearts adoring,
Thou hast washed us in Thy blood:
Glory, glory everlasting,
Be to Thee, Thou Lamb of God!


Lamb of God! Thou now art seated
High upon Thy Father's throne,
All Thy gracious work completed,
All Thy mighty victory won.
Every knee in heaven is bending
To the Lamb for sinner's slain;
Every voice and heart is swelling,
"Worthy is the Lamb to reign."

Lord, in all Thy power and glory
Still Thy thoughts and eyes are here;
Watching o'er Thy ransomed people
To Thy gracious heart so dear.
Thou for us art interceding,
Everlasting is Thy love;
And a blessed rest preparing
In our Father's house above.

Lamb of God! Thy faithful promise
Says, "Behold, I quickly come;"
And our hearts, to Thine responsive,
Cry, "Come, Lord, and take us home."
Oh! the rapture that awaits us
When we meet Thee in the air,
And with Thee ascend in triumph,
All Thy deepest joys to share.

Lamb of God! when Thou to glory
Shalt to this sad earth return,
All Thy foes shall quake before Thee,
All who now despise Thee mourn;
Then shall we at Thine appearing
With Thee in Thy kingdom reign,
Thine the praise, and Thine the glory,
Lamb of God, for sinners slain.


O BLESSED Saviour, Son of God!
Who hast redeem'd us with Thy blood
From guilt and death and shame —
With joy and praise, Thy people see
The crown of glory worn by Thee,
And worthy Thee proclaim.

2.Exalted, by the Father's love,
All thrones and powers and names above,
At God's right hand in heaven:
Wisdom and riches, power divine,
Blessing and honour, Lord, are Thine —
All things to Thee are given.

Head of the church! Thou sittest there,
Thy members all the blessings share —
Thy blessing, Lord, is ours:
Our life Thou art — Thy grace sustains,
Thy strength in us each victory gains
O'er sin and Satan's powers.

And soon, the day of glory come,
Thy bride shall reach her destined home,
And all Thy beauty see:
How great our joy to see Thee shine,
To hear Thee own us, Lord, as Thine,
And ever dwell with Thee.


Thou holy one of God,
Glorified in Thy cross,
He owns the value of that blood
Which speaks to Him for us.
The curse is gone, through Thee we're blest,
God rests in Thee — in Thee we rest.

Soon the bright glorious day,
The rest of God, shall come,
Sorrow and sin shall pass away,
And we shall reach our home.
Then of the promised joy possessed,
Our souls shall know eternal rest.

31    P.M.

The Father, from eternity,
Choose us, O Jesus Christ, in Thee,
In Thee, His well-belovèd:
And we, as given to Thee — Thy bride,
In Thee, Lord Jesus, can confide:
Thy love remains unmovèd.
From Thee daily
Strength receiving — to Thee cleaving,
Blessèd Jesus!
May we all shew forth Thy praises.

Before the world we'd make our boast,
That Thou, in whom is all our trust,
Art Lord of life and glory;
And soon Thou'lt bring us to that place
Where we shall see Thee face to face,
And, glorified, adore Thee.
Amen! — Be then
Praise and blessing — never ceasing
To Thee given
Here, and when we come to heaven.


Son of God! with joy we praise Thee,
On the Father's throne above;
All Thy wondrous work displays Thee,
Full of grace and full of love!
Lord, accept our adoration —
For our sins Thou once wast slain;
Through Thy blood we have salvation;
Soon shall share Thine endless reign.

God, in Thee His love unfolding,
Shews how vast, how rich His grace;
Blest our lot, with joy beholding
All His glory in Thy face.
Oh! the mercy which hath blessed us,
Purposed thus ere time began,
Mercy which in Thee hath kept us,
Where His blessed race He ran.


Jesus, Captain of salvation,
Conqueror both of death and hell!
Thou who didst as sin's oblation,
Feel what Thou alone couldst feel:
Through Thy suff'rings, death, and merit,
We eternal bliss inherit,
Thousand thousand thanks to Thee,
Jesus, Lord, for ever be!

34, P.M.

The Lord is risen: the Red Sea's judgement flood
Is passed in Him, who bought us with His blood.
The Lord is risen: we stand beyond the doom
Of all our sin, through Jesu's empty tomb.

The Lord is risen: with Him we also rose,
And in His grave see vanquished all our foes.
The Lord is risen: beyond the judgement land,
In Him, in resurrection life we stand.

The Lord is risen: redeemed now to God,
We tread the desert which His feet have trod.
The Lord is risen: the sanctuary's our place,
Where now we dwell before the Father's face.

The Lord is risen: the Lord is gone before,
We long to see Him, and to sin no more.
The Lord is risen: our triumph-shout shall be,
"Thou hast prevailed! Thy people, Lord, are free!"


Rise, my soul! behold, 'tis Jesus,
Jesus fills thy wondering eyes;
See Him now in glory seated,
Where thy sins no more can rise.

There in righteousness transcendent,
Lo! He doth in heaven appear,
Shews the blood of His atonement
As thy title to be there.

All thy sins were laid upon Him,
Jesus bore them on the tree;
God, who knew them, laid them on Him,
And, believing, thou art free.

God now brings thee to His dwelling,
Spreads for thee His feast divine,
Bids thee welcome, ever telling,
What a portion there is thine.

Blessed, glorious word, "for ever" —
Yea "for ever" is the word;
Nothing can the ransomed sever,
Nought divide them from the Lord.


Father, we own Thy sov'reign claim
And bless Thy Son's most precious name,
Whom Thou for us hast given;
Who bore the curse to sinners due,
Quickened our ruined souls anew,
And made us heirs of heaven.

'Tis by the Holy Ghost alone
That Christ, the Lord, is made our own,
The gift of grace divine:
But since to us, in His blest face,
There shines the glory of Thy grace,
We know that we are Thine.

Oh, while we here together join,
Before the throne of grace divine,
Bow down a Father's ear;
Our hearts have listened to Thy word,
Thy name we praise with glad accord,
Reveal Thyself as near.


Th'atoning work is done;
The Victim's blood is shed;
And Jesus now is gone
His people's cause to plead:
He sits in heaven their great High Priest,
And bears their names upon His breast.

See "sprinkled with the blood
The mercy-seat" above;
For justice had withstood
The purposes of love;
But justice now withstands no more,
And mercy yields her boundless store.

And though awhile He be
Hid from the eyes of men,
His people look to see
Their great High Priest again.
In brightest glory He will come,
And take His waiting people home.


O what shall we do the Saviour to praise,
So faithful and true, so plenteous in grace,
So strong to deliver, to save from all harm
The weakest believer that leans on His arm!

How happy the man whose heart is set free,
The people, O God, that joyful in Thee!
Their joy is to walk in the light of Thy face,
For ever to talk of Thy mercy and grace.


On His Father's throne is seated
Christ the Lord, the living One!
All His toil on earth completed,
All His work for sinner's done;
In the glory
See Him, God's eternal Son!

Every knee shall bow before Him,
Every tongue confess His name,
Ransomed myriads shall adore Him,
Who endured the sinner's shame!
From the glory
God doth now His worth proclaim.

Man the cross to Him awarded;
Man the Saviour crucified;
This world's judgement stands recorded,
God's own justice satisfied!
By the glory
Christ was claimed on earth who died.

Son of man, His incarnation
Opened first the tale of grace;
Son of man, in new creation
Leader of a chosen race!
Well may glory
Crown Him, in the ordered place!


O Thou great all-gracious Shepherd,
Shedding for us Thy life's blood,
Unto shame and death delivered,
All to bring us nigh to God!
Now our willing hearts adore Thee,
Now we taste Thy dying love,
While by faith we come before Thee —
Faith which lifts our souls above.

As our Surety we behold Thee,
Ransoming our souls from death;
As the willing victim view Thee,
Yielding up to God Thy breath.
In this broken bread we own Thee,
Bruised for us and put to shame;
And this cup, O Lord, we thank Thee,
Speaks our pardon through Thy name.

But 'tis past, and, Lord we hail Thee,
Crown'd with glory on the throne;
Meet it is Thy saints should bless Thee
For the place Thy death hath won:
Won for us — that in full measure
We should have our part with Thee:
Taste the river of Thy pleasure,
Share in all Thy victory.

41    L.M.D.

Father, we worship Thee, our God!
What rich unfathomable grace,
On us, in Christ, hast Thou bestowed!
Children of wrath (our nature's place),
Now ransom'd and with Him made one,
Glories around unbounded shine,
The fulness of our God alone
The limit is of grace divine!

42    C.M.

To Him that saved us from the world,
And washed us in His blood,
Called us to share His glorious throne,
As kings and priests to God:

To Him let every tongue be praise,
And every heart be love!
All grateful honours paid on earth,
And nobler songs above!

43    S.M.

Not all the blood of beasts,
On Jewish alters slain,
Could give the guilty conscience peace
Or wash away its stain.

But Christ, the heavenly Lamb,
Took all our guilt away,
A sacrifice of nobler name,
And richer blood than they.

Our souls look back to see
The burden Thou didst bear
When hanging on the accursed tree,
For all our guilt was there.

Believing we rejoice
To see the curse remove;
And bless the Lamb with cheerful voice,
And sing redeeming love.


Maker of earth and heaven,
Whose arm upholds creation,
To Thee we raise the voice of praise,
And bend in adoration.
We praise the power that made us,
We praise the love that blesses;
While every day that rolls away
Thy gracious care confesses.

Though trials and affliction
May cast their shadows o'er us,
Thy love doth throw a heavenly glow
Of light on all before us;
That love has smiled from heaven,
To cheer our path of sadness,
And lead the way thro' earth's dark day,
To realms of joy and gladness.

The light of love and glory
Has shone thro' Christ our Saviour
The Crucified — who lived and died,
That we might live for ever.
And since Thy great compassion
Thus brings Thy children near Thee,
May we to praise devote our days,
And keep for ever near Thee.

45    L.M.

Jesus, the Lord, our righteousness!
Our beauty Thou, our glorious dress!
Before the throne, in this array'd,
With joy shall we lift up the head.

Bold shall we stand in that great day,
For who aught to our charge shall lay,
While by Thy blood absolved we are
From sin and guilt, from shame and fear?

Thus Abraham, the friend of God,
Thus all the saints redeemed with blood,
Saviour of sinners, Thee proclaim,
And all their boast is in Thy name.

This spotless robe the same appears
In new creation's endless years,
No age can change its glorious hue,
The robe of Christ is ever new.

Till we behold Thee on Thy throne
In Thee we boast, in Thee alone,
Our beauty this, our glorious dress,
"Jesus, the Lord, our rightness."


Away with our sorrow and fear!.
We soon shall have entered our home,
The heavenly city appear,
The day of our glory have come!
From earth we shall quickly remove,
To dwell in our proper abode,
In mansions of glory above —
The house of our Father and God.

There Christ has our dwelling-place won,
And we in His glory shall be
With Him everlastingly one,
His glory and bliss we shall see.
All tears shall have passed from our eyes,
When Him we behold in the cloud,
And taste the full joy of the skies,
The love of our Father and God.

47    S.M.

Grace taught our wandering feet
To tread the heavenly road;
And new supplies each hour we meet
While travelling home to God.

'Twas grace that wrote each name
In God's eternal book;
'Twas grace that gave us to the Lamb,
Who all our burdens took.

Grace saved us from the foe,
Grace taught us how to pray;
And God will ne'er His grace forego,
Till we have won the day.

May grace, free grace, inspire
Our souls with strength divine;
May ev'ry thought to God aspire,
And grace in service shine.

Grace all the work shall crown
Through everlasting days;
It lays in heaven the topmost stone,
And well deserves the praise.

48    C.M.

High, in the Father's house above,
Our mansion is prepared;
There is the home, the rest we love,
And there our bright reward.

With Him we love, in spotless white,
In glory we shall shine;
His blissful presence our delight,
In live and joy divine.

All taint of sin shall be removed,
All evil done away:
And we shall dwell with God's Beloved,
Through God's eternal day.


Christ delivered us when bound,
And, when wounded, healed our wound,
Sought us wandering, set us right,
Turned our darkness into light.

Can a mother's tender care
Cease towards the child she bare?
Yes, she may forgetful prove,
He will never cease to love.

His is an unchanging love,
Higher than the heights above,
Deeper then the depths beneath,
Free and faithful, strong as death.

We shall see His glory soon,
When the work of grace is done,
Partners of His throne above;
Such to us His wondrous love!

This alone is our complaint,
That our love is weak and faint;
Yet we love Him, and adore,
O for grace to love Him more!


Our Father, we praise Thee, Thou blest One, who gave us
In grace without limit Thy well-beloved Son!
O Christ, we exalt Thee, who diedst once to save us,
And now by Thy Spirit hast sealed each one!