STEM Publishing : hymns : Hymns for the Little Flock (1881) : 251-300

Little Flock 1881 Edition — Section 6.

251    C.M.

Lord Jesus Christ, our Saviour Thou,
With joy we worship Thee,
We know Thou hast redeemed us,
By dying on the tree.

We know the love that brought Thee down,
Down from that bliss in high,
To meet our ruined souls in need,
On Calvary's cross to die.

Our Saviour Jesus — Lord Thou art,
Eternal is Thy love;
Eternal, too, our songs of praise
When with Thee, Lord, above.

E'en now we praise the grace divine,
The love that shines on Thee;
The rich One Thou — for us made poor,
By death to set us free.

We praise, we worship, we adore,
As round Thyself we meet;
Thy beauty, Lord, our souls transports,
While bowing at Thy feet.

Our theme of praise art Thou alone,
Thy cross, Thy work, Thy word:
Oh! who can fathom all Thy love,
Thou living blessed Lord?


Sweet the moments which, in blessing,
Musing o'er the cross we spend;
Life and health and peace possessing
From the dying sinner's Friend.

Here we rest — in wonder viewing
All our guilt on Jesus laid!
And a full redemption flowing
From the sacrifice He made.

Here we find the dawn of heaven,
While upon the Lamb we gaze,
See our trespasses forgiven,
And our songs of triumph raise.

Oh! that strong in faith abiding,
We may to the Saviour cleave,
Naught with Him our hearts dividing,
All for Him content to leave.

May we still, God's mind discerning,
To the Lamb for wisdom go:
There new wonders daily learning,
All the depths of mercy know.

253    S.M.

Since Christ and we are one,
What room for doubt or fear?
He sits upon the Father's throne,
And we are in Him there.

The Spirit doth unite
Our souls to Him our Head,
And forms us to His image bright
While in His steps we tread.

And grace it is — free grace —
Which keeps us on the road,
Till we behold the Saviour's face,
And city of our God.


Death and judgment are behind us,
Grace and glory are before;
All the billows rolled o'er Jesus,
There they spent their utmost power.

"First fruits" of the resurrection,
He is risen from the tomb;
Now we stand in new creation,
Free, because beyond our doom.

Jesus died, and we died with Him,
"Buried" in His grave we lay,
One with Him in resurrection,
Now "in Him" in heaven's bright day.

255    C.M.

The Prince of Life, once slain for us,
Is now gone up on high;
Captivity was captive led,
And Christ no more can die.

His word is faithfulness and truth —
"Behold, I quickly come;"
And faith, that counts the promise sure,
Can pierce the midnight gloom.

Far spent already in the night,
In hope we hail the day
Of the beloved Lord's return,
To wipe all tears away.

Jesus, at the appointed hour,
In glory shall appear;
Then, fashioned by His mighty hand,
We shall His image bear.

Soon shall the saints with glory crowned
Dwell in that cloudless light,
And see their Lord in glory owned,
Heaven's constant, sweet delight.


Praise the Saviour, ye who know Him,
Who can tell how much we owe Him?
Gladly let us render to Him
All we have and are.

Jesus is the name that charms us,
He for conflict fits and arms us,
Nothing moves and nothing harms us
While we trust in Him.

Trust in Him, ye saints for ever,
He is faithful, changing never;
Neither force nor guile can sever
Those He loves from Him.

Keep us Lord, O keep us cleaving
To Thyself and still believing,
Till the hour of our receiving
Promised joys with Thee.

Then we shall be where we would be,
Then we shall be what we should be;
Things that are not now not could be
Soon shall be our own.


Himself He could not save,
He on the cross must die,
Or mercy cannot come
To ruined sinners nigh;
Yes, Christ the Son of God must bleed,
That sinners might from sin be freed.

Himself He could not save,
For justice must be done;
Our sin's full weight must fall
Upon the sinless One;
For nothing less can God accept
In payment of that fearful debt.

Himself He could not save,
For He the Surety stood
For all who now rely
Upon His precious blood;
He bore the penalty of guilt
When on the cross His blood was spilt.

Himself He could not save,
Love's stream too deeply flowed,
In love Himself He gave,
To pay the debt we owed.
Obedience to His Father's will,
And love to Him did all fulfil.

And now exalted high —
A Prince and Saviour He,
That sinner's might draw nigh
And drink of mercy free,
Of mercy now so richly shed,
For Jesus liveth who was dead.


From Egypt lately come,
Where death and darkness reign,
We seek our new, our better home,
Where we our rest shall gain:
We are on our way to God.

There sin and sorrow cease,
And, every conflict o'er,
There we shall dwell in endless peace,
And never hunger more.
Hallelujah! etc...

How sweet the prospect is!
It cheers the pilgrim's breast;
We're journeying through the wilderness,
But soon shall gain our rest;
Hallelujah! etc...

259    C.M.

Ah! yes, Lord Jesus (Thou whose heart
Still for Thy saints doth care),
We shall behold Thee as Thou art,
And Thy full image bear.

Thy love sustains us by the way,
While pilgrims here below;
Thou dost, O Saviour, day by day,
Thy suited grace bestow.

But oh! the more we learn of Thee,
And Thy rich mercy prove,
The more we long Thy face to see,
And fully prove Thy love.

Then, shine, Thou Bright and Morning Star,
Dispel the dreary gloom;
O take, from sin and grief afar,
Thy blood-bought people home!


Lord Jesus, come,
And take Thy rightful place
As Son of man, of all the theme!
Come, Lord, to reign o'er all supreme,
Lord Jesus, come!

Lord Jesus, come!
The Man of sorrows once,
The Man of patience waiting now —
The Man of joy, for ever, Thou,
Come, Saviour, come!

Lord Jesus, come!
Crowned with Thy many crowns —
The Crucified, the Lamb once slain,
To wash away sin's crimson stain,
Lord Jesus, come!

Lord Jesus, come,
And take Thy Father's gift,
The people by Thy cross made Thine,
The trophy of Thy love divine!
Lord Jesus, come!

Lord Jesus, come,
That, lost in Thee, our souls
May bow and worship and adore,
In Thy blest presence evermore!
Lord Jesus, come!

Lord Jesus, come,
And let Thy glory shine,
That quickly these changed bodies may
Each one reflect a living ray,
Lord Jesus, come!

Lord Jesus, come!
Let every knee bow down,
And every tongue to Thee confess,
The Lord of all come forth to bless,
Lord Jesus, come!

Spirit and Bride,
With longing voice, say, Come;
Yea, Lord, Thy word from that bright home
Is, "Surely, I will quickly come!"
E'en so, Lord, come.

261    C.M.D.

The holy One who knew no sin,
God made Him sin for us;
The Saviour died our souls to win,
Upon the shameful cross.
His precious blood alone availed
To wash our sins away;
Through weakness He o'er hell prevailed,
Through death He won the day.

.His beauty shineth far above
Our feeblest power of praise;
And we shall live and learn His love
Through everlasting days.
The knowing this, that us He loves,
Hath made our cup run o'er;
Jesus, Thy name our spirit moves,
Today and evermore.


To wait for that important day,
When Christ His glorious power'll display,
Be this our one great care:
To do His will, our business here;
No toil to shun, no danger fear;
Resolved our cross to bear.

And though He should prolong His stay,
And sinners mock at the delay,
His people need not fear;
The Man who wore the crown of thorns,
Whose claim the world rejects and scorns,
In glory will appear.

In patience, then, we now may rest
(Assured the Father's time is best),
And all His word obey:
We wait till that blest day shall come
When Jesus will convey us home,
And all His power display.


The night is now far spent,
The day is drawing nigh,
Soon will the morning break
In radiance through the sky:
O let the thought our spirits cheer,
The Lord Himself will soon appear!

Though men our hopes deride,
Nor will the truth believe,
We in His word confide,
And it will ne'er deceive:
Soon all that grieves shall pass away,
And saints shall see a glorious day.

For us the Lord intends
A bright place on high,
The place where sorrow ends,
And naught is known but joy:
With such a hope let us rejoice,
We soon shall hear the Saviour's voice.

264    L.M.

Thou sit'st on high, eternal Word,
As Son of man, as sovereign Lord,
And now by faith on Thee we rest,
Till all Thy title have confessed.

Thou hast our souls from sin made clean,
Thy Spirit gives us strength within;
Whilst Thou for us in all our need,
At God's right hand dost ever plead.

O keep us in the narrow way,
That ne'er from Thee our footsteps stray;
Sustain our weakness, calm our fear,
And to Thy presence keep us near.

Oh be it thus till that blest day,
When God shall wipe all tears away;
Quickly , 'tis promised in the word,
E'en so Amen. Come quickly, Lord.


O God of grace, our Father,
We bless Thy holy name,
We who enjoy Thy favour,
Made holy, without blame;
In love, which sought and found us,
And brought us nigh to Thee,
And won the rest of glory,
Our heavenly home shall be.

Thy deep eternal counsel
Chose us in Christ the Son,
Before the earth's foundation,
Or sin had yet begun;
That we might all the nearness
Of the Beloved know,
And brought to Thee as children
Our children's praises flow.

We worship Thee, our Father,
Soon shall Thy children be
At home in heavenly glory,
Thy house their home shall be;
We worship Thee, our Father,
And praise Thy perfect love,
Soon shall we chant The glory
In better strains above.


Christ the Lord will come again,
None shall wait for Him in vain;
We shall then His glory see;
His who died to set us free.

Then, when the archangel's voice
Calls the sleeping saints to rise,
Rising millions shall proclaim
Blessings on the Saviour's name.

"This is our redeeming God!"
Ransomed hosts will shout aloud:
"Praise, eternal praise be given
To the Lord of earth and heaven!"

267    10s. or 11s.

A fullness resides in Jesus our Head
A fulness abides to answer all need:
The Father's good pleasure has laid up a store,
A plentiful treasure, to give to the poor.

Whatever distress awaits us below,
Such plentiful grace the Lord will bestow,
As still shall support us and silence our fear,
And nothing can hurt us while Jesus is near.

When sorrows assail us, or terrors draw nigh,
His love will not fail us, He'll guard with His eye;
And when we are fainting and ready to fail,
He'll give what is wanting, and make us prevail.

We trust in His protection; we'll lean on His might;
We're sure His direction will guide us aright:
We know who surrounds us, almighty to save;
And no one confounds us the Saviour who have.


Salvation's Captain, and the guide
Of all that seek the rest above,
Beneath Thy shadow we abide,
The cloud of Thy protecting love;
Our strength Thy grace, our rule Thy word,
Our end the glory of the Lord.

Lord, by Thy word and Spirit led,
We shall not in the desert stray,
Or light for our direction need,
Or lose, if dark and drear, our way;
Still kept from danger and from fear,
Since Thy almighty love is near.

269    C.M.

O God, the spring of all our joys,
The life of our delights:
The glory of our brightest days,
The comfort of our nights.

The opened heaven around us throws
Fresh beams of sacred bliss,
The Saviour shews that He is ours,
And whispers we are His.

Our souls would leave this cumbrous clay,
At that transporting word;
And brightened hope brings near the day,
To meet and see the Lord.

270    S.M.

And shall we see Thy face,
And hear Thy heavenly voice,
Well known to us in present grace?
Well may our hearts rejoice.

With Thee in garments white,
Lord Jesus, we shall walk;
And spotless in that heavenly light,
Of all Thy sufferings talk.

Close to Thy trusted side,
In fellowship divine;
No cloud, no distance, e'er shall hide
Glories that then shall shine.

Fruit of Thy boundless love,
That gave Thyself for us;
For ever we shall with Thee prove
That Thou still lovest us thus.

And we love Thee, blest Lord,
E'en now, though feeble here,
The sorrow and Thy cross record
What makes us know Thee near.

We wait to see Thee, Lord,
Yet now within our hearts
Thou dwell'st in love that doth afford
The joy that love imparts.

Yet still we wait for Thee,
To see Thee as Thou art;
Be with Thee, like Thee, Lord, and free
To love with all our heart.


Lord of the worlds above,
How pleasant and how fair
The dwellings of Thy love —
The heavenly mansions are!
To Thine abode
Our hearts aspire,
With warm desire,
To see our God.

There is Thy throne of grace,
And there the sprinkled blood;
There lives, before Thy face,
Our great High Priest, O God!
His name our plea,
We now draw near,
In holy fear,
To worship Thee.

We go from strength to strength,
Through this dark vale of tears,
Till each arrives at length,
And safe in heaven appears:
O glorious seat!
Where God the King
Shall shortly bring
Our willing feet.


Ah! who upon earth can conceive
The bliss that with Jesus we'll share?
Or who this dark world would not leave
And earnestly long to be there
There Christ is the light and the sun,
His glories unhinderedly shine;
Already our joy is begun,
Our rest is the glory divine.

'Tis good, at His word, to be here,
Yet better e'en now to be gone,
And there in His presence appear,
And rest where He rests on the throne;
Yet, ah! what the joy 'twill afford,
When Him we shall see in the air:
And enter the joy of the Lord,
For ever to be with Him there.


O Lord! how does Thy mercy throw
Its guardian shadow o'er us,
Preserving us while here below,
Safe to the rest before us.

As weaker than a bruised reed,
We cannot do without Thee;
We want Thee here each hour of need,
Shall want Thee too in glory.

And though our efforts now to praise,
Are often cold and lowly,
A nobler, sweeter song we'll raise
With all Thy saints, in glory.

We'll lay our trophies at Thy feet,
We'll worship and adore Thee,
Whose precious blood has made us meet
To dwell with Thee in glory.


O Lord1Thy rich, Thy boundless love
No thought can reach, no tongue declare;
O give our hearts its depth to prove,
And reign without a rival there!
From thee, O Lord, we all receive,
Thine, wholly Thine, alone we'd live.

O Lord! how cheering is Thy way!
How blest, how gracious in our eyes!
Care, anguish, sorrow, pass away,
And fear before Thy presence flies.
Lord Jesus! nothing would we see,
Nothing desire, apart form Thee!

'Mid conflict be Thy love our peace!
In weakness be Thy love our strength!
And when the storms of life shall cease,
And Thou to meet us com'st at length,
O Jesus, then these hearts shall be
For ever satisfied with Thee.

275    C.M.

Our God is light: and though we go
Across a trackless wild,
Our Jesus footsteps ever shew
The path for every child.

At every step afresh we prove
How sure our heavenly Guide;
The faithful and forbearing love
That never turns aside.

Thou weariest not, most gracious Lord,
Though we may weary grow;
In season the sustaining word
Thou giv'st our hearts to know.

Death's bitter waters met our thirst,
Thy cross has made them sweet;
Then on our gladdened vision burst
God's shady, cool retreat.

Through scenes of strife, by graves of lust,
Our desert path has been;
But here, O Lord, we've learned to trust
And love Thee though unseen.

The manna and the springing well
Suffice for every need;
And Eschol's grapes the story tell
Of where Thy path doth lead.


Guide us, O Thou gracious Saviour,
Pilgrims through this barren land;
We are weak, but Thou art mighty;
Hold us with Thy powerful hand.
Bread of heaven!
Feed us now and evermore.

While we tread this vale of sorrow,
May we in Thy love abide:
Keep us ever, gracious Saviour,
Cleaving closely to Thy side,
Still relying
On the Father's changeless love.

Saviour, come, we long to see Thee,
Long to dwell with Thee above,
And to know in full communion
All the sweetness of Thy love.
Come, Lord Jesus,
Take Thy waiting people home.

277    C.M.

The Lamb of God our Shepherd is,
And He who doth us feed;
While He is ours and we are His,
What can we want or need?

He leads us to the tender grass,
And there we feed and rest;
Then to the streams that gently pass,
In both we have the best.

And if we stray, He doth convert
And bring our minds in frame;
And all this not for our desert,
But for His holy name.

Yea, in death's shady black, abode,
Well may we walk, nor fear
While Thou art with us, and Thy rod
To guide, Thy staff to bear.

If through the darksome vale of death
We pass, we need not fear;
Our Saviour, He who gave us breath,
Brings light and triumph there.

Yea, in the face of deadliest foes
He spreads our board in peace;
In Him secure may we repose,
While all our joys increase.

Surely Thy sweet and wondrous love
Shall measure all our days;
Thy Father's house, our home above,
Where dwells eternal praise.

278    C.M.

Saviour, we long to follow Thee,
Daily Thy cross to bear,
And count all else, whate'er it be,
Unworthy of our care.

We are not now our own, but Thine,
The purchase of Thy blood,
And made, by grace and love divine,
The sons and heirs of God.

Thy Spirit, too, the present seal
Of all The Father's love,
Dwells in our souls and does reveal
The glorious rest above.

Thy life is now beyond the grave;
Our souls Thou hast set free;
Life, strength, and grace in Thee we have,
For we are one with Thee.

O teach us so the power to know
Of risen life with Thee;
Not we may live while here below,
But Christ our life may be.

279    C.M.

Come, saints, your grateful voices raise,
For grace's boundless store;
Dwell on the Lamb's unchanging love,
And praise Him evermore.

His mercy who our ransom paid,
And all our sorrows bore,
Sing with a note of loftiest joy,
And praise Him evermore.

Soon the redeeming Lord shall come
For us whose sins He bore,
To see the glories of the Lamb,
And praise Him evermore.

Then endless praise our lips shall move,
And joy our spirits fill;
The objects of His love divine,
Oh who that joy can tell?


O joyful day! O glorious hour!
When Jesus, by almighty power,
Revived and left the grave;
In all His works behold Him great,
Before, almighty to create,
Almighty now to save!

The First-begotten from the dead,
He's risen now, His people's Head,
And thus their life's secure;
And if, like Him, they yield their breath,
Like Him they'll burst the bonds of death,
Their resurrection sure.

Why should His people, then, be sad?
None have such reason to glad
As those redeemed to God;
Jesus, the mighty Saviour, lives,
To them eternal life He gives,
The purchase of His blood.

Then let our gladsome praise resound,
And let us in His work abound,
Whose blessed name is Love;
We're sure our labour's not in vain,
For we with Him ere long shall reign —
With Jesus dwell above.

281    C.M.

With joy we meditate the grace
Of God's High Priest above;
His heart is filled with tenderness,
His very name in Love.

Touched with a sympathy within,
He knows our feeble frame:
He knows what sorest trials mean,
For He had felt the same.

But spotless, undefiled, and pure,
The great Redeemed stood,
While Satan's fiery darts He bore,
And did resist to blood.

He, in the days of feeble flesh,
Poured out His cries and tears,
And, though ascended, feels afresh
What every member bears.

Then boldly let our faith address
The throne of grace and power;
We shall obtain delivering grace
In every needed hour.

282    L.M.D.

Master! we would no longer be
At home in that which hated Thee,
But patience in Thy footsteps go,
Thy sorrow as Thy joy to know;
We would — and O confirm the power —
With meekness meet the darkest hour,
By shame, contempt, however tried,
For Thou wast scorned and crucified.

We welcome still Thy faithful word —
"The cross shall meet its sure reward;"
For soon must pass the "little while,"
Then joy shall crown Thy servants' toil:
And we shall hear Thee, Saviour, say,
"Arise, my love, and come away"
Look up, for thou shalt weep no more,
But rest on heaven's eternal shore."

283    L.M.

When we survey the wondrous cross
On which the Lord of glory died,
Our richest gain we count but loss,
And pour contempt on all our pride.

Forbid it Lord, that we should boast,
Save in the death of Christ, our God;
All the vain things that charm us most,
We'd sacrifice them to His blood.

There from His head, His hands, His feet,
Sorrow and love flowed mingled down;
Did e'er such love and sorrow meet,
Or thorns compose so rich a crown?

Were the whole realm of nature ours,
That were an offering far too small;
Love that transcends our highest powers,
Demands our soul, our life, our all.


Thou hidden Source of calm repose!
Thou all-sufficient Love divine!
Our help and refuge from our foes,
Secure we are, for we are Thine;
And, lo! from guilt and grief and shame
We're hidden Saviour, by Thy name.

Thy mighty name Salvation is,
And keeps our happy souls above;
Comfort it brings, and power and peace
And joy and everlasting love;
To us, with Thy dear name, are given
Pardon and holiness and heaven.

Jesus, our all in all Thou art,
Our rest in toil, our ease in pain;
The medicine of a broken heart;
'Mid storms, our peace; in loss, our gain;
Our smile beneath the tyrant's frown:
In shame, our glory and our crown.

In want our plentiful supply;
In weakness, our almighty power;
In bonds our perfect liberty;
Our refuge in temptation's hour;
Our comfort, 'midst all grief and thrall,
Our life in death, our all in all.

285    C.M.

Jesus, Thy head, once crowned with thorns,
Is crowned with glory now;
Heaven's royal diadem adorns
The mighty Victor's brow.

Thou glorious light of courts above,
Joy of the saints below,
To us still manifest Thy love,
That we its depths may know.

To us Thy cross with all its shame,
With all its grace be given;
Though earth disowns Thy lowly name,
God honours it in heaven.

Who suffer with Thee, Lord, below,
Shall reign with Thee above;
Then let it be our joy to know
This way of peace and love.

To us Thy cross is life and health;
'Twas shame and death to Thee;
Our present glory, joy, and wealth,
Our everlasting stay.


Soon Thou wilt come again,
Jesus, our Lord!
We shall be happy then,
Jesus, our Lord!
Then we Thy face shall see,
Then we shall like Thee be,
Then evermore with Thee,
Jesus, our Lord!

287    S.M.

'Tis not far off — the hour
When Christ will claim His own!
We soon shall hear that voice of power,
The Lord Himself shall come!

The days are passing by,
The years flow on apace,
Lord Jesus! Thy return draws nigh,
We long to see Thy face.

Eternal in the heavens,
Is our prepared abode —
Radiant and pure, in light divine,
The building of our God.

Rest, Lord in serving Thee,
As none have served below;
Oh, through that blest eternity
What tides of praise shall flow!

Come quickly blessed Lord!
Like exiles here we roam;
Fulfil to us Thy gracious word,
Lord Jesus, take us home.

288    C.M.D.

O Thou, whose mercies far exceed
All we can do or say,
As in Thy people Thou indeed
Dost daily more display;
Let, for our happiness, O God,
On us while here below,
By virtue of Christ's death and blood,
Thy richest blessings flow.

Preserve Thy flock most graciously,
Within Thy sheltering fold;
Move them from every harm away,
And in Thy safeguard hold;
Till Thou shalt fully have obtained
In us the fruits of grace,
And we, in joys that never end,
Shall see Thee face to face.

Do Thou, the very God of peace,
Us wholly sanctify,
And grant us such a rich increase
Of power from on high,
That spirit, soul, and body may,
Preserved free from stain,
Be blameless until that great day;
Lord Jesus Christ, Amen!

289    C.M.

"No condemnation!" — precious word!
Consider it, my soul!
Thy sins were all on Jesus laid;
His stripes have made thee whole.

In heaven the blood for ever speaks
In God's omniscient ear;
The saints, as jewels on His heart,
Jesus doth ever bear.

"No condemnation!" — O my soul,
'Tis God that speaks the word,
Perfect in comeliness art thou
In Christ, the risen Lord.

Teach me, O God, to fix mine eyes
On Christ, the spotless Lamb,
So shall I love Thy precious will,
And glorify His name.


Why those fears? Behold, 'tis Jesus
Holds the helm and guides the ship;
Spread the sails, and catch the breezes
Sent to waft us through the deep
To the regions
Where the mourners cease to weep.

Though the shore we hope to land on
Only by report is known,
Yet we freely all abandon,
Led by that report alone,
And with Jesus
Through the trackless deep move on.

Led by faith, we brave the ocean;
Led by faith, the storm defy;
Calm amidst tumultuous motion,
Knowing that the Lord is nigh:
Waves obey Him,
And the storms before Him fly.

Rendered safe by His protection,
We shall pass the watery waste,
Trusting to His wise direction,
We shall gain the port at last;
And with wonder
Think on toils and dangers past.

O what pleasures there await us!
There the tempests cease to roar:
There it is that those who hate us
Can molest our peace no more:
Trouble ceases
On that tranquil, happy shore.


O Saviour! whom absent we love,
Whom having not seen we adore,
Whose name is exalted above
All glory dominion and power;

O come, and display us as Thine,
And leave us no longer to roam;
May we in Thy glory, Lord, shine,
Thy presence soon summon us home.

O when shall the mists be removed,
And round us Thy brightness be poured?
When meet Thee, whom absent we've loved,
When see whom unseen we've adored?

O then never more shall the fears,
The trials, temptations and woes,
Which darken this valley of tears,
Intrude on our blissful repose.

Or if yet remembered above,
Remembrance no sadness shall raise,
They will bring but new thoughts of Thy love,
New themes for our wonder and praise.

292    C.M.

Hark, the glad sound! the Saviour comes!
The Saviour promised long:
Take up the word, ye saved saints,
Renew the gladsome song.

He comes! creation to release,
In Satan's bondage held;
The tyrant's thraldom to destroy,
And make th'usurper yield.

He comes! the mighty foe to bind,
The groaning earth to free,
While (chief of all His goodness gives)
Himself its Lord shall be.

Hosannas glad, Thou Prince of Peace,
Thy welcome shall proclaim;
And all creation shall rejoice
In Thy beloved name.

293    L.M.

From all that dwell below the skies
Let the Creator's praise arise;
Let the Redeemer's name be sung,
Through every land, by every tongue.

Eternal are Thy mercies, Lord!
Eternal truth attends Thy word;
And praise shall sound from shore to shore,
Till suns shall rise and set no more.

294    L.M.

O come, Thou stricken Lamb of God!
Who shed'st for us Thine own life blood,
And teach us all Thy love: — then pain
In life were sweet, and death were gain.

Take Thou our hearts, and let them be
For ever closed to all but Thee;
Thy willing servants, let us wear
The seal of love for ever there.

How blest are they who still abide,
Close sheltered by Thy watchful side;
Who life and strength from Thee receive,
And with Thee move, and in Thee live.

Ah, Lord! enlarge our scanty thought,
To know the wonders Thou hast wrought;
Unloose our stammering tongues to tell
Thy love, immense, unsearchable.

Firstborn of many brethren, Thou!
To whom both heaven and earth must bow;
Heirs of Thy shame and of Thy throne,
We bear Thy cross and seek Thy crown.


Holy Saviour, we adore Thee,
Seated on the throne of God;
Soon in glory , all before Thee
Shall proclaim Thy praise abroad
"Thou art worthy,"
We were ransomed by Thy blood.

Saviour, though the world despised Thee,
Though Thou here wast crucified,
Yet the Father's glory raised thee,
Lord of all creation wide.
"Thou art worthy,"
We shall live, for Thou hast died.

And though here on earth rejected,
'Tis but fellowship with Thee;
Should we not with joy expect it —
Here like Thee, our Lord, to be?
"Thou art worthy,"
Thou from earth hast set us free.

Haste the day of Thine appearing
With Thy ransomed saints to reign;
Then shall end all days of mourning,
We shall sing with triumph then.
"Thou art worthy
Come, Lord Jesus, come, Amen.


Love divine, all praise excelling,
Joy of heaven, to earth come down!
Bless us with Thy rich indwelling,
All Thy faithful mercies crown!
Saviour, Thee we'd still be blessing,
Serve Thee here, as soon above,
Praise Thee, Saviour, without ceasing,
Glory in Thy dying love.

Firstfruits of Thy new creation,
Faithful, holy, may we be,
Joyful in Thy full salvation,
More and more conformed to Thee!
Changed from glory into glory,
Till in heaven we take our place,
Then to worship and adore Thee,
Lost in wonder, love and praise!

297    C.M.

When all Thy mercies, O my God,
My rising soul surveys,
Transported with the view, I'm lost
In wonder, love, and praise.

Unnumbered comforts to my soul
Thy tender care bestowed,
Before my infant heart conceived
From whom those comforts flowed.

Ten thousand thousand precious gifts
My daily thanks employ;
Nor is the least a cheerful heart
To taste those gifts with joy.

Through every period of my life
The goodness I'll pursue;
The desert past, in glory bright,
The precious theme renew.

Through all eternity to Thee
A joyful song I'll raise;
But, oh! eternity's too short
To utter all Thy praise.



O haste away, my brethren dear,
And come to Canaan's shore;
We'll meet and sing for ever there,
When all our toils are o'er.

O that will be joyful, joyful, joyful!
O that will be joyful!
To meet to part no more,
To meet to part no more,
On Canaan's happy shore.
And then sing Hallelujah,
With the saints that have gone before.

In bridal robes, all clothed in white,
Will all His saints appear:
And, shining in His glory bright,
We'll see our Jesus there.
O that will be joyful, etc...

In heaven triumphant joy is found
When sons to God are born;
How will its vaults with praise resound
On the millennial morn!
O that will be joyful etc...

In Canaan's happy land we'll meet
To chant this glorious lay;
Our hearts well tuned will sing so sweet,
Through one eternal day.
O that will be joyful, etc...

Through one eternal day we'll sing,
And bless His sacred name,
With "Hallelujahs to the King!"
And "Worthy is the Lamb!"
O that will be joyful, joyful, joyful!
O that will be joyful!
To meet to part no more,
To meet to part no more,
On Canaan's happy shore.
And then sing Hallelujah,
With the saints that have gone before.

299    S.M.

Let earthly themes now cease,
And joyful let us dwell
On our sweet theme of heavenly peace:
O we've enough to tell.

We worship at Thy feet,
We wonder and adore;
The coming glory scarce more sweet
Than sweet the peace before.

300    10s. or 11s.

Ye servants of God, your Master proclaim,
And publish abroad His wonderful name;
The name, all victorious, of Jesus extol,
His kingdom is glorious — He'll reign over all.

God ruleth on high, almighty to save,
But still He is nigh, His presence we have;
The great congregation His triumph shall sing,
Ascribing salvation to Jesus, their King.

Salvation to God, who sits on the throne,
Let all shout aloud, and honour the Son;
The praises of Jesus God's saints will proclaim,
They'll fall on their faces to worship the Lamb.