The Evangelist’s Hymnal (Section 1)

A blessing for you—will you take it?
Choose you to-day;
A word from the heart—will you speak it?
Choose you to-day:
Will you believe, or your Saviour neglect?
Will you receive, or His mercy reject?
Pause ere you answer, oh, pause and reflect—
Choose you to-day.

A death to be feared—will you fear it?
Choose you to-day;
A voice that invites—will you hear it?
Choose you to-day:
Strait is the portal and narrow the way;
Enter, poor soul, and be saved while you may;
Think what may hang on a moment’s delay—
Choose you to-day.

The bondage of sin—will you break it?
Choose you to-day;
The Water of Life—will you take it?
Choose you to-day:
Come to the arms that are open for you,
Hide in the wounds that by faith you may view:
Death ere the morrow your steps may pursue—
Choose you to-day.

A glorious invitation
Now calls you to the feast;
Each soul is now invited,
The greatest and the least.
Come, all you heavy burdened,
With sorrow or with care—
To-day you are invited,
Your burdens Christ did bear.

The Spirit says, come, the Bride says, come:
Let him that heareth say, come, let him that thirsteth come,
And whosoever will, let him take of the water of life.

That blessèd invitation,
Oh, hear to-day and heed!
The Spirit now is calling,
Why longer dwell in need?
Your soul to-day is fainting
For Christ, the living bread;
Accept the invitation,
Come while the feast is spread.

Repeat the invitation!
Pass on the blessèd news;
Let none forsake His mercy,
Or pardon now refuse.
’Tis Jesus that is calling—
All things are ready, come—
The Spirit will direct you,
The Bride will welcome home.

A joyful sound the Gospel bears,
Surpassing sweet to sinners’ ears,
In notes majestic it declares
That “God is Light and Love.”

Incarnate Love came here to die,
Light wrung from Him that bitter cry—
“Eli lama sabachthani?”
Unfathomed Light and Love!

On Calvary’s cross Light judged man’s sin,
That sinners now, the veil within,
Might enter, purged, redeemed, and clean,
To dwell in Light and Love.

That Light revealed my sin and guilt,
Crushed all the “works” on which I built;
Love spake of blood, which Jesus spilt,
Oh, glorious Light and Love!

That blood is now my only plea,
Christ died for sinners, hence for me,
Drawn by such Love to Him I flee,
To rest in Light and Love.

A long time I wandered in darkness and sin,
And wondered if ever the light would shine in
I heard Christian friends speak of raptures divine,
And wished—how I wished—that their Saviour were mine.

I heard the glad gospel of “goodwill to men;”
I read “whosoever” again and again;
I said to my soul, “Can that promise be thine?”
And then began hoping that Jesus was mine.

Oh, mercy surprising! He saves even me!
“Thy portion for ever,” He says, “I will be,”
On His word I am resting—assurance divine—
I’m “hoping” no longer—I know He is mine.


A mind at “perfect peace” with God—
Oh, what a word is this!
A sinner reconciled through blood—
This, this indeed is peace.

By nature and by practice far,
How very far, from God!
Yet now by grace brought nigh to Him,
Through faith in Jesus’ blood.

So near, so very near to God,
I cannot nearer be;
For in the person of His Son
I am as near as He.

So dear, so very dear to God,
More dear I cannot be:
The love wherewith He loves His Son,
Such is His love to me.

Why should I ever anxious be,
Since such a God is mine:
He watches o’er me night and day,
And tells me, “All is thine.”


A pilgrim was I, and a-wand’ring,
In the cold night of sin I did roam,
When Jesus the kind Shepherd found me,
And now I am on my way home.

Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me
All the days, all the days of my life.
Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me
All the days, all the days of my life.
And I shall dwell in the house of the Lord forever,
And I shall feast at the table spread for me.
Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me
All the days, all the days of my life.

He restoreth my soul when I’m weary,
He giveth me strength day by day,
He leads me beside the still waters,
He guards me each step of the way.

When I walk through the dark lonesome valley,
My Saviour will walk with me there,
And safely His great hand will lead me
To the mansions He’s gone to prepare.


A ruler once came unto Jesus by night,
To ask Him the way of salvation and light:
The Saviour made answer in words true and plain:
“You must be born again!”

“You must be born again!” “You must be born again!”
I verily, verily, say unto you—“You must be born again!”

You children of men, now attend to the word
So solemnly uttered by Jesus the Lord,
And let not this message to you be in vain;
“You must be born again!”

O you who would enter God’s glorious rest
And sing with the ransomed the song of the blest;
The life everlasting if you would obtain,
“You must be born again!”

Your Saviour in heaven your eyes may yet see,
At its beautiful gate He is watching for you.
Then list to the note of this solemn refrain:
“You must be born again!”


A Saviour who died our salvation to win,
A Saviour who knows how to save us from sin:
Yes, He is the Saviour, the Saviour we need,
And He is a Saviour indeed!

Is He yours? . . . Is He Yours? . . .
Is this Saviour, who loves you, yours?

A Shepherd who gives His own life for the sheep,
A Shepherd both mighty to save and to keep:
Yes, this is the Shepherd, the Shepherd we need,
And He is a Shepherd indeed!

A Pilot who knows of the dangers at hand:
A Pilot who brings all the vessels to land:
Yes, this is the Pilot, the Pilot we need,
And He is a Pilot indeed!

A Shelter from tempest, from wind and from storm,
A Shelter from judgment, a Shelter from harm:
Yes, this is the Shelter, the Shelter we need,
And He is a Shelter indeed! (L.M.D.?)

A trembling soul, I sought the Lord,
My sin confessed, my guilt deplored.
How soft and sweet this thought to me,
He took my place, and died for me.

No other hope.... no other plea....
He took my place...and died for me....
O precious Lamb...of Calvary!...
He took my place.... and died for me....

Here rests my heart; assurance sweet
His blessed work He will complete,
Since in His love so rich and free,
He took my place and died for me.

When sorrow veils the smiling day,
When evil foes beset my way,
Abundant grace in Him I see,
He took my place and died for me.

No room for doubt, no room for fears,
When to my view the cross appears;
My joyful song shall ever be,
He took my place and died for me.

After the sowing of sin is all done,
After the glory of earth has been won,
After the sands of your life have all run,
Oh, what shall your reaping then be?
Sowing, sowing, sowing in Satan’s might;
Reaping, reaping, reaping eternal night.

After the pleasures of sin are all past,
After the wealth of the world is amassed,
When the death-angel you face at the last,
Oh, what shall your reaping then be?
Sowing, sowing, sowing in Satan’s might;
Reaping, reaping, reaping eternal night.

Come to the Saviour of sinners, come home!
Why will you longer so aimlessly roam?
While He is pleading, O wanderer, come,
The Master is waiting for you.
Come home, come home, just as a weary dove,
Come home, come home, unto the Father’s love.

Cease from your waywardness, Jesus invites;
Hear now the bride who with pleading unites,
While the blest Spirit to prayer now incites,
The Master is waiting for you.
Come home, come home, just as a weary dove,
Come home, come home, unto the Father’s love.


Alas! and did my Saviour bleed?
And did my Saviour die?
Would He devote that sacred head
For such a worm as I?

Was it for crimes that I had done
He groaned upon the tree?
Amazing pity! grace unknown!
And love beyond degree.

Well might the sun in darkness hide,
And shut his glories in,
When Christ, the mighty Maker, died,
For man, the creature’s sin.

Thus might I hide my blushing face
While His dear cross appears;
Dissolve my heart in thankfulness,
And melt my eyes to tears

But drops of grief can ne’er repay
The debt of love I owe,
Here, Lord, at Thy blest feet I lay,
’Tis all that I can do.

“All things are ready,” Come,
Come to the supper spread;
Come rich and poor, come old and young,
Come, and be richly fed.

“All things are ready,” Come,
The invitation’s giv’n
Through Him who now in glory sits
At God’s right hand in heav’n.

“All things are ready,” Come,
The door is open wide;
O feast upon the love of God,
For Christ His Son has died.

“All things are ready,” Come,
All hindrance is removed,
And God, in Christ, His precious love,
To fallen man has proved.

“All things are ready,” Come,
To-morrow will not do;
O sinner, come, the Saviour waits
This hour to welcome you!

All you that pass by, to Jesus draw nigh;
To you is it nothing that Jesus should die?
Your ransom and peace, your surety He is:
Come, see if there ever was sorrow like His.

For what you have done His blood did atone:
The Father has punished for you His dear Son:
Our God in the day of His fierce wrath did lay
Your sins on the Lamb and He bore them away.

He died to atone for sins not His own:
Your debt He has paid, and the work He has done.
You all may receive the peace He did leave,
Who made intercession, “My Father, forgive!”

For you and for me He prayed on the tree;
The prayer is accepted, the sinner is free.
That sinner am I, who on Jesus rely,
And come for the pardon God cannot deny.

My pardon I claim, a sinner I am,
A sinner believing in Jesus’ dear name:
He purchased the grace which now I embrace:
O Father, Thou knowest He died in my place.


“Almost persuaded,” now to believe;
“Almost persuaded,” Christ to receive.
Seems now some soul to say,
“Go, Saviour, go Thy way,
Some more convenient day
On Thee I’ll call.”

“Almost persuaded,” come, come to-day;
“Almost persuaded,” turn not away,
Jesus invites you here,
Mercy is ling’ring near,
Prayers rise from hearts so dear,
O Wand’rer, come!

“Almost persuaded,” harvest is past!
“Almost persuaded,” doom comes at last,
“Almost” cannot avail;
“Almost” is but to fail!
Sad, sad, that bitter wail—
“Almost”—but LOST.


Amazing grace! how sweet the sound,
That saved a wretch a like me;
I once was lost, but now am found;
Was blind, but now I see.

’Twas grace that taught my heart to fear,
And grace my fears relieved;
How precious did that grace appear
The hour I first believed!

Through many dangers, toils and snares,
I have already come:
’Tis grace that brought me safe thus far,
And grace will lead me home.

Yes, when this heart and flesh shall fail,
And mortal life shall cease,
I shall possess within the veil
Eternal joy and peace.

And can it be, that I should gain
An int’rest in the Saviour’s blood?
Died He for me, who caused His pain;
For me, who Him to death pursued?
Amazing love! how can it be
That Thou, my Lord, shouldst die for me!

He left his Father’s throne above,
(So free, so infinite His grace!)
Humbled Himself in His great love,
And bled for Adam’s helpless race,
’Tis mercy all, immense and free:
For, O my God, it found out me!

Long my imprisoned spirit lay
Fast bound in sin and nature’s night;
Thine eye diffused a quick’ning ray,
I woke, the dungeon flamed with light;
My chains fell off, my heart was free,
I rose, went forth and followed Thee.

No condemnation now I dread,
Jesus, and all in Him, is mine;
Alive in Him, my living Head,
And clothed in righteousness divine,
Thus I approach th’eternal throne,
And take the crown from Christ my own.


And did the Holy and the Just,
The sov’reign of the skies,
Stoop down to man’s estate and dust
That guilty worms might rise?

Yes, the Redeemer left the throne,
The radiant throne on high;
Surprising mercy, love unknown!
To suffer, bleed, and die.

He took the guilty culprit’s place,
And suffered in his stead,
For man (O miracle of grace),
For man the Saviour bled.

Blest Lord, what heavenly wonders dwell
In thine atoning blood!
By this are sinners saved from hell,
And rebels brought to God.

Jesus, my soul adoring bends
To love so full, so free;
Thy word declares that love extends,
In saving power to me,

Are you longing? Jesus calls you
To His wounded side;
“Come to Me,” says He, “And ever
Safe abide.”

Seeking Jesus? Jesus seeks you—
Wants you as you are:
He is knocking, ever knocking
At your heart.

If you let Him, He will save you—
Make you all His own:
Guide you, keep you, take you, later,
To His throne.

Will you still refuse His offer?
Will you say Him nay?
Will you let Him, grieved, rejected,
Go away?


At even ere the sun was set,
The sick, O Lord, around Thee lay;
Oh, in what divers pain they met!
Oh, with what joy they went away!

Once more ’tis eventide, and we
Oppressed with various ills draw near.
What if Thy form we cannot see?
We know indeed that Thou art here.

O Saviour Christ, our woes dispel:
For some are sick, and some are sad;
And some have never loved Thee well;
And some have left the love they had;

And some have found the world is vain,
Yet from the world they break not free;
And some have friends who give them pain,
Yet have not sought a Friend in Thee.

And none, O Lord, have perfect rest,
For none are wholly free from sin;
And they who fain would serve Thee best
Are conscious most of sin within.

Thy touch has still its ancient power;
No word from Thee can fruitless fall;
Hear, in this solemn evening hour,
And in Thy mercy heal us all. Trochaic.

At the name of Jesus
Every knee shall bow,
Every tongue confess Him
King of glory now;
’Tis the Father’s pleasure
We should call Him Lord,
Who from the beginning
Was the mighty Word.

Name Him, brethren, name Him,
With love strong as death,
But with awe and wonder,
And with bated breath;
He is God the Saviour,
He is Christ the Lord,
Ever to be worshipped,
Trusted and adored.

In your hearts enthrone Him;
There let Him subdue
All that is not holy
All that is not true:
Own Him as your Captain
In temptation’s hour;
Let His will enfold you
In its light and power.

Brethren, this Lord Jesus
Shall return again,
With His Father’s glory,
With His angel train;
For all wreaths of empire
Meet upon His brow,
And our hearts confess Him
King of glory now.


Beautiful words of Jesus,
Spoken so long ago,
Yet, as we sing them over,
Dearer to us they grow;
Calling the heavy-laden,
Calling to hearts oppressed,
“Come unto Me you weary,
Come, I will give you rest.”

Hear the call of His voice so sweet;
Bring your load to the Saviour’s feet;
Lean your heart on His loving breast,
Come, O come and He will give you rest.

Beautiful words of Jesus,
Cheering us day by day;
Throwing a gleam of sunshine
Over a cloudy way;
Casting on Him the burden
We are too weak to bear,
He will give grace sufficient,
He will regard our prayer.

Beautiful words of Jesus,
Tokens of endless rest,
When, by and by, we enter
Into His presence blest;
There shall we see His beauty,
Meet with Him face to face;
There shall we sing His glory,
Praising His matchless grace.

Behold the Saviour at the door,
He gently knocks, has knocked before,
Has waited long, is waiting still;
You use no other friend so ill.

Open the door; He’ll enter in
And sup with you, and you with Him.

Oh lovely attitude! He stands
With open heart and outstretched hands;
Oh, matchless kindness! And He shows
His matchless kindness to His foes.

Admit Him, ere His anger burn,
Lest He depart and ne’er return;
Admit Him, for the hour’s at hand,
When at His door denied you stand.

Admit Him, for the human breast
Ne’er entertained so kind a guest.
No mortal tongue their joys can tell
With whom He condescends to dwell.

C.M. & Chorus.

Behold what love, what boundless love,
The Father has bestowed
On sinners lost, that we should be
Now called “the sons of God.”

“Behold . . . what manner of love, . . . what
manner of love the Father has bestowed upon us,
that we, . . that we should be called,
. . should be called the sons of God!”

No longer far from Him, but now
By “precious blood” made nigh!
“Accepted in the Well-beloved,”
We “Abba, Father!” cry.

What we in glory soon shall be,
“It does not yet appear,”
But when our precious Lord we see,
We shall His image bear.

With such a blessèd hope in view,
We would more holy be,
More like our risen, glorious Lord,
Whose face we soon shall see.

Behold, what wondrous love and grace!
When we were wretched and undone,
To save a ruined, helpless race
The Father gave His only Son!
Of twice ten thousand gifts divine
No gift like this could ever shine.

Oh, gift of love unspeakable!
Oh, gift of mercy all divine!
We once were slaves of death and hell,
But in Christ’s image we shall shine:
For every gift a song we raise,
But this demands eternal praise.

Praise shall employ these tongues of ours,
Till we, with all the saints above,
Extol His name with nobler powers,
And see the ocean of His love:
Then, while we look and wondering gaze,
We’ll fill the heav’ns with endless praise.
Beneath the cross of Jesus
I fain would take my stand,
The shadow of a mighty rock,
Within a weary land;
A shelter in the wilderness,
A rest upon the way,
From the burning of the noontide heat,
And burden of the day.

O safe and happy shelter!
O refuge tried and sweet!
O trysting-place where heaven’s love
And heaven’s justice meet!
As to the exiled patriarch
That wondrous dream was giv’n,
So seems my Saviour’s cross to me,
A ladder up to heav’n.

There lies beneath its shadow,
But on the farther side,
The darkness of an awful grave
That gapes both deep and wide:
And there between us stands the cross,
Two arms outstretched to save;
A watchman set to guard the way
From that eternal grave.

Upon that cross of Jesus
Mine eye at times can see
The very dying form of One
Who suffered there for me;
And from my smitten heart, with tears,
Two wonders I confess—
The wonders of His glorious love,
And my own worthlessness.


Blessèd assurance—Jesus is mine!
Oh, what a foretaste of glory divine!
Heir of salvation, purchase of God;
Born of His Spirit, washed in the blood.

This is my story, this is my song,
Praising my Saviour all the day long;
This is my story, this is my song,
Praising my Saviour all the day long.

Perfect salvation, all is at rest,
I in my Saviour am happy and blest;
Watching and waiting, looking above,
Filled with His goodness, lost in His love.


Blessèd be the soul-saving blood,
To a world of sinners revealed;
Blessèd be the dear Son of God:
Only by His stripes we are healed.
Though I’ve wandered far from His fold,
Bringing to my heart pain and woe,
Wash me in the blood of the Lamb,
And I shall be whiter than snow!

Whiter than the snow!
Whiter than the snow!
Wash me in the blood of the Lamb!
And I shall be whiter than snow!

Thorny was the crown that He wore
On the cross, with scoffing and shame;
Grievous were the sorrows He bore,
My eternal salvation to gain.
May I to the Saviour be led,
For my sins He suffered here below;
Wash me in the blood that He shed,
And I shall be whiter than snow!

Father, I have wandered from Thee,
Foolishly my heart went astray;
Crimson do my sins seem to me—
Water cannot wash them away.
Jesus, to that cleansing of Thine,
Leaning on Thy promise, I go!
Cleanse me by Thy washing divine,
And I shall be whiter than snow!

Blessèd Saviour! Son of God,
Thou hast borne sin’s heavy load,
That my ruined soul might be
Cleansed, redeemed, and won for Thee.

Blessèd Lord! O precious Lord!
Worthy One! by saints adored!
Object of the Father’s heart,
In Thy glory I’ll have part.

Thou in deepest, truest love,
Cam’st from glory’s heights above,
That a wretched one like me
Might for ever dwell with Thee.

Love with Thine none can compare,
Sinners saved Thy throne to share,
Is a mystery divine,
Yet this prospect, Lord, is mine.

Why should I have any care
With such hopes, so bright and fair?
Oh! that faith may brighter shine
Till I see Thy face divine.


Break forth and sing the song
Of “Glory to the Lamb!”
Wake every heart and every tongue
To praise the Saviour’s name.

Sing of His dying love;
Sing of His rising power;
Sing how He intercedes above
For those whose sins He bore.

Sing on your heavenly road,
Ye sons of glory, sing!
To the ascended Lamb of God
Your cheerful praises bring.

Soon shall we hear Him say
“You ransomed pilgrims, come,”
Soon will He call us hence away,
And take us to His home.

Then shall each raptured tongue
His fullest praise proclaim,
And sweeter voices wake the song
Of “Glory to the Lamb!”


By faith I see the Saviour dying—
On the tree, on the tree.
To ruined sinners He is crying—
“Look to Me, look to Me.”
He bids the guilty now draw near,
Hark, hark! His precious words I hear—
So soft, so sweet, they banish fear,
“Mercy’s free, mercy’s free.”

Did Christ, when I was sin pursuing,
Think of me?
And did He save my soul from ruin?
Can it be?
Oh, yes, He did salvation bring;
He is a Prophet, Priest, and King;
And now my happy soul can sing—
“Mercy’s free.”

Long as I live I’ll still be singing—
“Mercy’s free;”
Point to the Lamb, for sinners dying
On the tree.
There all my foes He has withstood,
Washed all my sins away by blood,
Made manifest the love of God,
E’en to me.

How sweet the truth, Oh sinners, hear it,
“Mercy’s free.”
You saints of God, to all declare it.
“Mercy’s free.”
Visit your neighbour’s dark abode,
Proclaim to all this love of God,
Oh, spread the joyful news abroad.
“Mercy’s free.”

By Thee, O God, invited
We look unto the Son,
In whom Thy soul delighted
Who all Thy will hath done;
And by the one chief treasure
Thy bosom freely gave,
Thine own pure love we measure,
Thy willing mind to save.

O God of mercy—Father!
The one unchanging claim,
The brightest hopes we gather
From Christ’s most precious name;
What always sounds so sweetly
In Thine unwearied ear,
Has freed our souls completely
From all our sinful fear.

The trembling sinner feareth
That God can ne’er forget;
But one full payment cleareth
His memory of all debt.
When nought beside could ease us,
Or set our souls at large,
Thy holy work, Lord Jesus,
Secured a full discharge.

No wrath God’s heart retaineth
To us-ward who believe;
No dread in ours remaineth
As we His love receive;
Returning sons He kisses,
And with His robe invests;
His perfect love dismisses
All terror from our breasts.


“Call them in”—the poor, the wretched
Sin-stained wand’rers from the fold;
Peace and pardon freely offer,
Can you weigh their worth with gold?
“Call them in”—the weak, the weary,
Laden with the weight of sin;
Bid them come and rest in Jesus;
He is waiting—“call them in.”

“Call them in”—the Jew, the Gentile;
Bid the stranger to the feast,
“Call them in”—the rich, the noble,
From the highest to the least.
Forth the Father runs to meet them,
He has all their sorrow seen;
Robe, and ring, and royal sandals
Wait the lost ones—“call them in.”

“Call them in”—the mere professors,
Slumbering, sleeping on hell’s brink;
Naught of life are they possessors,
Yet of safety vainly think.
Bring them in—the careless scoffers,
Pleasure-seekers of the earth;
Tell of God’s most gracious offers,
And of Jesus’ priceless worth.

“Call them in”—the broken-hearted,
Cow’ring ’neath the brand of shame,
Speak love’s message low and tender—
’Twas for sinners Jesus came.
See the shadows lengthen round us,
Soon the day-dawn will begin;
Can you leave them lost and lonely?
Christ is coming—“call them in.”

Carry your burden to Jesus,
You who are weary of care;
Tell Him your sorrow and longing,
Ask Him your troubles to share.

Carry your burden to Jesus,
To Jesus, to Jesus,
Carry your burdens to Jesus,
Ask Him your trials to share.

Tell Him of life’s disappointments,
Tell Him your weakness and sin;
Ask Him for peace in the conflict,
Ask Him for cleansing within.

Jesus is waiting to save you;
Grace that is boundless and free,
Gladly He offers it to you.
Purchased on Calvary’s tree.

There shall the righteous Redeemer
Fill you with power anew;
Hands that were wounded shall bless you,
Making you steadfast and true.

Christ delivered me when bound,
And, when wounded, healed my wound,
Sought me wandering, set me right,
Turned my darkness into light.

Can a mother’s tender care
Cease towards the child she bare?
Yes, she may forgetful be,
Yet will He remember me.

His is an unchanging love,
Higher than the heights above,
Deeper than the depths beneath,
Free and faithful, strong as death.

I shall see His glory soon,
When the work of grace is done,
Partner of His throne shall be;
Such His wondrous love to me!

This alone is my complaint,
That my love is weak and faint;
Yet I love Him and adore,
Oh, for grace to serve Him more!

Christ did for sins atone
And on the cross He bled;
Forgiveness may be known,
Because His blood was shed
To free you from the bonds of sin,
And give you peace and joy within.

His face He firmly set,
And all the road He trod,
Till justice had been met
Before a holy God,
Who now is free, at such a cost,
To offer mercy to the lost.

But oh, His suff’rings o’er,
He lives in glory there;
Alive to die no more,
He waits with us to share
His Father’s house—that home so bright—
Th’eternal day without a night.

(far too repetitive, at least chorus should be omitted))

Christ has for sin atonement made:
What a wonderful Saviour!
We are redeemed!—the price is paid:
What a wonderful Saviour!

What a wonderful Saviour is Jesus, my Jesus.
What a wonderful Saviour is Jesus, my Lord.

I praise Him for the cleansing blood:
What a wonderful Saviour!
That reconciled my soul to God:
What a wonderful Saviour!

He cleansèd me from all my sin:
What a wonderful Saviour!
And now He reigns and rules within:
What a wonderful Saviour!

To Him I’ve given all my heart:
What a wonderful Saviour!
The world shall never share a part:
What a wonderful Saviour!

Christ is coming, quickly coming,
Are you ready, sinner, say,
Are your crimson sins forgiven,
In His blood all washed away?
Once on Calvary’s cross He suffered,
Died in grace to set you free,
Now believe the joyful tidings
And to Christ for pardon flee.

Jesus waits then to be gracious—
Waits for you now patiently—
Listen to His earnest pleading,
“Come, poor sinner, come to Me.”
Come, and gaze by faith upon Him,
Sinner come and look and live:
See, He waits now to receive you,
That He may your sins forgive.

Then you will not fear His coming,
You will hail with joy that day,
When He’ll come and take His ransomed
To His Father’s house away.
Oh, the bliss, the rest of knowing,
Jesus as your dearest Friend,
As your Guide, your Guard, your Shepherd,
Who will love you to the end.


Christ is the only Saviour mighty to save,
He who suffered once for sins, and went ’neath the wave,
Sing how the wrath of God on Calvary’s cross He bore;
How by death He conquered death, and lives evermore.

Christ is the Saviour, He never will fail,
All hope to save oneself could nothing avail;
Man is a total wreck; can never reach the shore;
All who trust in Jesus Christ are saved evermore.

Christ in that hour of darkness, lost ones to save,
Braved Himself the ocean depths, and battled the wave;
Though all Jehovah’s billows rolled o’er His head,
Son of man and Son of God, He rose from the dead.

Oh, what a mighty Saviour, Jesus who died!
Strong enough to bear His own above the angry tide,
Not e’en the feeblest saint will Christ ever fail,
Never will the gates of hell against Him prevail.

O blessèd risen Saviour, living to day!
Living too, to guide Thine own through all the stormy way;
None have the power to pluck Thy saints from Thine hand,
Thou wilt safely bring Thine own home to the Better Land.

P.M. or Dactylic, Chorus

Christ is the Saviour of sinners,
Christ is the Saviour for me;
Long I was chained in sin’s darkness,
Now by His grace I am free.

Saviour of sinners,
Saviour of sinners like me,
Shedding His blood for my ransom,
This is the Saviour for me.

Now I can say I am pardoned,
Happy and justified, free,
Saved by my blessed Redeemer,
This is the Saviour for me.

Just as I was He received me,
Seeking from judgment to flee,
Now there is no condemnation,
This is the Saviour for me.

Loved with a love that’s unchanging,
Blessed with all blessings so free,
How shall I tell out His praises!
This is the Saviour for me.

Soon shall the glory be dawning,
Then when His face I shall see,
Sing, O my soul, in your gladness,
This is the Saviour for me.

Christ, the Lord, will come again,
None shall wait for Him in vain,
I shall then His glory see:
Christ will come and call for me.

When He with archangel’s voice
Calls the sleeping saints to rise,
Rising millions shall proclaim
Blessings on the Saviour’s name.

“This is our redeeming God!”
Ransomed hosts will shout aloud;
“Praise, eternal praise, be given
To the Lord of earth and heaven!”

Christ the Saviour of sinners came
Into the world to save;
Sing His glory, His worth, His fame,
*Jesus alone can save.
No name else is given,
Search through earth and heaven—

—Jesus alone, Jesus alone,
Jesus alone can save.

Tender were His works of grace,*
Wheresoever His steps we trace,*
Death and woe dispelling,
God’s great mercy telling—

“Works of righteousness” all in vain,*
His blood cleanses from every stain,*
Now His work’s completed,
Now in glory seated—

Tears can never forgiveness gain,*
God will ever dead works disdain,*
Hear His blest voice calling,
Blessings rich are falling—