STEM Publishing : hymns : Hymns for the Little Flock (1881) : 201-250

Little Flock 1881 Edition — Section 5.


We fly not from that all-seeing eye,
Which once we shunned, to hide ourselves in night;
The blood that purged our sins has brought us nigh,
To dwell in God's own love, and walk in light;
Thee, holy, holy, holy, Lord, we love,
Whose holy will we now delight to learn and prove.

Sin can't condemn, for grace has justified;
Sin shall not reign, for grace has set us free;
Sin we abhor, since Christ our Surety died;
His grace now rules our souls in liberty;
The grace that has the wondrous work begun
Shall crown with glory when its mighty work is done.


What will it be to dwell above,
And with the Lord of glory reign,
Since the blest knowledge of His love
So brightens all this dreary plain?
No heart can think, no tongue can tell
What joy 'twill be with Christ to dwell.

When left this scene of faith and strife,
The flesh and sense deceive no more,
When we shall see the Prince of life,
And all His works of grace explore:
What heights and depths of love divine
Will there through endless ages shine!

And God has fixed the happy day
When the last tear shall dim our eyes;
When He will wipe these tears away,
And fill our hearts with glad surprise;
To hear His voice, and see His face,
And know the fulness of His grace.


O Jesus! Lamb of God,
Who us to save from loss,
Didst taste the bitter cup of death,
Upon the cross.

Most merciful High Priest,
Our Saviour, Shepherd, Friend,
'Tis in Thy love alone we trust
Until the end.

Thou wilt our souls sustain,
Our Guide and strength wilt be,
Until in glory Lord above,
Thy face we see.

204    C.M.

'Tis sweet to think of those at rest,
Who sleep in Christ the Lord,
Whose spirits now with Him are blest,
According to His word.

They once were pilgrims here with us;
In Jesus now they sleep:
And we for them, while resting thus,
As hopeless cannot weep.

How bright the resurrection-morn
On all the saints shall break!
The Lord Himself will then return,
His ransomed church to take.

Our Lord Himself we then shall see,
Whose blood for us was shed,
With Him for ever we shall be,
Made like our glorious Head.

We cannot linger o'er the tomb;
The resurrection day
To faith shines bright beyond its gloom,
Christ's glory to display.


Oh would we be as angels bright,
To stand before the throne in light,
And join the myriads that proclaim
The honour of th'ascended Lamb?
Ah, no! — what losers were we thus;
We could not sing, He died for us!

We would not bear an angel's name;
A sinner saved is what we claim.
We'd rather debtors be to grace
Than fill e'en Gabriel's honoured place,
And washed in Calvary's precious flood,
Owe all to Christ's atoning blood.

206    C.M.

O Lord, we know it matters not
How sweet the song may be;
No heart but of the Spirit taught
Makes melody to Thee.

Then teach Thy gather'd saints, O Lord,
To worship in Thy fear;
And let Thy grace mould every word
That meets Thy holy ear.

Thou hast by blood made sinners meet
As saints in light, to come
And worship at the mercy-seat,
Before th'eternal throne.

Thy precious name is all we shew,
Our only passport, Lord;
And full assurance now we know,
Confiding in Thy word.

O largely give, 'tis all Thy own,
The Spirit's goodly fruit:
Praise, issuing forth in life, alone
Our living Lord can suit.

207    C.M.

Now may the God of peace and love,
Who from the silent grave
Brought back the Shepherd of the sheep,
Omnipotent to save —

Through the rich merits of that blood
Which He on Calvary spilt,
To make the gracious work secure,
On which our hopes are built —

Perfect our souls in every grace,
To do His blessed will,
And all that's pleasing in His sight
Inspire us to fulfil.

For His, the risen Shepherd's sake,
We every blessing pray;
With glory let His name be crowned
Through heaven's eternal day.


In hope we lift our wishful, longing eyes,
Waiting to see the Morning Star arise;
How bright, how gladsome will His advent be,
Before the Sun shines forth in majesty.

How will our eyes to see His face delight,
Whose love has cheered us thro' the darksome night!
How will our ears drink in His well-known voice,
Whose faintest whispers make our souls rejoice!

No stain within; no foes or snares around;
No jarring notes shall there discordant sound;
All pure without, all pure within the breast;
No thorns to wound, no toil to mar our rest.

If here on earth the thoughts of Jesus' love
Lift our poor hearts this weary world above;
If even here the taste of heavenly springs
So cheers the spirit, that the pilgrim sings;

What will the sunshine of His glory prove?
What the unmingled fulness of His love?
What hallelujahs will His presence raise?
What but one loud eternal burst of praise?

209    S.M.

Our times are in Thy hand,
Father, we wish them there;
Our life, our soul, our all, we leave
Entirely to Thy care.

Our times are in Thy hand,
Whatever they may be,
Pleasing or painful, dark or bright,
As best may seem to Thee.

Our times are in Thy hand,
Why should we doubt or fear?
A Father's hand will never cause
His child a needless tear.

Our times are in Thy hand,
Jesus the crucified!
The hand our many sins had pierced
Is now our Guard and Guide.

Our times are in Thy hand,
Jesus the Advocate!
Nor can that hand be stretched in vain,
For us to supplicate.

Our times are in Thy hand,
We'd always trust in Thee,
Till we have left this weary land,
And all Thy glory see.

210    S.M.

"One Spirit with the Lord";
O blessed, wondrous word!
What heavenly light, what power divine,
Doth that sweet word afford!

"One spirit with the Lord";
Jesus, the glorified,
Esteems the church for which He bled,
His body and His bride.

And though by storms assailed,
And though by trials pressed,
Himself our life, He bears us up
Right onward to the rest.

There we shall drink the stream
Of endless bliss above:
There we shall know, without a cloud,
His full, unbounded love.


O Jesus Christ, the Saviour,
We only look to Thee;
'Tis in Thy love and favour
Our souls find liberty.
When Satan seeks to sift us,
And shipwreck we might fear,
'Tis this o'er all will lift us,
That Thou art ever near.

Yes, though the tempest round us
Seems safety to defy;
Though rocks and shoals surround us,
And billows swell on high —
Thou dost from all protest us,
And cheer us by Thy love;
Thy counsels still direct us
Safe to the rest above.

There with what joy reviewing
Past conflicts, dangers, fears,
Thy hand our foes subduing,
And drying all our tears,
Our hearts with rapture burning,
The path we shall retrace,
Where now our souls are learning
The riches of Thy grace.


Called from above, and heavenly men by birth
(Who once were but the citizens of earth),
As pilgrims here, we seek a heavenly home,
Our portion in the ages yet to come.

Where all the saints of every clime shall meet,
And each with all shall all the ransomed greet,
But oh! the height of bliss, my Lord, shall be
To owe it all, and share it all with Thee.

Thou vast "the image," in man's lowly guise,
Of the invisible to mortal eyes;
Come from His bosom, from the heavens above,
We see in Thee incarnate, "God is love."

Thy lips the Father's name to us reveal;
What burning power in all Thy words we feel,
When to our raptured hearts we hear Thee tell
The heavenly glories which Thou know'st so well.

No curse of law, in Thee was sov'reign grace,
And now what glory in Thine unveiled face!
Thou didst attract the wretched and the weak,
Thy joy the wand'rers and the lost to seek.

That precious stream of water and of blood
Which from Thy pierced side so freely flowed,
Has put away our sins of scarlet dye,
Washed us from every stain, and brought us nigh.

We are but strangers here, we do not crave
A home on earth, which gave Thee but a grave:
Thy cross has severed ties which bound us here,
Thyself our treasure in a brighter sphere.

213    P.M.

On Calvary we've adoring stood,
And gazed on that wondrous cross,
Where the holy, spotless Lamb of God
Was slain in His love for us;
How our hearts have stirred at that solemn cry,
While the sun was enrapt in night,
"Eli, Eli, lama sabachthani?"
Most blessed, most awful sight.

Our sins were laid on His sacred head,
The curse by our Lord was borne;
For us a victim our Saviour bled,
And endured that death of scorn;
Himself He gave our poor hearts to win —
(Was ever love, Lord, like Thine!)
From the paths of folly, and shame and sin,
And fill then with joys divine.

We've watched by the tomb where our Saviour lay
When He entered the gloomy grave;
And by death the power of death might slay
And His lambs from the lion save.
Oh! glorious time when the Victor rose!
He liveth no more to die;
He hath bruised the head of our mighty foes,
For us was His victory!

The gates of heaven are opened wide,
At His name all the angels bow;
The Son of man who was crucified
Is the King of glory now:
We love to look up and behold Him there,
The Lamb for His chosen slain;
And soon shall His saints all His glories share,
With their Head and their Lord shall reign.

And now we draw near to the throne of grace,
For His blood and the Priest are there;
And we joyfully seek God's holy face,
With our censer of praise and prayer.
The burning mount and the mystic veil,
With our terrors and guilt are gone;
Our conscience has peace that can never fail,
'Tis the Lamb on high on the throne.


How blessed is our portion! when we look
Upward, within the veil, our life is there:
Our names are written in the Lamb's own book,
For grace hath made us each with Him an heir
Of all those glories which by right belong
To Him, whose worthiness is heaven's eternal song.

We have a Father in the heavens above,
We have a happy home prepared on high,
We have a Saviour whose surpassing love
Made Him content e'en for our sins to die;
He fought, and has our cruel foes o'ercome
And has engaged to guard, and bring us safely home.

Yes! blessed is our portion! blessed He,
Who, in His grace before the world began,
Did set on us His love, sovereign and free,
On us the sinful heirs of dying man:
And blest us with all blessings in His Son
Whose priceless love our hearts from sin and folly won.


O Solemn hour! O hour alone
In solitary might,
When God the Father's only Son,
As man for sinners to atone,
Expires — amazing sight!
The Lord of glory crucified!
The Lord of life has bled and died!

O mystery of mysteries!
Of life and death the tree;
Centre of two eternities,
Which look with rapt adoring eyes,
Onward and back to Thee —
O cross of Christ, where all His pain
And death in our eternal gain.

O how our inmost hearts do move,
While gazing on that cross;
The death of the Incarnate Love!
What shame, what grief, what joy we prove,
That He should die for us!
Our hearts were broken by that cry,
"Eli, Eli, lama sabachthani?"

Worthy of death, O Lord we were;
That vengeance was our due;
In grace Thy spotless Lamb did bear
Himself our sins, and guilt and shame;
Justice our Surety slew,
With Him, our Surety we have died,
With Him we there were crucified.

Quickened with Him with life divine,
Raised with Him from the dead;
His own and all His own are Thine,
Shall with Him in His glories shine,
His church's living Head!
We, who were worthy but to die,
Now with Him, "Abba, Father," cry.

216    L.M.

Lord, we rejoice that Thou art gone
To sit upon Thy Father's throne;
Thy path of shame and suffering o'er,
Thy heart shall grieve and mourn no more.

With joy our wondering hearts retrace
Thy ways on earth of power and grace;
We sit as learners at Thy feet,
Thy words than honey far more sweet.

O cross of Christ!O glorious tree!
What place can be compared with thee,
Where God's own Son was crucified,
And for our sins a ransom died?

We love to look within the tomb,
Thy death has robbed of all its gloom;
The stone for ever rolled away;
Thy death the power of death did slay.

We joy to see Thee, Lord, arise
Triumphant through the opening skies;
And hear all heaven united own
Thee worthy to ascend the throne.

Lord, now we wait for Thee to come,
And take us to Thy Father's home;
Oh what ecstatic joy 'twill be
To spend eternity with Thee!

217    C.M.

Look, look, ye saints, within the veil
And raise your happy song;
Your joys can never, never fail,
For you to Christ belong.

O happy saints, for ever freed
From guilt and every care;
Dwell, dwell with your exalted Head,
And let your life be there.

And glory in you Lord and God;
See, see Him as He is;
Your robes are spotless thro' His blood,
Your happiness is His.

O think not of this world of woe,
Though subject still to grief;
But seek your portion there to know,
For this will give relief.

Aye trust, for ever trust in God,
For every promise given;
And dwell with Him thro' Jesu's blood
Within the veil of heaven.


Soon will the Master come: soon pass away
Our times of conflict, grief, and suffering here;
Our nights of weeping end in cloudless day
And sorrow's moment like a dream appear;
Eternity — with Jesus — in the skies —
How soon that Sun of righteousness may rise!

We shall behold Him, whom not seen we love,
We shall be with Him, whom we long to see;
We shall be like Him, fit for realms above,
With Him, and like Him, for eternity!
Is now to sit at Jesus' feet our choice?
How will fruition then our souls rejoice!


Lord, what is man? 'Tis He who died
And all Thy nature glorified;
Thy righteousness and grace displayed
When He for sin atonement made;
Obedient unto death, was slain —
Worthy is He o'er all to reign.

Thy counsels 'ere the world began,
All centered in the Son of man;
Him destined to the highest place,
Head of His church through sovereign grace
To Him enthroned in majesty,
Let every creature bend the knee.

Worthy, O Son of man, art Thou
Of every crown that decks Thy brow;
Worthy art Thou to be adored,
And owned as universal Lord;
O, hasten that long-promised day,
When all shall own Thy rightful sway!


Our hearts are full of Christ, and long
Their glorious matter to declare!
Of Him we make our loftier song —
We cannot from His praise forbear:
Our ready tongues make haste to sing
The glories of the heavenly King.

Fairer than all the earth-born race,
Perfect in comeliness Thou art;
Replenish'd are Thy lips with grace,
And full of love Thy tender heart.
God ever blest! we bow the knee,
And own all fulness dwells in Thee.


Happy they who trust in Jesus;
Sweet their portion is and sure
When the foe on others seizes,
He will keep His own secure.
Happy people!
Happy, though despised and poor.

Since His love and mercy found us,
We are precious in His sight;
Thousands now may fall around us,
Thousands more be put to flight,
But His presence
Keeps us safe by day and night.

Lo! our Saviour never slumbers,
Ever watchful is His care;
Though we cannot boast of numbers
In His strength secure we are.
Sweet their portion,
Who our Saviour's kindness share.

As the bird beneath her feathers,
Guards the objects of her care,
So the Lord His children gathers,
Spreads His wings and hides them there:
Thus protected
All their foes they boldly dare.


Everlasting glory be,
God and Father, unto Thee!
'Tis with joy Thy children raise
Hearts and voice in Thy praise.

Thou the light that shewed our sin,
Shewed how guilty we had been:
Thine the love that us to save
Thine own Son for sinners gave.

Called to share the rest of God
In the Father's blest abode,
God of love, and God of light,
In Thy praises we unite.

Gladly we Thy grace proclaim,
Knowing now the Father's name:
God and Father, unto Thee
Everlasting glory be!


O God whose wondrous name is Love,
Whose grace has fashioned us anew,
Before Thy face now stands the Lamb,
Whom sinful man once pierced and slew;
For us Thy Son Thou didst not spare,
For us canst Thou cease to care?

O heavenly Father, grant us all
The new-born babe's simplicity!
From us the doubtful mind remove;
We boast a God that cannot lie!
Taught to repose, through love divine,
On truth itself, on truth divine.

Thou art the Potter, we the clay,
Thy will be ours, Thy truth our light,
Thy love the fountain of our joy,
Thine arm a safeguard day and night,
Till Thou shalt wipe all tears away,
And bring forth everlasting day.


O that we never might forget
What Christ has suffered for our sake,
To save our souls and make us meet
Of all Thy glories to partake;
But keeping this in mind press on
To glory and the victor's crown.

But, gracious Lord, when we reflect
How apt to turn the eye from Thee,
Forget Thee, too, with sad neglect,
And listen to the enemy,
And yet to find Thee still the same —
'Tis this that humbles us with shame.

Astonished at Thy feet we fall,
Thy love exceeds our highest thought,
Henceforth be Thou our all in all,
Thou who our souls with blood hast bought;
May we henceforth more faithful prove,
And ne'er forget Thy ceaseless love.


'Mid scenes of confusion and creature complaints,
How sweet to the soul is communion with saints;
To find at the banquet of mercy there's room,
To feel in communion a foretaste of home.

Sweet bonds that unite all the children of peace!
A thrice-blessed Saviour whose love cannot cease!
Tho' oft amid trials and dangers we roam,
With Thine we're united, and hasting towards home.

While here, in the valley of conflict, we stay,
O give us submission and strength as the day:
Soon free from afflictions, to Thee we shall come,
And find with our Saviour a heavenly home.

Whate'er Thou deniest, O give us Thy grace,
Thy Spirit's blest witness, the smiles of Thy face;
And grant us still patience to wait at Thy throne,
And find, never-ceasing, the foretaste of home.

We wait, blessed Lord in Thy beauties to shine,
To see Thee in glory — the glory divine;
With all Thy redeemed, from the earth, from the tomb,
To be to Thy praise, blessed Saviour at home.


And art Thou, gracious Master, gone
For us a mansion to prepare?
Shall we behold Thee on the throne,
And sit for ever with Thee there?
Then let the world approve or blame,
We'll triumph in Thy glorious name.

Should we to gain the world's applause,
Or to escape its harmless frown,
Refuse to countenance Thy cause,
And make Thy people's lot our own,
What shame would fill us in that day,
When Thou Thy glory wilt display.

No, let the world cast out our name,
And vile account us if it will,
If to confess our Lord be shame,
Oh, then would we be viler still;
For Thee, O Lord, we all resign,
Content that Thou dost call us Thine.

What transports then will fill our heart
When Thou our worthless names wilt own,
When we shall see Thee as Thou art
And know as we ourselves are known.
And then from sin and sorrow free
Find our eternal rest with Thee.

227    C.M.

Lord, e'en to death Thy love could go,
A death of shame and loss,
To vanquish for us every foe,
And break the strong man's force.

Oh! what a load was Thine to bear
Alone in that dark hour,
Our sins in all their terror there,
God's wrath and Satan's power.

The storm that bowed Thy blessed head
Is hushed for ever now,
And rest divine is ours instead,
Whilst glory crowns Thy brow.

Within the Father's house on high
We soon shall sing Thy praise,
But here where Thou didst bleed and die,
We learn that song to raise.


Join all the glorious names
Of wisdom, love and power,
That mortals ever knew,
That angels ever bore;
All are too mean to speak His worth,
Too mean to set the Saviour forth.

Great Prophet of our God!
Our tongues must bless Thy name,
By whom the joyful news
Of free salvation came;
The joyful news of sins forgiven,
Of hell subdued, of peace with heaven.

Thou art our Counsellor,
Our Pattern, and our Guide,
And Thou our Shepherd art;
Ah! keep us near Thy side;
Nor let our feet e'er turn astray,
To wander in the crooked way.

We love the Shepherd's voice:
His watchful eyes shall keep
Our pilgrim souls among
The thousands of God's sheep;
He feeds the flock, He calls their names,
And gently leads the tender lambs.


O happy morn! the Lord will come
And take His waiting people home
Beyond the reach of care;
Where guilt and sin are all unknown:
The Lord will come and claim His own,
And place them with Him in His throne,
The glory bright to share.

The resurrection morn will break,
And every sleeping saint awake,
Brought forth in light again;
O morn, too bright for mortal eyes!
When all the ransomed church shall rise
And wing their way to yonder skies —
Called up with Christ to reign.

O Lord! our pilgrim spirits long
To sing the everlasting song
Of glory, honour, power;
Till then when Thou all power shalt wield,
Blest Saviour, Thou wilt be our shield,
For Thou hast to our souls revealed
Thyself our strength and tower.

230    C.M.

O Lord! when we the path retrace
Which Thou on earth hast trod,
To man Thy wondrous love and grace,
Thy faithfulness to God;

Thy love, by man so sorely tried,
Proved stronger than the grave;
The very spear that pierced Thy side
Drew forth the blood to save;

Faithful amidst unfaithfulness,
'Mid darkness only light,
Thou didst Thy Father's name confess,
And in His will delight;

Unmoved by Satan's subtle wiles,
Or suffering, shame and loss,
Thy path uncheered by earthly smiles,
Led only to the cross: —

We wonder at Thy lowly mind,
And fain would like Thee be,
And all our rest and pleasure find
In learning more of Thee.


We're pilgrims in the wilderness;
Our dwelling is a camp;
Created things though pleasant,
Now bear to us death's stamp.
But onward we are speeding,
Though often let and tried;
The Holy Ghost is leading
Home to the Lamb, His bride.

With fellow pilgrims meeting,
As through the waste we roam,
'Tis sweet to sing together,
"We are not far from home!"
And when we've learned our lesson,
Our work, in suffering, done,
Our ever-loving Father
Will welcome every one.

We look to meet our brethren
From every distant shore;
Not one will seem a stranger,
Though never seen before:
With angel hosts attending,
In myriads, through the sky;
Yet 'midst them all Thou only,
O Lord, wilt fix the eye!

Lord, since we sing as pilgrims,
O give us pilgrims ways!
Low thoughts of self, befitting
Proclaimers of Thy praise;
O make us each more holy,
In spirit, pure and meek:
More like to heavenly citizens,
As more of heaven we speak.


Rock of Ages! cleft for sin,
Grace hath hid us safe within!
Where the water and the blood,
From Thy riven side hath flowed,
Are of sin the double cure;
Cleansing from its guilt and power.

Not the labour of our hands
Could fulfil the laws demands;
Could our zeal no respite know,
Could our tears for ever flow,
Naught for sin could e'er atone
But Thy blood and Thine alone!

Found by Thee before we sought,
Unto Thee in mercy brought;
We have Thee for righteousness,
From Thy fulness grace on grace:
Thou hast washed us in Thy blood,
Made us live and live to God.

While we draw this fleeting breath,
If our eyes are closed in death,
When we soar to worlds unknown,
Sit with Thee upon Thy throne:
Thou our joy shalt be in heaven,
Who for us Thyself hast given.


Hark! the choirs of angels crying,
Glory to the Lamb once slain,
None in heaven or earth denying
Tribute to the Saviour's name.

Ye for whom His life was given,
Higher themes to you belong,
Wake then here the joy of heaven,
Raise the everlasting song.

See how God hath now enthroned Him
At His own right hand on high,
There the heavenly hosts have owned Him,
Filling with His praises the sky.

Filled with blest anticipation,
Chant as soon to be above;
Sweet the theme — a free salvation,
Fruit of everlasting love.

Endless life in Him possessing,
Let us praise His glorious name,
Glory, honour, power, and blessing
Be for ever to the Lamb.

234    10s. or 11s.

We're not of this world which fadeth away,
We're not of the night, but children of day;
The chains which once bound us by Jesus are riven,
We're strangers on earth, our home is in heaven.

Our path is most rugged, and dangerous too,
A wide trackless waste our journey lies through;
But the pillar of cloud that shews us our way,
Is our sure light by night, and shades us by day.

Our Shepherd is still our Guardian and Guide,
Before us He goes to help and provide:
The springs that refresh us from heaven were given,
Our bread is the Manna that came down from heaven.

'Mid mightiest foes most feeble are we —
Yet, trembling before our great Leader they flee;
The Lord is our Banner, the battle is His,
The weakest of saints more than conqueror is.

And soon shall we enter our own promised land,
Around His bright throne in glory shall stand;
Our song then for ever and ever shall be,
All glory and blessing, Lord Jesus, to Thee!

235    S.M.

We'll praise Thee, glorious Lord,
Who died to set us free,
No earthly songs can joy afford
Like heavenly melody.

Love, that no suffering stayed,
We'll praise, true love divine;
Love that for us atonement made,
Love that has made us Thine.

Love in Thy lonely life
Of sorrow here below;
Thy words of grace, with mercy rife,
Make grateful praises flow.

Love, that on death's dark vale
Its sweetest odour spread,
Where sin o'er all seem to prevail
Redemption's glory shed.

And now we see Thee risen,
Who once for us hast died,
Seated above the highest heav'n:
The Father's glorified.

Soon wilt Thou take Thy throne,
Thy foes Thy footstool made,
And take us with Thee for Thine own,
In glory love displayed.

Jesus, we wait for Thee,
With Thee to have our part;
What can full joy and blessing be
But being where Thou art?

236    C.M.

O gracious Father! God of love,
We own Thy power to save,
That power by which the Shepherd rose
Victorious o'er the grave.

Him from the dead Thou brought'st again,
When, by His sacred blood,
Confirmed and sealed for evermore,
Th' eternal cov'nant stood.

O may Thy Spirit guide our souls,
And mould them to Thy will,
That from Thy paths we ne'er may stray,
But keep Thy precepts still!

That to the Saviour's stature full
We nearer still may rise,
And all we think, and all we do
Be pleasing in Thy eyes.

237    L.M.

Rejoice, ye saints, rejoice and praise
The blessings of redeeming grace;
Jesus, our everlasting tower,
Mocks at the angry tempest's roar.

His love's a refuge ever nigh,
His watchfulness, a mountain high;
His name's a rock, which winds above
Nor waves below can ever move.

His faithfulness, for ever sure,
For endless ages will endure;
His perfect work will ever prove
The depths of His unchanging love.

While all things change, He changes not,
Nor e'er forgets, though oft forgot;
His love's unchangeably the same,
And as enduring as His name.


Our Shepherd is the Lord,
The living Lord who died;
With all His fulness can afford
We are supplied.
He richly feeds our souls
With blessings from above;
And leads us where the river rolls
Of endless love.

Our souls He doth restore,
And keeps us in His way;
He makes our cup of joy run o'er
From day to day;
Through love so full, so deep,
Anointed is our head;
Mercy and goodness us shall keep,
Where'er we tread.

When faith and hope shall cease,
And love abide alone,
Then shall we see Him face to face,
And know as known:
Still shall we lift our voice,
His praise our song shall be;
And we shall in His love rejoice
Who set us free.

239    C.M.

To us our God His love commends,
When by our sins undone;
That He might spare His enemies,
He would not spare His Son;

His only Son, on whom was placed
His whole delight and love,
Before He formed the earth below,
Or spread the heavens above.

Our sorrows and our guilt to bear,
Our judgment to sustain;
He came, upon the tree to die,
That we might life obtain.

His word assures He'll quickly come,
For this His brethren pray;
The whole creation for it groans,
Come, Lord, without delay!

240    C.M.

The gloomy night will soon be past,
The morning will appear;
The harbinger of day at last
Each waiting eye will cheer.

Thou Bright and Morning Star, Thy light
Will to our joy be seen;
Thou, Lord, wilt meet our longing sight,
Without a cloud between.


Saviour, through the desert lead us,
Without Thee we cannot go;
Thou from cruel chains has freed us,
And hast laid the tyrant low:
Let Thy presence
Cheer us all our journey through.

Through a desert waste and cheerless,
Though our destined journey lie,
Render'd by Thy presence fearless,
We may every foe defy:
Naught shall move us,
While we see Thee, Saviour, nigh.

With a price Thy love has bought us,
(Saviour, what a love is Thine!)
Hitherto Thy power has brought us,
(Power and love in Thee combine):
Lord of glory,
Ever on Thy household shine.


Sing aloud to God, our strength;
He has brought us hitherto:
He will bring us home at length;
This the Lord our God will do:
Doubt not, for His word is stable;
Fear not, for His arm is able.

Sing aloud to God, our strength;
Sing with wonder of His love;
Who can tell its breadth or length,
Who below, or who above?
Who its depth and height can measure?
'Tis a rich unbounded treasure!

Sing aloud to God, our strength;
He is with us where we go;
Fear we not the journey's length,
Fear we not the mighty foe:
All our foes shall be defeated,
And our journey safe completed.

243    C.M.

O Lord! we would delight in Thee,
And on Thy care depend;
To Thee in every trouble flee,
Our safe, unfailing Friend.

When human cisterns are all dried,
Thy fulness is the same;
May we with this be satisfied,
And glory in Thy name.

No good in creatures can be found,
All, all is found in Thee;
We must have all things and abound,
Through Thy sufficiency.

Thou that hast made our heaven secure,
Wilt here all good provide;
While Christ is rich, can we be poor?
Christ who for us has died!

O Lord! we cast each care on Thee,
And triumph and adore;
O that our great concern may be
To love and praise Thee more.


That bright and blessed morn is near
When He, the Bridegroom, shall appear,
And call His bride away.
Her blessing then shall be complete,
When with her Lord she takes her seat
In everlasting day.

The days and nights are gliding past,
Soon shall be heard the trumpet's blast
Which wakes the sleeping saints.
The dead in Christ in glory rise,
When we with them shall reach the skies
Where Jesus for us waits.

What wonder, joy, and glad surprise
Shall fill our hearts as thus we rise
To meet Him in the air;
To see His face, to hear His voice,
And in His perfect love rejoice,
Whose glory then we'll share.

No more deferred our hope shall be,
No longer through a glass we'll see,
But clearly face to face.
We'll dwell with Jesus then above,
Whom absent we have learned His love,
Blest samples of His grace.

O may this hope our spirits cheer,
While waiting for our Saviour here;
He'll quickly come again.
O may our hearts look for that day,
And to His word responsive say,
"Come, Jesus, Lord, Amen."


On that same night, Lord Jesus,
When all around Thee joined
To cast its darkest shadow
Across Thy holy mind,
We hear Thy voice, blest Saviour,
"This do, remember me:"
With joyful hearts responding,
We do remember Thee.

The depth of all Thy suffering
No heart could e'er conceive;
The cup of wrath o'erflowing
For us Thou didst receive;
And, oh! of God forsaken,
On the accursed tree.
With grateful hearts, Lord Jesus,
We now remember Thee.

We think of all the darkness
Which round Thy spirit pressed,
Of all those waves and billows
Which rolled across Thy breast.
Oh, there Thy grace unbounded
And perfect love we see;
With joy and sorrow mingling,
We would remember Thee.

We know Thee now as risen,
The Firstborn from the dead;
We see Thee now ascended,
The church's glorious Head.
In Thee by grace accepted,
The heart and mind set free,
To think of all Thy sorrow,
And thus remember Thee.

Till Thou shalt come in glory,
And call us hence away,
To rest in all the brightness
Of that unclouded day,
We shew Thy death Lord Jesus,
And here would seek to be
More to Thy death conformed,
Whilst we remember Thee.

246    L.M.

From every stormy wind that blows,
From every swelling tide of woes,
There is a calm, a sweet retreat;
'Tis found before the mercy-seat.

There is a place where mercy sheds
The oil of gladness on our heads;
A place than all beside more sweet —
It is the heavenly mercy-seat.

There is a place where souls unite,
And saint meets saint in heavenly light;
Though sundered far, by faith they meet
Before the common mercy-seat.

Ah! whither could we flee for aid
When tempted, desolate, dismayed?
Or how the hosts of hell defeat,
Had suffering saints no mercy-seat?

Thither by faith we upward soar,
And time and sense seem all no more,
For freely God our souls can greet
Where glory crowns the mercy-seat.


Of Thy love some gracious token
Grant us, Lord, before we go;
Bless Thy word which has been spoken,
Life and peace on all bestow,
When we join the world again,
May our hearts with Thee remain:
O direct us and protect us,
Till we gain the heavenly shore,
Where Thy people want no more.


Henceforward, till the Lord shall come
To take His whole redeemed home,
(With Him for ever then);
The Lord send blessings from above,
The Father's, Son's, and Spirit's love,
Be with us all. Amen.


O Lord, in Thee believing,
Our souls have peace with God,
Eternal life receiving,
The purchase of Thy blood.

Our curse and condemnation
Thou barest in our stead;
Secure is our salvation,
In Thee, our risen Head.

The Holy Ghost, revealing
Thy grace, hath given us rest,
Thy stripes have been our healing,
Thy love doth make us blest.

In Thee the Father sees us
Accepted and complete;
Grace which from evil frees us,
For glory makes us meet.


From various cares our hearts retire,
Though deep and boundless their desire,
We've now to please but One;
Him, before whom each knee shall bow,
With Him is all our business now,
And those that are His own.

With these our happy lot is cast,
Through the world's desert's rude and waste,
Or through its gardens fair;
Whether the storms of trouble sweep,
Or all in dead supineness sleep,
T'advance be all our care.

O Lord, the way, the truth, the life!
Henceforth let sorrow, doubt, and strife
Drop off like autumn leaves!
Henceforth, as privileged by Thee,
Simple and undistracted be
Our souls, which to Thee cleave.

Let us our feebleness recline
On that eternal love of Thine,
And human thoughts forget;
Childlike attend what Thou wilt say,
Go forth and serve Thee while 'tis day,
Nor leave our sweet retreat.