The Evangelist’s Hymnal (Section 8)

GB 55

Shall hymns of grateful love
Through heaven’s high arches ring,
And all the host above
Their songs of triumph sing;
And shall not we take up the strain,
And send the echo back again?

2 Shall every ransomed tribe
Of Adam’s scattered race,
To Christ all power ascribe,
Who saved them by His grace;
And shall not we take up the strain,
And send the echo back again?

3 Shall they adore the Lord,
Who bought them with His blood,
And all the love record
That led them home to God;
And shall not we take up the strain,
And send the echo back again?

4 Oh! spread the joyful sound,
The Saviour’s love proclaim,
And publish all around
Salvation through His name;
And shall not we take up the strain,
And send the echo back again?

GHC 108  P.M.

Shall we gather at His coming,
When the dead in Christ arise?
Shall we hear the Saviour’s summons
To His home beyond the skies?

Yes, we’ll gather at His coming—
His glorious, His glorious coming;
Gather with the saints at His coming,
If cleansed by the Saviour’s blood.

2 Daily nearer draws His coming—
This makes all His own rejoice;
Who are they that fear to meet Him?
Such as now love not His voice.

3 When the Saviour at His coming
Shall His own in glory bring,
Will you be among the number?
Will you too His praises sing?

4 Ere the day of Jesus’ coming
Seek His pardon free to know;
Be your stains of sin as scarlet,
He will make you white as snow.

Good T. 173  P.M.

She only touched the hem of His garment,
As to His side she stole,
Amid the crowd that gathered around Him,
And straightway she was whole.

Oh, touch the hem of His garment,
And you, too, shall be freed;
His saving power this very hour
Shall give new life indeed!

2 She came in fear and trembling before Him,
She knew her Lord had come;
She felt that from Him virtue had healed her:
The mighty deed was done.

3 He turned with “Daughter, be of good comfort,
Your faith has made you whole,”
And peace that passes all understanding
With gladness filled her soul.

Good T. 174  P.M.

Simply trusting every day,
Trusting through a stormy way;
Even when my faith is small,
Trusting Jesus, that is all.

Trusting as the moments fly,
Trusting as the days go by;
Trusting Him whate’er befall,
Trusting Jesus that is all.

2 Brightly doth His Spirit shine
Into this poor heart of mine;
While He leads I cannot fall,
Trusting Jesus, that is all.

3 Singing, if my way be clear;
Praying, if the path be drear;
If in danger, for Him call;
Trusting Jesus, that is all.

4 Trusting Him while life shall last,
Trusting Him till earth be passed,
Till within the jasper wall;
Trusting Jesus, that is all.

Red 368

Since Christ my soul from sin set free,
This earth has been like heav’n to me,
And ’mid earth’s sorrows and its woe,
’Tis heav’n my Jesus here to know.

Oh! hallelujah, yes, ’tis heav’n,
’Tis heav’n, to know my sins forgiv’n;
On land or sea what matters where,
Where Jesus is, ’tis heav’n there.

2 Once heaven seemed a far-off place,
Till Jesus showed His smiling face;
Now it’s begun within my soul,
’Twill last while endless ages roll.

3 What matter where on earth we dwell?
On mountain top or in the dell?
In cottage or in mansion fair,
Where Jesus is, ’tis heaven there.

GHC 111 + Chorus

Sing the Saviour’s praises! Oh redeemed ones sing!
Jesus loves you, died your souls to save.
Gladly then thanksgiving to your Saviour bring;
Out of love to you, Himself He gave.

Praise Him! Praise Him for His wondrous love,
Praise Him! Praise Him! till in heaven above
All his ransomed people, whom His love set free,
Praise Him through a glad eternity.

2 Sing the Saviour’s praises! Oh redeemed ones sing!
For He listens to your feeble song.
Hearts and voices freely to His service bring;
All you have and are to Him belong.

3 Sing the Saviour’s praises! Oh redeemed ones sing!
High exalted now at God’s right hand.
Angel hosts adore Him, yet your voices bring
Gladness to the heart redemption planned.

Good T. 175  P.M.

Sing them over again to me,
Wonderful words of life;
Let me more of their beauty see,
Wonderful words of life;
Words of life and beauty,
Teach me faith and duty.

Beautiful words, wonderful words;
Wonderful words of life.
Beautiful words, wonderful words;
Wonderful words of life.

2 Christ the blessèd One gives to all
Wonderful words of life;
Sinner list to the loving call,
Wonderful words of life;
All so freely given,
Wooing us to heaven.

3 Sweetly echo the gospel call,
Wonderful words of life;
Offer pardon and peace to all,
Wonderful words of life;
Jesus, only Saviour,
Sanctify for ever!

Omit this hymn???????LH
SS&S 345  8.7. (thee?)

Sinner, how your heart is troubled!
God is coming very near;
Do not hide your deep emotion,
Do not check that falling tear.

Oh be saved, His grace is free!
Oh be saved, He died for you!
Oh be saved, He died for you! ------thee????

2 Jesus now is looking on you, ----for???
Jesus lowly, meek, and mild:
To the Friend who died to save you,
Will you not be reconciled?

3 Are you waiting till the morrow?
You might never see its light;
Come at once! accept His mercy:
He is waiting—come to-night.

4 With a lowly contrite spirit,
Kneeling at the Saviour’s feet,
You can feel, this very moment,
Pardon—precious, pure, and sweet.

5 Let the angels bear the tidings
Upward to the courts of heaven,
Let them muse with holy rapture,
O’er another soul forgiven!

EH 353  7.s.

Sinners Jesus will receive:
Sound this word of grace to all
Who the heavenly pathway leave,
All who linger, all who fall!

Sing it o’er and o’er again:
Christ receiv . . eth sinful men!
Make the mes . . . age clear and plain:
Christ receiveth sinful men!

2 Come, and He will give you rest;
Trust Him, for His word is plain;
He will take the sinfullest—
Christ receiveth sinful men.

3 Now my heart condemns me not,
Free from claim of law I stand;
He who cleansed me from all spot
Satisfied its last demand.

4 Christ receiveth sinful men!
Even me with all my sin;
Purged from every spot and stain
Heaven with Him I enter in.

GT 154  P.M. (v3 thee?)

Softly and tenderly, Jesus is calling,
Calling for you and for me;
Patiently Jesus is waiting and watching,
Watching for you and for me.

Come home . . .Come home . . .
You who are weary, come home!
Earnestly, tenderly, Jesus is calling,
Calling, O sinner, come home!

2 Why should we tarry when Jesus is pleading,
Pleading for you and for me?
Why should we linger and heed not His mercy?
Mercy for you and for me.

3 Time is now fleeting, the moments are passing,
Passing for you and for me;
Shadows are fading and Jesus is coming,
Say, is He coming for thee?
Yes, He is coming for me.---LH
Coming for you is it true? & 2nd line-me & you-----Spons

4 Wonderful, wonderful love He has promised,
Promised for you and for me;
Though we have sinned He has mercy and pardon,
Pardon for you and for me.

GT 155  L.M.D.

Sometimes my heart o’erflows with song,
And then to others how I long
To tell the Saviour’s love to me
That made me His eternally.

For I am saved, with Christ to be,
The Son of God who lovèd me.
For I am saved, with Christ to be,
The Son of God who lovèd me.

2 Sometimes my heart is sore distressed,
And all around is but unrest.
But oh, His changeless love to me,
My joy and rest shall ever be.

3 Sometimes my thoughts to mansions soar,
Where I shall dwell for evermore,
Yes, ’tis His wondrous love to me
Which makes those mansions dear to me.

Can we omit this hymn??????LH
SV 105

Sowing in the morning, sowing seeds of kindness,
Sowing in the noon-tide and the dewy eves;
Waiting for the harvest, and the time of reaping
We shall come rejoicing, bringing in the sheaves.

Bringing in the sheaves, bringing in the sheaves,
We shall come rejoicing, bringing in the sheaves.
Bringing in the sheaves, bringing in the sheaves,
We shall come rejoicing, bringing in the sheaves.

2 Sowing in the sunshine, sowing in the shadows,
Fearing neither clouds nor winter’s chilling breeze;
By and by the harvest, and the labour ended,
We shall come rejoicing, bringing in the sheaves.

3 Go, then, ever weeping, sowing for the Master,
Tho’ the loss sustain’d our spirit often grieves;
When our weeping’s over He will bid us welcome,
We shall come rejoicing, bringing in the sheaves.

Can we omit this hymn??????LH
EH 355  P.M.

Sowing the seed by the daylight fair,
Sowing the seed by the noonday glare;
Sowing the seed by the fading light,
Sowing the seed in the solemn night:
Oh, what shall the harvest be?
Oh, what shall the harvest be?

Sown in the darkness, or sown in the light;
Sown in our weakness, for we have no might;
Gathered in time or eternity,
Sure, ah, sure, will the harvest be!

2 Sowing the seed by the wayside high,
Sowing the seed on the rocks to die;
Sowing the seed where the thorns will spoil,
Sowing the seed in the fertile soil:
Oh, what shall the harvest be?

3 Sowing the seed with an aching heart,
Sowing the seed while the tear-drops start;
Sowing the seed till the reapers come
Gladly to gather the harvest home:
Oh, what shall the harvest be?

AM 706

Stand up, and bless the Lord,
You people of His choice;
Stand up and bless the Lord your God
With heart and soul and voice.

2 Though high above all praise,
Above all blessing high,
Who would not fear His holy Name,
And laud and magnify?

3 Oh, for the living flame
From His own altar brought,
To touch our lips, our mind inspire,
And wing to heav’n our thought.

4 God is our strength and song,
And His salvation ours;
Then be His love in Christ proclaim’d
With all our ransom’d powers.

5 Stand up and bless the Lord,
The Lord your God adore;
Stand up and bless His glorious Name
Henceforth for evermore.

GT 156  7.6.

Stand up, stand up for Jesus,
You soldiers of the cross!
Lift high His royal banner,
It must not suffer loss:
From vict’ry unto vict’ry
His army shall He lead,
Till ev’ry foe is vanquished,
And Christ is Lord indeed.

Chorus not in chosen tune
Stand up . . . for Jesus,
You soldiers of the cross;
Lift high His royal banner,
It must not, it must not suffer loss:

2 Stand up, stand up for Jesus!
The trumpet-call obey;
Forth to the mighty conflict,
In this His glorious day;
“You that are men now serve Him,”
Against unnumbered foes;
Let courage rise with danger,
And strength to strength oppose.

3 Stand up, stand up for Jesus!
Stand in His strength alone;
The arm of flesh will fail you,
You dare not trust your own:
Put on the gospel armour,
And watching unto prayer,
Where duty calls or danger,
Be never wanting there.

4 Stand up, stand up for Jesus!
The strife will not be long;
This day the noise of battle,
The next the victor’s song:
To Him that overcometh
A crown of life shall be;
He with the King of glory
Shall reign eternally.

 GB 272  P.M.

Standing on the promises of Christ my Lord,
Through eternal ages let Him be adored;
Glory in the highest, I will shout abroad,
Standing on the promises of God.
Stand . . .ing, . . .stand . . .ing,
Standing on the promises of God my Saviour;
Stand . . .ing, stand . . .ing,
I’m standing on the promises of God.

2 Standing on the promises that cannot fail,
When the howling storms of doubt and fear assail;
By the living Word of God I shall prevail,
Standing on the promises of God.

3 Standing on the promises I now can see
Perfect, present cleansing in the blood for me;
Standing in the liberty where Christ makes free,
Standing on the promises of God.

4 Standing on the promises of Christ the Lord,
Bound to Him eternally by love’s strong cord,
Overcoming daily with the Spirit’s sword,
Standing on the promises of God.

5 Standing on the promises I cannot fall,
Listening every moment to the Spirit’s call,
Resting in my Saviour as my All-in-all,
Standing on the promises of God.

GB 204
Tell me the old, old story
Of unseen things above,
Of Jesus and His glory,
Of Jesus and His love:
Tell me the story simply,
As to a little child,
For I am weak and weary,
And helpless and defiled.
Tell me the old, old story,
Tell me the old, old story,
Tell me the old, old story
Of Jesus and His love.
2 Tell me the story slowly,
That I may take it in—
That wonderful redemption,
God’s remedy for sin.
Tell me the story often,
For I forget so soon;
The early dew of morning
Has passed away at noon.
3 Tell me the story softly,
With earnest tones and grave;
Remember! I’m the sinner
Whom Jesus came to save.
Tell me that story always,
If you would really be,
In any time of trouble,
A comforter to me.
4 Tell me the same old story
When you have cause to fear
That this world’s empty glory
Is costing me too dear.
Yes, and when that world’s glory
Is dawning on my soul,
Tell me the old, old story—
“Christ Jesus makes you whole.”

GB 123

Tell me the story of Jesus,
Write on my heart every word!
Tell me the story most precious,
Sweetest that ever was heard.
Tell how the angels together
Told, as they welcomed His birth,
“Glory to God in the highest,
Peace and good tidings to earth.”

Tell me the story of Jesus,
Write on my heart every word,
Tell me the story most precious,
Sweetest that ever was heard.

2 Fasting alone in the desert,
Tell of the days that He passed;
How He was tried and was tempted,
Yet was triumphant at last.
Tell of the years of His labours,
Tell of the sorrows He bore;
He was despised and afflicted,
Homeless, rejected, and poor.

3 Tell of the cross where they nailed Him,
Hanging in anguish and pain;
Tell of the grave where they laid Him;
Tell how He liveth again.
Love, in that story so tender,
Clearer than ever I see;
Glory for ever to Jesus—          ---sponsor
Love paid the ransom for me.

GT 158  P.M.

Tell out the Gospel of God from above;
Tell of the Saviour, how wondrous His love;
Sing of His vict’ry while He giveth breath,
How He has triumphed o’er sin and o’er death.

Oh, won’t somebody tell them,
Tell them of Calvary’s tree;
Tell them the story of Jesus,
What a great Saviour is He.

2 Sinners are perishing round us to-day,
Heedlessly treading the broad downward way,
Travelling on to eternity’s shore,
God’s gospel story will reach them no more.

3 Travelling onward to death and the grave,
Tell them of Him who is able to save;
Say to the weary that Christ giveth rest,
Tell to the ruined that they may be blest.

4 Yes, tell to all that though scarlet their sin,
God’s “Whosoever” takes everyone in,
Justice is witnessed in Jesus’ shed blood,
Met are the claims of the glory of God.

GT 159  P.M.

Tell out the Saviour’s fame!
Spread wide His wondrous Name!
Let every creature hear the Word:
That all, who now believe,
Eternal life receive
Through Jesus Christ, the risen Lord.

2 Come, sinners all, and hear!
Cast off your guilty fear!
Our God in grace can now proclaim
Forgiveness full and free,
And peace eternally,
For all who trust the Saviour’s Name.

3 Join, all those saved of men!
Tell it again, again!
For sinners, Christ the victory won!
Hide not the precious light,
But keep it shining bright,
Until we hear His sweet “Well done.”

GT 160

Ten thousand thanks to Jesus,
Who has our ransom paid,
Who shed His blood most precious,
And full atonement made;
Let every heart adore Him,
Let every creature sing
Ten thousand thanks to Jesus,
Our Saviour, we will bring.

Chorus not in the tune!
Ten thousand thanks to Jesus,
We’ll praise Him o’er and o’er,
And for the precious blood He shed
Ten thousand, ten thousand thousand more.

2 Ten thousand hearts to Jesus,
How gladly would we give
Ten thousand lives to Jesus,
Had we so long to live;
Ten thousand tongues shall praise Him,
Ten thousand songs ascend
To Him, our blest Redeemer,
To Him, our dearest Friend.

3 Ten thousand thanks to Jesus,
We’ll praise Him every hour;
Ten thousand times ten thousand
For love’s redeeming power;
And when we hear His welcome,
Beyond the rolling sea,
His love through endless ages
Our sweetest song shall be.

GT 161

That grand word “Whosoever” is ringing through my soul,
Whosoever will may come;
In rivers of salvation the living waters roll,
Whosoever will may come.

Oh! that “Who . . soev . . er!”
Whosoever will may come;
The Saviour’s invitation is freely sounding still,
Whosoever will may come.

2 Whenever this sweet message in God’s own Word I see,
Whosoever will may come;
I know ’tis meant for sinners, I know ’tis meant for me,
Whosoever will may come.

3 I heard the loving message and now to others say,
Whosoever will may come;
Seek now the precious Saviour, and He’ll be yours to day,
Whosoever will may come.

4 To God be all the glory! His only Son He gave,
Whosoever will may come;
And those who come believing, He’ll to the utmost save,
Whosoever will may come.

AH 139

The Bible tells of Jesus’ wondrous love,
Which brought Him down from that bright home above;
Down to this world of sin and misery
Came Jesus Christ, Who gave Himself for me.

2 Lonely and weary was the path He trod;
Scorned and rejected was the Son of God.
Teaching and healing, into Galilee
Came Jesus Christ, Who gave Himself for me.

3 “Came to His own”—His own received Him not;
No room for Him Who had salvation brought.
Men cast Him out, and so to Calvary
Came Jesus Christ, Who gave Himself for me.

4 So Jesus died—His precious blood was shed,
But soon the Father raised Him from the dead,
And on a throne of brightest majesty
Sits Jesus Christ, Who gave Himself for me.

5 Soon He will come, and all who’ve known His love
Shall go to be with Him and live above.
This be my song, through all eternity,
To Jesus Christ, Who gave Himself for me.

SH 209

The Bible tells us Jesus came
From glory bright and fair—
God’s perfect, sinless, spotless Lamb,
His mercy to declare.

2 The Bible tells us Jesus died,
A sacrifice for sin,
The gates of heaven to open wide,
That we may enter in.

3 The Bible tells us Jesus rose,
And left the silent grave,
Triumphant over all His foes,
The mighty One to save.

4 The Bible tells us He will come,
And take His saints away,
To dwell with Him in His sweet home
Through everlasting day.

5 The Bible tells us He will reign
O’er all the earth, e’er long,
When heaven and earth shall wake the strain
Of one eternal song.

6 The Bible tells us all may come
And drink at mercy’s stream;
That Jesus soon will share His home
With all who trust in Him.

SS&S 510  10.8.

The dear old story of a Saviour’s love
Is sweeter as the days go by;
The glad assurance of a home above
Is sweeter as the days go by.

We’ll fill . . . the days with joyful praise;
We’ll sing as the happy moments fly; . . .
The song of love to Him above
Grows sweeter as the days go by.

2 The sunbeams shining from the living Light
Are brighter as the days go by;
The stars of promise cheering sorrow’s night
Are brighter as the days go by.

3 Hope’s anchor holding in the stormy strife,
Is stronger as the days go by;
We feel the throbbings of eternal life
Grow stronger as the days go by.

4 The peace that Jesus gives to us anew
Is deeper as the days go by;
The prospects opening to the Christian’s view
Are grander as the days go by.

EH 368  P.M.
The gospel bells are ringing,
Over land, from sea to sea;
Blessèd news of free salvation
Do they offer you and me.
“For God so loved the world,
That His only Son He gave!
Whosoe’er believeth in Him
Everlasting life shall have.”
Gospel bells! . . . how they ring, . . .
Over land from sea to sea!
Gospel bells . . . freely bring . . .
Blessèd news to you and me.
2 The gospel bells are joyful,
As they echo far and wide,
Bearing notes of perfect pardon
Through a Saviour crucified:
“Good tidings of great joy
To all people do I bring—
Unto you is born a Saviour,
Which is Christ, the Lord and King.”
3 The gospel bells invite us
To a feast prepared for all;
Do not slight the invitation,
Nor reject the gracious call.
“I am the Bread of life;
Eat of Me, you hungry soul:
Though your sins be red as crimson,
They shall be as white as wool.”
4 The gospel bells give warning,
As they sound from day to day,
Of the fate which does await them
Who for ever will delay.
“Escape now for your life!
Tarry not in all the plain;
Nor behind you look, Oh, never,
Lest you be consumed in pain.”

EH 369

The gospel is of God
To magnify His Son,
For Jesus Christ, our Lord,
By power God’s will has done:
By power He crushed the serpent’s head,
By power God raised Him from the dead,
By power God raised Him from the dead.

2 The Holy Spirit came
On Jesus from above;
Not “whirlwind” then, nor “flame”—
“Descending like a dove;”
And lo! from heaven the Father’s voice
Owned Him in whom He does rejoice.

3 The Saviour Christ the Lord
’Mid guilty sinners came,
Maintained the truth of God,
Bore grief, reproach, and shame
Unwearied in His love, His grace,
He took the guilty sinner’s place.

4 Alone, upon His cross,
God’s judgment Jesus bore,
He paid in full the cost
Of glory evermore:
His precious blood was freely shed,
And Jesus crushed the serpent’s head!

5 By resurrection now
God does His rights declare,
Let men and angels bow
To Jesus everywhere:
For to “this Man,” God’s Son, is given
All power on earth, all power in heaven.

EH 370 Same tune as previous hymn

The Gospel of Thy grace
My stubborn heart has won;
For God so loved the world,
He gave His only Son,
That “Whosoever will believe
Shall everlasting life receive!”

2 The serpent “lifted up”
Could life and healing give,
So Jesus on the cross
Once died that we might live:
For “Whosoever will believe
Shall everlasting life receive!”

3 “The soul that sins will dies!”
My awful doom I heard,
I was for ever lost
But for Thy gracious word,
That “Whosoever will believe
Shall everlasting life receive!”

4 “Not to condemn the world”
The “Man of Sorrows” came;
But that the world might have
Salvation through His name:
For “Whosoever will believe
Shall everlasting life receive!”

5 “Lord, help my unbelief!”
Be mine the peace of faith,
To rest with childlike trust
On what Thy gospel says,
That “Whosoever will believe
Shall everlasting life receive!”

Good T 190   L.M.

The great atoning work is done,
And God’s well pleasèd with His Son;
The vilest now that breathes the air
May come to Him without despair.

2 “’Tis finished” look! the Saviour cried
When on the cross He bowed and died;
“’Tis finished,” let our hearts proclaim,
And sing rejoicing in His name.

3 “’Tis finished,” for the Lamb, once slain,
Is raised to God’s right hand again;
And those who in His name believe
He’ll shortly to Himself receive.

4 This is enough, ’tis all we need:
The Lord of life is ris’n indeed;
Through Him we every blessing gain,
Who lived and died and rose again.

5 Coming with all our worthlessness,
We find in Him both life and peace;
So shall our joy and boasting be
In Him who died upon the tree.

SS 285    C.M.

The head that once was crowned with thorns,
Is crowned with glory now;
Heaven’s royal diadem adorns
The mighty Victor’s brow.

2 Thou glorious Light of courts above,
Joy of the saints below,
To us still manifest Thy love,
That we its depths may know.

3 To us Thy cross with all its shame,
With all its grace be given;
Though earth disowns Thy lowly name.
God honours it in Heaven.

4 Who suffer with Thee, Lord, below,
Shall reign with Thee above:
Then let it be our joy to know
This way of peace and love.

5 To us Thy cross is life and health;
’Twas shame and death to Thee;
Our present glory, joy and wealth,
Our everlasting stay.

GT 167

The King of love my Shepherd is,
Whose goodness faileth never;
I nothing lack if I am His,
And He is mine forever.

2 Where streams of living water flow
My ransomed soul He leadeth;
And, where the verdant pastures grow,
With food celestial feedeth.

3 Perverse and foolish oft I strayed,
But yet in love He sought me,
And on His shoulder gently laid,
And home rejoicing brought me.

4 In death’s dark vale I fear no ill
With Thee, dear Lord, beside me,
Thy rod and staff my comfort still,
Thy cross before to guide me.

5 And so, through all the length of days,
Thy goodness faileth never:
Good Shepherd, I shall sing Thy praise
Within Thy house for ever.

EH 374     6-8’s

The Lamb was slain, His precious blood
On Calv’ry’s awful tree was shed;
He for the guilty sinner stood,
And bore the judgement in his stead;
He has made peace, He has made peace,
And now He lives, who once was dead.

2 Proclaimer of that peace to all,
He tells of full, unmingled grace;
To high and low, who hear the call,
To old and young, of Adam’s race,
He preaches peace,
And love divine shines in His face.

3 Behold Him now exalted high!
Upon the throne He took his seat;
Oh wondrous grace that we, brought nigh,
And in Him seated, are complete!
He is our peace,
Who for the light “hath made us meet.”

Good T 192

The Lord of love and righteousness
Still cries to sinful men
To heed His word, their sins confess
To Him whose loving tenderness
Has called again, again.

2 The love of God in Him appears,
Who bore sin’s weight and pain;
The cross of Christ, His blood and tears
Shed once to quell man’s guilty fears,
Still call again, again.

3 God in His love the Saviour sent,
That grace, not death, might reign;
Dark Calv’ry saw His chastisement;
And He who there His life-blood spent,
Yet calls again, again.

4 The night draws on of deepest woes,
For those who Christ disdain.
The door, long wide, at last shall close,
And those shut out, with all His foes,
Will call in vain, in vain.

S.S. 299        C.M.

The Lord’s my Shepherd, I’ll not want:
He makes me down to lie
In pastures green; He leadeth me
The quiet waters by.

2 My soul He doth restore again:
And me to walk doth make
Within the paths of righteousness,
E’en for His own Name’s sake.

3 Yes, though I walk in death’s dark vale,
Yet will I fear no ill:
For Thou art with me; and Thy rod
And staff me comfort still.

4 My table Thou hast furnishèd
In presence of my foes;
My head Thou dost with oil anoint,
And my cup overflows.

5 Goodness and mercy all my life
Shall surely follow me;
And in God’s house for evermore
My dwelling-place shall be.

EH 378 L.M.

The love of God is righteous love,
Inscribed upon Golgotha’s tree;
Love that exacts the sinner’s debt,
Yet, in exacting, sets him free.

Oh, wondrous love! for sinners giv’n,
To save from hell, and bring to heaven
Oh tell the virtues all abroad
Of Love divine—the Love of God.

2 Love that condemns the sinner’s sin,
Yet, in condemning, pardon seals;
That saves from righteous wrath, and yet,
In saving, righteousness reveals.

3 No, not the love without the blood;
That were to me no love at all:
It could not reach my sinful soul,
Nor hush the fears that me appal.

4 I need the love, I need the blood;
I need the grace, the cross, the grave;
I need the resurrection power,
A soul like mine to purge and save.

5 This is the love that stills my fears,
That soothes each conscious pang within,
That pacifies my troubled heart,
And frees me from the power of sin.

GB 153

The love that Jesus had for me,
To suffer on the cruel tree,
That I a ransomed soul might be,
Is more than tongue can tell!

His love is more than tongue can tell! . . .
His love is more than tongue can tell! . . .
The love that Jesus had for me
Is more than tongue can tell!

2 The bitter sorrow that He bore,
And, oh, the crown of thorns He wore,
That I might live for evermore,
Is more than tongue can tell!

3 The peace I have in Him, my Lord,
Who pleads before the throne of God
The merit of His precious blood,
Is more than tongue can tell!

4 The joy that comes when He is near,
The rest He gives, so free from fear.
The hope in Him, so bright and clear,
Is more than tongue can tell!

EH 381  7.6.

The One who healed the leper
Is looking on you now;
But though your case discerning
No frown is on His brow.
Not all your sin’s dark story
Can turn away His love;
’Twas need like yours which brought Him
Down from His throne above.

2 The One who touched the leper
Was undefiled by sin;
As God, for ever holy—
As Man, all pure within.
Behold His grace and goodness
In every action shine;
His words and ways expressing
Both light and love divine!

3 The One who cleansed the leper
Can surely make you clean;
His blood outweighs the utmost,
Whate’er your guilt has been.
Oh, doubt not He is willing,
But take Him at His word;
Without the “If,” exclaiming
“Thou wilt, Thou can’st, O Lord!”

EH 382  L.M.

The perfect righteousness of God
Is witnessed in the Saviour’s blood;
’Tis in the cross of Christ we trace
His righteousness, yet wondrous grace.

2 God could not pass the sinner by,
His sin demands that he must die;
But in the cross of Christ we see
How God can save, yet righteous be.

3 The sin alights on Jesus’ head,
’Tis in His blood sin’s debt is paid;
Stern justice can demand no more,
And mercy can dispense her store.

4 The sinner who believes is free,
Can say, “The Saviour died for me:”
Can point to the atoning blood,
And say, “This made my peace with God.”

EH 383  7.6. (v2 thee?)

The “precious blood” of Jesus
Is everything to me,
It tells me of salvation,
Of pardon, full and free.
I know that I’m forgiven
All through that precious blood;
I’m on my way to heaven,
And I have peace with God!

2 Peace for the guilty conscience,
Peace for the heart opprest;
The precious blood of Jesus
Alone can give you rest.
Where are you, careless sinner?
Oh let me counsel bring;
The storm of wrath is coming,
To Jesus you must cling.

3 Oh, may the Holy Spirit
Your lost condition show;
There is one place of shelter
Amid earth’s sin and woe,—
One only place of safety
From the o’erwhelming flood,
One spot where God can meet you,—
’Tis underneath the blood!

4 My never-changing Saviour
Thou “faithful” art and “true,”
Help me to tell the “story,”
So “old,” yet ever new!
The “precious blood” that “cleanses”
Still all my theme shall be,
Until that wondrous moment
When, Lord, Thy face I see!

GT  174  P.M.

The Saviour died; His precious blood
Secures the sinner’s pardon;
Oh! at His feet lay down your load,
And leave your heavy burden.

Let us now our praises bring,
Loud His worth and glory sing,
With His praise let heaven ring;
Jesus, precious Jesus.

2 He speaks! Oh! in His word confide;
“Your sins are all forgiven.”
“All that believe are justified,”
Made meet to dwell in heaven;.

3 He lives! His people’s cause to plead,
To shield them from temptation;
He lives to meet their every need,
And give them full salvation.

4 He loves! we wander from the fold,
And many times we leave Him;
But love like His can ne’er grow cold,
Though often we may grieve Him.

5 He comes! the midnight cry is heard,
Oh! go you out to meet Him,
“That blessed hope” no more deferred,
His saints with joy shall greet Him.

AH 34 Use tune 'Rachel'

The Saviour has died to redeem you,
To pardon He shows you the way;
With tender compassion He loves you:
Oh, will you not love Him to-day?

Yield to Him now, Oh, yield to Him now!
While still He is calling to-day!
Yield to Him now, Oh, Yield to Him now!
Oh, will you not yield while you may?

2 The Spirit is tenderly pleading,
He waits to give strength in the way;
He pleads with you now to be yielding:
Oh, will you not heed Him to-day?

3 Then hasten, for time is fast speeding,
There’s hope only promised to-day.
To-morrow His grace may be ending:
Oh, will you not take Him to-day?

4 Yield now to the Saviour who loves you,
For how can you longer delay?
He patiently waits to receive you:
Oh, will you not trust Him to-day?

EH 386

The Saviour, Jesus, left the skies,
The heavens, His home above;
He died, was buried, did arise,
To tell God’s love!

2 ’Twas God’s great love sent forth His Son
For sinners once to die,
That hopeless ones, far off, undone,
Might be brought nigh.

3 For sins He yielded up His breath,
That He the lost might save;
He took the deadly sting from death—
He spoiled the grave.

4 ’Twas “for our sins” the Lamb was slain,
The Lord was crucified;
He died, was buried, rose again,
Is glorified!

5 God raised Him from among the dead;
Of Cephas He was seen,
Yes, seen of hundreds, and, ’tis said,
“Of angels seen.”

6 Yes, Jesus is the Mighty God,
The Holy Son of Man;
None other name is told abroad
In God’s great plan.

7 He bears the glory evermore,
Who bore the cross of shame;
His suff’rings now for sin are o’er:
We praise His Name!

EH 387   L.M.

The Saviour lives! no more to die!
He lives, our Head, enthroned on high;
He lives triumphant o’er the grave;
He lives eternally to save!

2 He lives to still His people’s fears;
He lives to wipe away their tears;
He lives their mansions to prepare;
He lives to bring them safely there.

3 The chief of sinners He receives;
His saints He loves, and never leaves;
He’ll guard us safe from every ill,
And all His promises fulfil.

4 Then let our souls in Him rejoice,
And sing His praise with cheerful voice;
Our doubts and fears for ever gone,
For Christ is on the Father’s throne.

EH 389   C.M.

The Son of God, who dwelt in light
Unreached by mortal eye,
Came forth as man the foe to fight,
And won the victory.

2 In perfect light was sin laid bare,
And met its utmost due;
While perfect love in triumph there
Revealed salvation too.

3 Who but the sinless One could be
Sin-offering meet for God?
And who in heaven or earth but He
Could cleanse me with His blood?

4 To save the sinner Jesus came,
To set the captive free;
And now my willing lips proclaim
What He has done for me.

5 His finished work is all my trust,
And now He lives above,
Eternal proof that God is just
In all this way of love.

6 Delivered from the wrath to come,
I soon shall see His face;
And praise, in God’s eternal home,
The riches of His grace.

EH 392

The wanderer no more will roam,
The lost one to the fold hath come,
The prodigal is welcomed home,
O Lamb of God, through Thee!

2 Though clothed in rags, by sin defiled,
The father did embrace his child;
And I am pardoned, reconciled,
O Lamb of God, in Thee!

3 It is the Father’s joy to bless,
His love has found for me a dress,
A robe of spotless righteousness,
O Lamb of God, in Thee!

4 And now my famished soul is fed,
A feast of love for me is spread,
I feed upon the children’s bread,
O Lamb of God, in Thee!

5 Yes, in the fulness of His grace,
God put me in the children’s place,
Where I may gaze upon His face,
O Lamb of God, in Thee!

6 Not half His love can I express;
Yet, Lord, with joy my lips confess
This blessed portion I possess,
O Lamb of God, in Thee!

7 The precious name it is I bear,
In Thee I am to God brought near,
And all the Father’s love I share,
O Lamb of God, in Thee!

8 And when I in Thy likeness shine,
The glory and the praise be Thine,
That everlasting joy is mine,
O Lamb of God, in Thee!