STEM Publishing : hymns : Hymns for the Little Flock (1881) : 101-150

Little Flock 1881 Edition — Section 3.


We bless Thee, O Thou great Amen!
Jehovah's pledge to sinful men,
Confirming all His word!
Doubtful no promises remain,
For all are Yea, and all Amen,
In Thee, the faithful Lord,

How great the grace of God to bless
By Thee, the Lord, our righteousness!
By Thee, we say again:
For to us all things thus are sure,
Through life, in death, and evermore,
By Thee, the great Amen.

O faithful Witness of our God,
Who cam'st by water and by blood!
In Thee (the holy One)
God's record doth for ever stand,
Of life eternal, from His hand,
To all in Thee the Son.

Gladly His promises we hear,
For God's "Amen" dispels all fear,
His faithfulness it proves;
And while such grace from God is shewn,
To His Amen we add our own
For our Amen He loves.

102    C.M.

Come, let us join our cheerful songs,
And thus approach the throne:
Had we ten thousand thousand tongues,
Our theme of joy's but one:

"Worthy the Lamb that's gone on high
To be exalted thus;"
"Worthy the Lamb that died," we cry,
"For He was slain for us."

Jesus is worthy to receive
Honour and power divine:
And blessings more than we can give
Be, Lord, for ever Thine.

Soon shall the saints, exalted high,
A glorious anthem raise;
And all that dwell beneath the sky
Speak forth Thine endless praise.

Redeemed creation join in one,
T'adore the sacred name
Of Him that sits upon the throne,
And to exalt the Lamb.


We'll sing of the Shepherd that died,
That died for the sake of the flock;
His love to the utmost was tried,
But firmly endured as a rock.

When blood from a victim must flow,
This Shepherd by pity was led
To stand between us and the foe,
And willingly died in our stead.

Our song, then, for ever shall be
Of the Shepherd who gave Himself thus;
No subject's so glorious as He,
No theme so affecting to us.

Of Him and His love will we sing,
His praises our tongues shall employ
Till heavenly anthems we bring
In yonder bright regions of joy.


"Abba," Father — thus we call Thee,
(Hallowed name!) from day to day;
'Tis Thy children's right to know Thee,
None but children "Abba" say.
This high honour we inherit,
Thy free gift, through Jesu's blood;
God the Spirit, with our spirit,
Witnesseth we're sons of God.

Abba's purpose gave us being
When in Christ, in that vast plan,
Abba chose the saints in Jesus
Long before the world began;
O what love the Father bore us!
O how precious in His sight!
When He gave the church to Jesus!
Jesus, His whole soul's delight!

Though our nature's fall in Adam
Seemed to shut us out from God,
Thus it was His counsel brought us
Nearer still, through Jesu's blood;
For in Him we found redemption,
Grace and glory in the Son;
Oh the height and depth of mercy!
"Christ and we, through grace, are one."


Glory, glory everlasting
Be to Him who bore the cross.
Who redeemed our souls by tasting
Death, the death deserved by us!
Spread His glory
Who redeemed His people thus.

His is love, 'tis love unbounded,
Without measure, without end;
Human thought is here confounded;
'Tis too vast to comprehend:
Praise the Saviour!
Magnify the sinner's Friend.

While we tell the wondrous story
Of the Saviour's cross and shame,
Sing we, "Everlasting glory
Be to God and to the Lamb."
Give ye glory to His name.

106    C.M.

O Lord! 'tis joy to look above,
And see Thee on the throne,
To search the heights and depths of love
Which Thou to us hast shewn.

To look beyond the long dark night,
And hail the coming day,
When, Thou to all Thy saints in light,
Thy glories wilt display.

And, oh! 'tis joy the path to trace
By Thee so meekly trod;
Learning of Thee to walk in grace,
And fellowship with God!

Joy to confess Thy blessed name,
The virtue of Thy blood,
And to the wearied heart proclaim,
Behold the Lamb of God!


O Jesus, Lord! 'tis joy to know
Thy path is o'er of shame and woe,
For us so meekly trod:
All finished is Thy work of toil,
Thou reapest now the fruit and spoil,
Exalted by our God.

Thy holy head, once bound with thorns,
The crown of glory now adorns;
Thy seat, the Father's throne;
O Lord! e'en now we sing Thy praise,
Ours the eternal song to raise —
Worthy the Lord alone!

As Head for us Thou sittest there,
Until Thy members too shall share
In all Thou dost receive:
Thy glory and Thy royal throne
Thy boundless love has made our own,
Who in Thy name believe.

We triumph in Thy triumphs, Lord;
Thy joys our deepest joys afford,
The fruit of love divine.
While sorrowing, suffering, toiling here,
How does the thought our spirits cheer,
The throne of glory's Thine.


Lord of life, and King of glory!
Now to Thee our hearts we raise;
While we sing the joyful story
Of the triumphs of Thy grace.

Long in error's path benighted,
Deeply sunk in sin's abyss,
We Thy proffered mercy slighted,
Would not have eternal bliss.

Straying then on sin's dark mountain,
Thou didst bid us cease to roam,
Make us see the living fountain,
Call with power Thy wanderers home.

Jesus, strength of our salvation,
None can pluck us from Thy hand;
In the hour of dark temptation,
Kept by Thee we safely stand.

Though by enemies surrounded,
Onward still our steps we wend;
All our foes shall be confounded,
Safely come our journey's end.

Grace begun shall end in glory;
Jesus, He the victory won;
In His own triumphant story
Is the record of our own.


Jesus! That name is love,
Jesus, our Lord!
Jesus, all names above,
Jesus, the Lord1
Thou, Lord our all must be;
Nothing that's good have we,
Nothing apart from Thee,
Jesus, our Lord!

As Son of man it was,
Jesus, the Lord!
Thou gav'st Thy life for us,
Jesus, our Lord!
Great was indeed Thy love,
All other loves above,
Love Thou didst dearly prove,
Jesus, our Lord!

Righteous alone in Thee,
Jesus, the Lord!
Thou wilt a refuge be,
Jesus, our Lord!
Whom then have we to fear,
What trouble, grief, or care,
Since Thou art ever near,
Jesus, our Lord!

Soon Thou wilt come again,
Jesus, the Lord!
We shall be happy then,
Jesus, our Lord!
When Thine own face we see,
Then shall we like Thee be,
Then evermore with Thee,
Jesus, our Lord.


O God! Thou now hast glorified
Thy holy, blest, eternal Son;
The Nazarene, the Crucified,
Now sits exalted on Thy throne!
To Him in faith we cry aloud,
Worthy art Thou, O Lamb of God!

Father, Thy holy name we bless,
Gracious and just Thy wise decree,
That every tongue shall soon confess
Jesus the Lord of all to be!
But, oh! Thy grace has taught us now
Before that Lord the knee to bow.

Him as our Lord we gladly own:
To Him alone we now would live,
Who bow'd our hearts before Thy throne,
And gave us all that love could give.
Our willing voices cry aloud,
Worthy art Thou, O Lamb of God!


By Thee, O God, invited,
We look unto the Son,
In whom Thy soul delighted,
Who all Thy will hath done;
And by the one chief treasure
Thy bosom freely gave,
Thine own pure love we measure,
Thy willing mind to save.

O God of mercy — Father!
The one unchanging claim,
The brightest hopes we gather
From Christ's most precious name;
What always sounds so sweetly
In Thine unwearied ear
Has freed our souls completely
From all our sinful fear.

The trembling sinner feareth
That God can ne'er forget;
But one full payment cleareth
His memory of all debt.
When nought beside could free us,
Or set our souls at large,
Thy holy work, Lord Jesus,
Secured a full discharge.

No wrath God's heart retaineth
To us-ward who believe;
No dread in ours remaineth
As we His love receive;
Returning sons He kisses,
And with His robe invests;
His perfect love dismisses
All terror from our breasts.


Eternal praise, our God, shall rise:
In mansions far beyond the skies
Thy name shall be adored.
With joyful hearts our songs we raise;
Our God and Father, Thee we praise,
While waiting for our Lord.

When ruined, guilty, and undone,
Thou gav'st for us Thine only Son,
We trust Thy truthful word.
Rejoicing in Thy love we sing,
Praise for Thy gift of gifts we bring,
Thy goodness we record.

We praise Thee in our pathway here,
Far off we were, but now brought near
Through Jesus Christ our Lord.
Fresh grace for every moment here,
Fresh manna o'er the desert drear
Thy Spirit doth afford.

When Thou shalt come, for whom we wait,
We then shall see and know how great
The gain that faith hath stored.
With joyful hearts our songs we raise;
Our God and Father, now to praise,
While waiting for our Lord.

113    L.M.

Lord Jesus, 'tis our joy to think
Our life is so bound up with Thine,
That nothing can divide the link
Secured and fixed by love divine.

By faith we see Thee, Lord, enthroned
At God's right hand of power on high;
And Thy redeemed ones, we're owned
As one with Thee, in Thee brought nigh.


The holiest we enter
In perfect peace with God,
Through whom we found our centre,
In Jesus and His blood:
Though great may be our dullness
In thought, and word, and deed,
We glory in the fulness
Of Him that meets our need.

Much incense is ascending
Before th'eternal throne;
God graciously is bending
To hear each feeble groan;
To all our prayers and praises
Christ adds His sweet perfume,
And love the censer raises,
These odours to consume.

O God, we come with singing,
Because Thy great High Priest
Our names to Thee is bringing,
Nor e'er forgets the least;
For us He wears the mitre,
Where "holiness" shines bright,
For us His robes are whiter
Than heaven's unsullied light.


Head of the church, Thy body,
O Christ, the great Salvation!
Sweet to the saints
It is to think
Of all Thine exaltation!
All power's to Thee committed.
All power on earth, in heaven;
To Thee a name
Of widest fame
Above all glory's given.

With Thee believers raised,
In Thee in high are seated;
All guilty once,
But cleared by Thee;
Redemption-toil's completed.
And when Thou, Lord and Saviour,
Shalt come again in glory,
There by Thy side,
Thy spotless bride
Shall crown the wondrous story.

At length — the final kingdom,
No bound, no end possessing:
When heaven and earth —
God all in all
Shall fill with largest blessing.
All root of evil banished,
No breath of sin to wither,
On earth — on high —
Naught else but joy,
And blissful peace for ever!

116    L.M.

O render thanks to God above,
The fountain of eternal love;
Whose mercy firm through ages past
Hath stood, and doth for ever last.

The Father's boundless love we sing,
The fountain whence our blessings spring;
How great the depth, how high it flows,
No saint can tell, no angel knows.

Its length and breadth no eye can trace,
No thought explore the bounds of grace;
The love that saved our souls from hell
Transcends the creature's power to tell.

117    S.M.

Not to ourselves we owe
That we, O God, are Thine;
Jesus, the Lord, our night broke through
And gave us light divine.

The Father's grace and love,
This blessed mercy gave,
And Jesus left the throne above,
His wandering sheep to save.

No more the heirs of wrath —
Thy sov'reign love we see;
And, Father, in confiding faith,
We cast our souls on Thee.

Our hearts look up to see
The glory Thou hast given,
And dwell e'en now where we shall be
With Christ, Thine heirs, in heaven.

With the adopted band,
Soon shall we see Thee there:
With them and Him in glory stand,
And all His honours share.

118    L.M.

Awake, each saint, in joyful lays,
To sing the great Redeemer's praise;
He justly claims a song from thee;
His loving-kindness, oh how free!

He saw us ruined in the fall,
Yet loved us notwithstanding all;
He saved us from our lost estate:
His loving-kindness, oh how great!

Though numerous hosts of mighty foes,
Though earth and hell our way oppose;
He safely leads His saints along:
His loving-kindness, oh how strong!

When trouble like a gloomy cloud,
Has gathered thick, and thundered loud;
He with His church has always stood:
His loving-kindness, oh how good!

Soon shall we mount and soar away
To the bright realms of endless day,
And sing with rapture and surprise
His loving-kindness in the skies.


O Head! once full of bruises,
So full of pain and scorn,
'Mid other sore abuses
Mocked with a crown of thorn;
O Head! e'en now surrounded
With brightest majesty,
In death once bowed and wounded
On the accursed tree:

Thou countenance transcendent!
Thou life-creating Sun!
To worlds on Thee dependent —
Yet bruised and spit upon:
O Lord! what Thee tormented
Was our sins heavy load,
We had the debt augmented
Which Thou didst pay in blood.

We give Thee thanks unfeigned,
O Saviour! Friend in need,
For what Thy soul sustained
When Thou for us didst bleed;
Grant us to lean unshaken
Upon Thy faithfulness;
Until to glory taken,
We see Thee face to face.


O Thou who didst Thy glory leave,
Apostate sinners to retrieve
From nature's deadly fall!
Thou, Thou hast bought us with a price,
Our sins against us ne'er can rise,
For Thou hast borne them all.

See Him for our transgressions given;
See the blest Lamb of God from heaven,
For us, His foes, expire;
Rejoice! rejoice! the tidings hear!
He bore, that we might never bear,
Th'Almighty's righteous ire.

Ye saints, "the Man of sorrows" bless,
The Lord, for your unrighteousness
Deputed to atone;
Praise, till with all the ransom'd throng
Ye sing the never-ending song,
And sit upon His throne!


Glory unto Jesus be!
From the curse who set us free;
All our guilt on Him was laid,
He the ransom fully paid.

All that blessed work if done,
God's well-pleased with His Son;
He has raised Him from the dead,
Set Him over all as Head.

This we know, and cease to mourn,
Patient wait His sure return:
For His saints with Him shall reign —
"Come, Lord Jesus, come! Amen!"

122    L.M.

Jesus, Thou glorious Priest and King!
Accept the tribute that we bring;
Accept the feeble song of praise
Which here on earth Thy people raise.

May every minute as it flies
Augment our love, increase our joys,
Till we are brought to sing Thy name
At the glad supper of the Lamb.

And soon the months will roll away,
And quickly come the nuptial day,
When Thou, the Lamb, shalt take Thy throne,
And fully there Thy church shalt own.

The gladness of that happy day,
In this sad world's our strength and stay;
Then let not faith forsake its hold,
Nor comfort sink, nor love grow cold.


Jesus, spotless Lamb of God,
Thou hast bought us with Thy blood;
We are Thine, and Thine alone;
This we gladly, fully own.

Help us to confess Thy name,
Bear with joy Thy cross and shame;
Only seek to follow Thee,
Though reproach our portion be.

When we are to glory come,
And have reached our heavenly home,
Louder then each lip shall own,
We are Thine, and Thine alone.

124    C.M.

Jesus, our Lord, Thou Morning Star,
How well we know Thy name,
Jesus, the Lord, the Crucified,
In glory still the same.

Jesus, the One who left the throne
To save a ruined race,
Thy love and lowliness still shine
Upon that glorious face.

Jesus, the One who trod the earth,
The lowly, subject One,
Obedience unto death was Thine,
God's well-beloved Son!

Jesus! what mem'ries thrill our hearts
Of Thy blest footprints here,
While now to heaven our eyes we turn
And gaze upon Thee there!

Jesus, our Saviour, quickly come!
That we may with Thee be;
Heaven's morning breaks and glory dawns,
When Thy blest face we see.

125    C.M.

Behold the Lamb with glory crowned!
To Him all power be given;
No place too high for Him is found,
No place too high in heaven.

He fills the throne — the throne above,
He fills it without wrong;
The object of His Father's love,
Theme of the ransomed's song.

Though high yet He accepts the praise
His people offer here;
The faintest, feeblest cry they raise
Will reach the Saviour's ear.

This song be ours, and this alone,
To celebrate the name
Of Him that sits upon the throne,
And to exalt the Lamb.

To Him whom men despise and slight,
To Him be glory given;
The crown is His, and His by right
The highest place in heaven.


Endless praises to the Lord,
Ever be His name adored!
He is worthy — praise His name.

We adore Him, sound His fame,
Us He saved from endless shame:
Glory to the Priest and King.

127    C.M.D.

How blest a home! the Father's house!
There love divine doth rest;
What else could satisfy the hearts
Of those in Jesus blest?
His home made ours — His Father's love
Our heart's full portion given,
The portion of the firstborn Son,
The full delight of heaven.

Oh what a home! The Son who knows,
He only — all His love;
And brings us as His well beloved
To that bright rest above,
Dwells in His bosom — knoweth all
That in that bosom lies,
And came to earth to make it known,
That we might share His joys.

Oh what a home! there fullest love
Flows through its courts of light;
The Son's divine affections flow
Throughout its depth and height.
And full response the Father gives,
To fill with joy the heart —
No cloud is there to dim the scene
Or shadow to impart.

Oh what a home! But such His love
That He must bring us there,
To fill that home, to be with Him,
And all His glory share.
The Father's house, the Father's heart,
All that the Son is given
Made ours — the object of His love,
And He, our joy in heaven.

128    L.M.

See mercy, mercy from on high,
Descend to rebels doomed to die;
'Tis mercy free, which knows no bound;
How sweet, how pleasant is the sound!

Soon as the reign of sin began,
The light of mercy dawned on man,
When God announced the blessed news,
"The woman's seed thy head shall bruise."

Brightly it beamed on men forlorn,
When Christ, the holy child was born;
And brighter still in splendour shone
When Jesus, dying, cried, 'Tis done!

Complete in power when He arose,
And burst the bands of all His foes;
Then captive led captivity,
And took for us His seat in high.

Till we around Him there shall throng,
This mercy shall be still our song;
For God shall every scheme confound
Of all that seek its course to bound!

129    C.M.

Awake each soul! awake each tongue
The subject is divine;
The Saviour's love demands our song;
Let all His people join.

This Saviour is the mighty God,
The God of heaven above;
Revealed in flesh, He shed His blood,
Blest proof of endless love.

Jesus, Thy love exceeds our thought;
But this at least we see,
The soul that knows Thy love is taught
To value naught but Thee.

And though Thy love be faintly seen,
What's seen demands our praise;
Without it, Lord, we still had been
Ensnared in Satan's ways.


With Christ our theme begins,
The Lord of truth and love;
When He had purged our sins,
He took His seat above.
Our hearts are glad; we raise the voice;
The Lord has made us to rejoice.

His power can never fail,
He'll rule o'er earth, in heaven;
The keys of death and hell
To Him alone are given.
Our hearts are glad; we raise the voice;
The Lord has made us to rejoice.

And sweet that blessed hope:
Jesus, the Lord, shall come,
And take His brethren up
E'en to His Father's home.
Our hearts are glad; we raise the voice;
The Lord has made us to rejoice.


Praise we to the Father give,
God in whom we move and live;
Children's praise He loves to hear,
Children's songs delight His ear.

Praise we to the Firstborn bring,
Christ the Prophet, Priest, and King;
Glad we raise our sweetest strain
To the Lamb that once was slain!

Praises for the Holy Ghost
Sent from heaven at Pentecost!
'Tis through Him alone we live,
And the precious truth receive.

Blest our portion thus to be
Glorying in the Trinity;
For the gospel from above,
For the word that "God is love."

132    S.M.

The person of the Christ,
Enfolding every grace,
Once slain, but now alive again,
In heaven demands our praise.

Gladly of Him we sing,
Since we with Him are dead;
Our life is hid with Christ in God,
In Christ the church's Head.

The heavens are opened now!
Sound it through earth abroad;
And we, by faith, in HEAVEN behold
Jesus the Christ, our Lord.

133    C.M.

Let saints on earth their anthems raise,
Who taste the Saviour's grace;
Sing, till in heaven they tune His praise,
And hail Him "Prince of Peace."

Praise Him who laid His glory by
For man's apostate race;
Praise Him who stooped to bleed and die,
And hail Him "Prince of Peace."

We soon shall reach the blissful shore,
And view His glorious face:
His name for ever to adore,
And hail Him "Prince of Peace."


Lord of glory, we adore Thee!
Christ of God, ascended high!
Heart and soul we bow before Thee,
Glorious now beyond the sky:
Thee we worship,
Thee we praise —
Excellent in all Thy ways.

Anointed King, with glory crowned,
Rightful heir and Lord of all!
Once rejected, scorned, disowned,
E'en by those Thou cam'st to call:
Thee we honour,
Thee adore —
Glorious now and evermore.

Lord of life! to death once subject;
Blesser, yet a curse once made;
Of Thy Father's heart the object,
Yet in depths of anguish laid:
Thee we gaze on,
Thee recall —
Bearing here our sorrows all.

Royal robes shall soon invest Thee,
Royal splendours crown Thy brow;
Christ of God, our souls confess Thee
King and Sov'reign even now!
Thee we reverence,
Thee obey —
Own Thee Lord and Christ alway.


We joy in our God, and we sing of that love,
So sovereign and free which did His heart move!
When lost our condition, all ruined, undone.
He saw with compassion, and spared not His Son!

His Son, His delight, His loved One, He gave
The curse to endure — by suffering to save:
Sure love so amazing, unmeasured, untold,
Since Him it hath given, no good will withhold!

We praise, then our God; how rich is His grace!
We were far from Him once — estranged from His face,
By blood we are purchased, are cleansed and made nigh,
And blest in His presence, in Jesus, on high!

136    C.M.

The veil is rent: — our souls draw near
Unto a throne of grace;
The merits of the Lord appear,
They fill the holy place.

His precious blood has spoken there,
Before and on the throne:
And His own wounds in heaven declare,
The atoning work is done.

'Tis finished! — here our souls have rest,
His work can never fail:
By Him, our Sacrifice and Priest,
We pass within the veil.

Within the holiest of all,
Cleansed by His precious blood,
Before the throne we prostrate fall,
And worship Thee, O God!

Boldly the heart and voice we raise,
His blood, His name, our plea;
Assured our prayers and songs of praise
Ascend, by Christ, to Thee.


O Christ, what burdens bowed Thy head!
Our load was laid on Thee;
Thou stoodest in the sinner's stead —
To bear all ill for me.
A victim led, Thy blood was shed;
Now there's no load for me.

Death and the curse were in our cup —
O Christ, 'twas full for Thee!
But Thou hast drained the last dark drop,
'Tis empty now for me.
That bitter cup — love drank it up;
Left but the love for me.

Jehovah lifted up His rod —
O Christ, it fell on Thee!
Thou wast forsaken of Thy God;
No distance now for me.
Thy blood beneath that rod has flowed:
Thy bruising healeth me.

The tempest awful voice was heard,
O Christ, it broke on Thee;
Thy open bosom was my ward;
It bore the storm for me.
Thy form was scarred, Thy visage marred;
Now cloudless peace for me.

For me, Lord Jesus, Thou hast died,
And I have died in Thee;
Thou'rt risen: my bands are all untied;
And now Thou liv'st in me.
The Father's face of radiant grace
Shines now in light on me.


Soft the voice of mercy sounded,
Sweet as music to the ear.
"Grace abounds where sin abounded;"
This the word that soothed our fear.
Grace, the sweetest sound we know,
Grace to sinners here below.

Grace, we sing, God's grace through Jesus;
Grace, the spring of peace to man;
Grace, that from each sorrow frees us;
Grace, too high for thought to scan;
Grace, the theme of God's own love;
Grace, the theme, all themes above.


This world is a wilderness wide!
We have nothing to seek or to choose;
We've no thought in the waste to abide;
We've naught to regret nor to lose.

The Lord is Himself gone before;
He has marked out the path that we tread;
It's as sure as the love we adore,
We have nothing to fear nor to dread.

There is but that one in the waste,
Which His footsteps have marked as His own;
And we follow in diligent haste
To the seats where He's put on His crown.

For the path where our Saviour is gone
Has led up to our Father and God,
To the place where He's now on the throne,
And His strength shall be ours on the road.

And with Him shall our rest be on high,
When in holiness bright we sit down,
In the joy of His love ever nigh,
In the peace that His presence shall crown.

'Tis the treasure we've found His love
That has made us now pilgrims below,
And 'tis there, when we reach Him above,
As we're known, all His fulness we'll know.

And Saviour! 'tis Thee from on high
We await till the time Thou shall come,
To take those Thou hast led by Thine eye
To Thyself in Thy heavenly home.

Till then 'tis the path Thou hast trod,
Our delight and our comfort shall be;
We're content with Thy staff and Thy rod,
Till with Thee all Thy glory we see.


O Lord! our hearts are waiting,
Th'archangel's heaven-sent cry,
Which wakes the saints now sleeping,
And to Thee brings them nigh.
When we, with them ascending,
Shall meet Thee in the air,
To gaze upon Thy glory,
And all Thy likeness bear.

O hour! for which in patience
Thou'st waited through the night,
Whilst we Thy saints were gathered,
And brought into the light;
Then, then, the church completed,
God makes no more delay;
O Lord, with shouts of triumph,
We pass into the day.

O hour of richest blessing1
When brought to Thee so nigh,
To be Thy joy for ever,
We share Thy throne on high;
To rest in all that brightness,
And ever there abide;
To find Thy heart delighting
In us, Thy ransomed bride.

O blessed, coming Saviour!
Speak, then, the joyous word,
To which our hearts responding,
"For ever with the Lord."
For ever with Thee, Saviour —
For evermore shall be —
In deepest, fullest blessing,
For ever one with Thee.


In deep, eternal counsel,
Before the world was made,
Before its deep foundations
On nothingness were laid;
God purposed us for blessing,
And chose us in His Son,
To Him to be conformed,
When here our course was run.

In present, blest acceptance
In Him who came to die;
In Him who now is seated
At Thy right hand in high;
In grace, which is unchanging,
We stand from day to day,
And prove the boundless mercies
Which strew our pilgrim way.

And when the day of glory
Shall burst upon this scene,
Dispelling all the darkness
Which deep'ning still had been;
Oh, then He'll come in brightness,
Whom every eye shall see,
Arrayed in power and glory,
And we shall with Him be.

For He who left His glory,
To die upon the tree,
Will soon complete the story
And come again, and we
Conformed to His image
As known, be brought to know,
And with increasing fervour,
Our ceaseless praises flow.


"Glory to God on high!
Peace upon earth and joy,
Good will to man."
We who God's blessing prove
His name all names above,
Sing now the Saviour's love,
Too vast to scan.

Mercy and truth unite,
Oh! 'tis a wondrous sight,
All sights above!
Jesus the curse sustains!
Guilts bitter cup He drains!
Nothing for us remains —
Nothing but love.

Love that no tongue can teach,
Love that no thought can reach,
No love like His.
God is its blessed source,
Death ne'er can stop its course,
Nothing can stay its force;
Matchless it is.

Blest in this love, we sing;
To God our praises bring;
All sins forgiven.
Jesus, our Lord, to Thee
Honour and majesty,
Now and forever be,
Here and in heaven.


King of glory, set on high,
Girt with strength and majesty,
We Thy holy name confess;
Thee with adoration bless.

Jesus, mighty Son of God!
Wondrous gift on man bestowed;
Many crowns are on Thy head,
Glorious Firstborn from the dead.

Gladly, Lord, we bow the knee,
By the Father's just decree,
To His own anointed One;
To His well-beloved Son.

144    C.M.

Salvation! O the joyful sound!
What pleasure to our ears!
A sovereign balm for every wound,
A cordial for our fears.

Glory, honour, praise and power,
Be unto the Lamb for ever;
Jesus Christ is our Redeemer,
Hallelujah, praise ye the Lord.

Salvation! O ascended Lamb,
To Thee the praise belongs!
Salvation shall inspire our hearts,
And dwell upon our tongues.


To God who gave His Son,
To save us from our sin;
To Christ Himself who died,
And made His people clean:
Eternal thanks and praise be given
By saints on earth, the heirs of heaven.

146    S.M.

We bless our Saviour's name,
Our sins are all forgiven;
To suffer once to earth He came:
He now is crowned in heaven.

Lord let us ne'er forget
Thy rich, Thy precious love;
Our theme of joy and wonder here,
Our endless song above.

O let Thy love constrain
Our souls to cleave to Thee!
And ever in our hearts remain
That word, Remember Me.

147    C.M.D.

To Him that loved us, gave Himself,
And died to do us good,
Has washed us from our scarlet sins
In His most precious blood;
Who made us kings and priests to God
His Father infinite:
To Him eternal glory be,
And everlasting might!

Thro' Him to God — the God most high —
Praise for all grace be given;
Whose gifts through all eternity
We'll gladly sing in heaven;
His Christ has loved us, given Himself,
And died to do us good,
Has washed us from our scarlet sins
In His own precious blood.


Oh for the robe of whiteness,
To walk with Christ in light,
Oh for the glorious brightness
Of day without a night.

We would a name of favour,
Graved on the stone of white,
We'd taste that manna's flavour,
Reserved for heaven's delight.

'Tis sweet, the thought of rising
The risen Lord to meet;
Or changed, ourselves surprising,
Like Him for whom we wait.

What joy supreme in seeing
The Saviour face to face,
The peaceful joy of being
For ever in that place!

Jesus, Thou King of glory,
We soon shall dwell with Thee,
And sing Thy love's bright story,
When we Thy glory see.

E'en now our souls would enter
The holiest on high,
That all our love might centre
On Thee who cam'st to die.

At God's right hand in glory
Thou sitt'st, Thy work complete,
Till perfected the story
That gives us too our seat.

Then o'er the wide creation
Thy power will stretch it's arm;
Secure from all temptation,
Free from all human harm.


1.Lord Jesus! we remember
The travail of Thy soul,
When, through Thy love's deep pity,
The waves did o'er Thee roll;
Baptised in death's dark waters,
For us Thy blood was shed;
For us Thou (Lord of glory)
Wast numbered with the dead.

O Lord! Thou now art risen,
Thy travail all is o'er;
For sin Thou once hast suffered —
Thou liv'st to die no more;
Sin, death, and hell are vanquished
By Thee, the church's Head;
And lo! we share thy triumphs,
Thou Firstborn from the dead.

Unto Thy death baptised,
We own with Thee we died:
With Thee, our Life, we're risen,
And shall be glorified.
From sin, the world, and Satan,
We're ransomed by Thy blood,
And here would walk as strangers,
Alive with Thee to God.


Thou art the everlasting Word,
The Father's only Son;
God manifest, God seen and heard,
The heaven's beloved One;
Worthy, O Lamb of God, art Thou
That every knee to Thee should bow.

In Thee most perfectly expressed,
The Father self doth shine;
Fulness of Godhead, too: the Blest,
Eternally divine.
Worthy, etc...

Image of th'infinite Unseen,
Whose being none can know;
Brightness of light no eye hath seen,
God's love revealed below.
Worthy, etc...

The higher mysteries of Thy fame
The creature's grasp transcend;
The Father only Thy blest name
Of Son can comprehend.
Worthy, etc...

Yet loving Thee, on whom His love
Ineffable doth rest,
The worshippers, O Lord, above,
As one with Thee, are blest:
Worthy, etc...

Of the vast universe of bliss,
The centre Thou, and Sun;
Th'eternal theme of praise is this,
To heaven's beloved One:
Worthy, etc...