The Evangelist’s Hymnal (Section 10)

GS11 22  

Wandering far from God I found myself one weary day
In a wilderness of sin; . . .
Carelessly partaking of the husks I had found,
Vainly seeking peace within.

I am ever so glad that He sought me, . . . .
He sought me, . .
He sought me, . .
I am ever so glad that He sought me, . . .
To make me His very own;
From the glory of heaven He willingly came,
Thinking not of Himself but my sinning and shame,
I am ever so glad that He found me, . . .
And made me His very own.

2 Could I not find peace and joy and freedom from sin,
If to Jesus I but turned?
Would He enter fully into my wretched heart,
If I ceas’d His love to spurn?

3 Save me now, I call to Thee for pardon dear Lord,
Take away my ev’ry sin; . . .
Let the cleansing blood that flow’d from Thy riven side,
Wash me now and make me clean.

4 Happy is the one who finds Thy pard’ning grace,
And the pow’r of Thy great name;...
What a joy when I shall see Thee face to... face,
And shout " Behold the Lamb.”

Red 81

Was it for me, for me alone,
The Saviour left His glorious throne,
The dazzling splendours of the sky?
Was it for me He came to die?

It was for me,...yes, all for me,...
O love of God,... so great, so free,...
O wondrous love,...I’ll shout and sing,...
He died for me,... to Him I’ll cling.

2 Was it for me sweet angel strains ????????????????
Came floating o’er Judea’s plains,
That starlit night so long ago?
Was it for me God planned it so?

3 Was it for me the Saviour said,
“Pillow your weary, aching head,
Trustingly on Thy Saviour’s breast?”
Was it for me? Can I thus rest?

4 Was it for me He wept and prayed,
My load of sin before Him laid
That night within Gethsemane?
Was it for me, that agony?

5 Was it for me He bowed His head
Upon the cross, and freely shed
His precious blood—that crimson tide?
Was it for me the Saviour died?

EH 441 P.M.

We are glad we ever heard the blessed news
How that Jesus died to pay our mighty dues,
And that God has said He never will refuse
Those who trust in Jesus’ blood.

Blessed news! joyful news! Sound the joyful tidings forth!
Blessed news! joyful news! Sound the joyful tidings forth! . . repeat???
We are glad we ever heard the joyful news
How that Jesus died to pay our mighty dues,
And that God has said He never will refuse
Those who trust in Jesus’ blood.

2 And God is telling forth, both far and wide,
The healing virtues of the crimson tide,
That flowed in sovereign grace from Jesus’ side,
For all who will believe.

3 Oh! what love of God to send Him from on high,
Oh! what love of Jesus thus to bleed and die,
Oh, what love we owe for pardon brought so nigh,
Through faith in Jesus’ blood!

4 Now, if you this wondrous love of God believe,
Then the gift of life eternal you’ll receive,
And a pardon of all sins you now shall have,
Through faith in Jesus’ blood.

EH 442 S.7.

We have found a friend in Jesus,
Who has bought us with His blood;
Jesus loved us, Hallelujah!
Jesus loves us, He’s our Friend.

Let us sing aloud His praises,
He will love us to the end.

2 All our sin He once lay under,
Died for us upon the tree;
But He burst death’s bars asunder,—
Set the ransomed prisoners free.

3 Who so full of love as Jesus
Christ, the sinners’ faithful friend?
On His breast of love He bears us,
As we on His strength depend.

4 Strong and mighty, He defends us.
He who conquered death and hell;
In the conflict He attends us,
Sin nor Satan shall prevail.

5 On to glory we are hasting,
Through these waste and stranger lands;
His is friendship everlasting,
None shall pluck us from His hands.

GOOD T 220 P.M.

We have heard the joyful sound:
Jesus saves! Jesus saves!
Tell the message all around:
Jesus saves! Jesus saves!
Bear the news to every land,
Climb the steeps and cross the waves;
Onward!—’tis our Lord’s command:
*Jesus saves! Jesus saves!

2 Waft it on the rolling tide:*
Say to sinners far and wide,*
Sing, you islands of the sea;
Echo back, you ocean caves;
Earth shall keep her jubilee:*

3 Sing above the toil and strife,*
By His death and endless life*
Sing it softly through the gloom,
When the heart for mercy craves;
Sing in triumph o’er the tomb,*

4 Give the winds a mighty voice*:
Let the nations now rejoice,*
Shout salvation full and free
To every strand that ocean laves;
This our song of victory,*

EH 443 P.M.

We know there’s a bright and a glorious home
Away in the heavens high,
Where all the redeemed shall with Jesus dwell;
But will you be there, and I?

Will you be there, and I?
Will you be there, and I?
Where all the redeemed shall with Jesus dwell:
But will you be there, and I?

2 In robes of white, o’er the streets of gold,
Beneath a cloudless sky,
They walk in the light of their Father’s smile:
But will you be there, and I?

3 From every kingdom of earth they come
To join the triumphal cry,
Singing, “Worthy the Lamb that once was slain:”
But will you be there, and I?

4 If you take the loving Saviour now,
Who for sinners once did die,
When He gathers His own in that bright home—
Then you’ll be there, and I.

5 If we are sheltered by the cross,
And through the blood brought nigh,
Our utmost gain we’ll count but loss,
Since you’ll be there, and I.

EH 444  P.M.

We praise Thee, O God, for the Son of Thy love,
For Jesus who died, and is now gone above.

Hallelujah! Thine the glory!
Hallelujah! Amen!
Hallelujah Thine the glory!
Revive us again!

2 We praise Thee, O God, for Thy Spirit of light,
Who has shown us our Saviour, and illumined our night.

3 All glory and praise to the Lamb that was slain,
Who has borne all our sins, and has cleansed every stain.

4 All glory and praise to the God of all grace,
Who has bought us and sought us, and guided our ways.

5 Revive us again, fill each heart with Thy love,
May each soul be rekindled with love from above.

6 Revive us again, rouse the lost from their sleep!
May they now come to Jesus, as one of His sheep.

GOOD T 222 6.8s.

We saw Thee not when Thou didst come
To this poor world of sin and death,
Nor e’er beheld Thy cottage-home
In that despised Nazareth;
But we believe Thy footsteps trod
Its streets and plains, Thou Son of God.

2 We did not see Thee lifted high
Amid that wild and savage crew,
Nor heard Thy meek, imploring cry,
“Forgive, they know not what they do”;
Yet we believe the deed was done
Which shook the earth and veiled the sun.

3 We stood not by the empty tomb
Where late Thy sacred body lay,
Nor sat within that upper room,
Nor met Thee in the open way;
But we believe that angels said,
“Why seek the living with the dead?”

4 We did not mark the chosen few
When Thou didst in the cloud ascend,
First lift to heaven their wondering view,
Then to the earth all prostrate bend;
Yet we believe that mortal eyes
From that far mountain saw Thee rise.

5 And now that Thou dost reign on high,
And thence Thy waiting people bless,
No ray of glory from the sky
Doth shine upon our wilderness;
But we believe Thy faithful word
And trust in our redeeming Lord.

EH 445    L.M. ?

We sing the praise of Him who died,
Of Him who died upon the cross,
The sinner’s hope! let men deride;
For this we count the world but loss.

2 Inscribed upon the cross we see,
In shining letters “God is love!”
The Lamb who died upon the tree
Has brought us mercy from above.

3 The cross, it took our guilt away,
It holds the fainting spirit up;
It cheers with hope the gloomy day,
And sweetens every bitter cup.

4 It makes the coward spirit brave,
And nerves the feeble arm for fight;
It takes its terror from the grave,
And gilds the bed of death with light.

5 The balm of life, the cure of woe,
The measure and the pledge of love,
The sinner’s refuge here below,
The theme of praise in heaven above!

EH  446   8’s (v1 thee?)

We speak of the mercy of God,
So boundless, so rich, and so true;
But what will it profit your soul
Unless ’tis relied on by you?

2 We speak of salvation and love,
By the Father in Jesus made known;
But if you would live unto God,
By faith you must make it your own.

3 We speak of the Saviour’s dear name,
By which God can sinners receive;
Yet still are you lost and undone
Unless in that name you’ll believe.

4 We speak of the blood of the Lamb,
Which frees from pollution and sin;
But its virtues by you must be proved,
Or you will be ever unclean.

EH 454      P.M.

Weeping will not save me!
Tho’ my face were bathed in tears,
That could not allay my fears,
Could not wash the sins of years:
Weeping will not save me!

Jesus wept and died for me,
Jesus suffered on the tree,
Jesus waits to make me free:
He alone can save me!

2 Working will not save me!
Purest deeds that I can do,
Holiest thoughts and feelings too,
Cannot form my soul anew:
Working will not save me!

3 Waiting will not save me!
Helpless, guilty, lost, I lie;
In my ear is mercy’s cry;
If I wait, I can but die:
Waiting will not save me!

4 Faith in Christ will save me!
Let me trust God’s blessed Son,
Trust the work that He has done;
To His arms, Lord, help me run:
Faith in Christ will save me!.

EH 452     P.M.

We’re travelling home to heaven above;
Will you go? Will you go?
To sing the Saviour’s dying love;
Will you go? Will you go?
Millions have reached that blessed shore,
Their trials and labours all are o’er,
But still there’s room for millions more:
*Will you go? Will you go?

2 We there shall see the Saviour’s face;*
And sing the triumphs of His grace;*
Our sun will then no more go down,
All clouds for ever be withdrawn,
Our days of mourning ever gone:*

3 We there shall walk the plains of light;*
Far, far from death , and curse, and night;
The crown of light we then shall wear,
The conqueror’s palm we then shall bear,
And all the joys of heaven share:*

4 Oh, could I hear some sinner say,
*“I will go!”
And singing on his heavenly way*
And to his old companions say,
O come to Jesus Christ to-day!
He is the life, the truth, the way;
Will you go?

SS 306  

What a friend we have in Jesus
All our sins and griefs to bear!
What a privilege to carry
Everything to God in prayer!
Oh, what peace we often forfeit!
Oh, what needless pain we bear!
All because we do not carry
Everything to God in prayer.

2 Have we trials and temptations?
Is there trouble anywhere?
We should never be discouraged;
Take it to the Lord in prayer.
Can we find a Friend so faithful
Who will all our sorrows share?
Jesus knows our every weakness;
Take it to the Lord in prayer.

3 Are we weak and heavy-laden,
Cumbered with a load of care?
Precious Saviour, still our refuge—
Take it to the Lord in prayer;
Do your friends despise, forsake you?
Take it to the Lord in prayer;
In His arms He’ll take and shield you,
You will find a solace there.

AH 378

What a wonderful change in my life has been wrought
Since Jesus came into my heart!
I have light in my soul which so long I had sought,
Since Jesus came into my heart!

Since Jesus came into my heart,
Since Jesus came into my heart,
Floods of joy o’er my soul like the sea billows roll
Since Jesus came into my heart!

2 I have ceased from my wand’ring and going astray,
Since Jesus came into my heart!
And my sins which were many are all washed away
Since Jesus came into my heart!

3 I’m possessed of a hope that is steadfast and sure,
Since Jesus came into my heart!
And no dark clouds of doubt now my pathway obscure,
Since Jesus came into my heart!

4 There’s a light in the valley of Death now for me,
Since Jesus came into my heart!
And the gates of the City beyond I can see,
Since Jesus came into my heart!

5 I shall go there to dwell in the City I know,
Since Jesus came into my heart!
And I’m happy, so happy as onward I go
Since Jesus came into my heart.

EH 458  7.8.

What can wash away my stain?
Nothing but the blood of Jesus!
What can make me whole again?
*Nothing but the blood of Jesus!

Oh, precious is the flow,
That makes me white as snow!
No other fount I know,
Nothing but the blood of Jesus!

2 For my cleansing this I see,*
For my pardon this my plea.*

3 Nothing can for sin atone,*
Nought of good that I have done.*

4 This is all my hope and peace,*
He is all my righteousness.*

EH 461  6-8.s
What means this eager, anxious throng,
Which pass with busy haste along?
These wondrous gatherings day by day—
What means this strange commotion, pray?
In accents hushed we make reply,
“Jesus of Nazareth passeth by.”

2 Who is this Jesus? Why should He
The city move so mightily?
A passing stranger, has He skill
To move the multitude at will?
Again the stirring tones reply,
“Jesus of Nazareth passeth by.”

3 Jesus! ’tis He who once below
Man’s pathway trod ’mid pain and woe;
And burdened hearts, where’er He came,
Brought out their sick, and deaf, and lame.
The blind rejoiced to hear the cry,
“Jesus of Nazareth passeth by.”

4 Again He comes! From place to place
His holy footprints we can trace:
He pauseth at our threshold—nay,
He enters, condescends to stay.
Shall we not gladly raise the cry,
“Jesus of Nazareth passeth by”?

5 Ho, all you heavy-laden, come!
Here’s pardon, comfort, rest, and home;
You wanderers from the Father’s face,
Return, accept His proffered grace.
You tempted ones, there’s refuge nigh—
“Jesus of Nazareth passeth by.”

6 But if you still His call refuse,
And dare such wondrous love abuse,
Soon will He sadly from you turn,
Your bitter prayer for pardon spurn.
“Too late! too late!” will be the cry—
Jesus of Nazareth has passed by.

EH 464  8.s.

“What think you of Christ?” is the test
To try both your state and your scheme;
You cannot be right in the rest
Unless you think rightly of Him.
As Jesus appears in your view,—
As He is belovèd or not;
So God is disposèd to you,
And mercy or wrath is your lot.

2 Some take Him a creature to be—
A man , or an angel at most;
But they have not feelings like me,
Nor know themselves wretched and lost:
So guilty, so helpless am I,
I durst not confide in His blood,
Nor on His protection rely,
Unless I were sure He is God.

3 Some call Him a Saviour in word,
But mix their own works with His plan;
And hope He His help will afford
When they have done all that they can:
If doings prove rather too light
(A little they own they may fail),
They purpose to make up full weight
By casting His Name in the scale.

4 Some style him “the Pearl of great price,”
And say, He’s the fountain of joys;
Yet feed upon folly and vice,
And cleave to the world and its toys:
Like Judas, the Saviour they kiss,
And while they salute Him, betray:
Oh what will profession like this
Avail in His terrible day!

5 If asked what of Jesus I think,
Though still my best thoughts are but poor,
I say, He’s my meat and my drink,
My life and my strength and my store!
My Shepherd, my trust, and my Friend;
My Saviour from sin and from thrall;
My hope from beginning to end,
My portion, my Lord, and my all!

EH 465

What was it, blessed God,
Led Thee to give Thy Son,
To yield Thy well-beloved
For us by sin undone?
’Twas love unbounded led Thee thus
To give Thy well-beloved for us.

2 What led Thy Son, O God,
To leave Thy throne on high,
To shed His precious blood,
To suffer and to die?
’Twas love, unbounded love to us,
Led Him to die and suffer thus.

3 What moved Thee to impart
Thy Spirit from above,
Therewith to fill our hearts
With heavenly peace and love?
’Twas love, unbounded love to us,
Moved Thee to give Thy Spirit thus.

4 What love to Thee we owe,
Our God, for all Thy grace!
Our hearts may well o’erflow
In everlasting praise!
Make us, O Lord, to praise Thee thus,
For all Thy boundless love to us.

EH 466 6.8.s.

What will you do in that great day
When heaven and earth shall pass away;
When all the pomp and glory here,
Like morning dew, shall disappear;—
And you, from out your lonely tomb,
Shall stand in judgment’s awful doom?

2 When God’s great trump shall wake the dead,
Where will you hide your once fair head?
What will you do? where can you go,
Amid that fearful scene of woe,
Where none can help, and all alone
You stand before that “great white throne”?

3 What will you do when lightnings flash,
This wide world quivers, thunders crash?
The “earth shall melt with fervent heat,”
But you,—oh where can you retreat?
Not e’en the grave can hide you more,
For death and hell their dead restore.

4 Oh, awful day! who would not be
Sheltered, O Lamb of God, in Thee?
Safe at Thy side,—when wild and loud
The cries of that unnumbered crowd
Shall rend the heavens, and fill the skies,
Till judgment’s doom shall close their cries!

RED 366

When all my labours and trials are o’er,
And I am safe on that beautiful shore,
Just to be near the dear Lord I adore,
Will thro’ the ages be glory for me.

Oh, that will be . . . glory for me, . . .
Glory for me, . . . glory for me, . . .
When by His grace I shall look on His face
That will be glory, be glory for me.

2 When by the gift of His infinite grace,
I am accorded in heaven a place,
Just to be there and to look on His face,
Will thro’ the ages be glory for me.

3 Friends will be there I have lov’d long ago
Joy like a river around me will flow;
Yet, just a smile from my Saviour, I know,
Will thro’ the ages be glory for me.

EH 468  6.8’s

When first I heard of Jesus’ name,
I only then for refuge came;
I heard that He for sinners died,
And from His heart and wounded side
Had shed the water and the blood
To wash and make me fit for God.

2 I’ve found Him meet my every need,
That He a Saviour is indeed;
Each rising want has been supplied
Whene’er to Him I have applied;
He is of grace the treasury,
All fulness dwells in Him for me.

3 Yet all He is, He is for me:
So meek in all His majesty,
So tender in almightiness,
So sympathising in distress;
So liberal, all He has He gave,
Yea, e’en Himself, my soul to save.

4 It is not fear that makes me flee,
Saviour of sinners, now to Thee;
Thy excellencies me constrain
To seek Thee as my greatest gain,—
Thy presence my eternal home:
Come, blessed Lord, O quickly come!

EH 469  6.8.’s same tune as 3 previous

When first, o’erwhelmed with sin and shame,
To Jesus’ cross I trembling came,
Burdened with guilt and full of fear,
Yet drawn by love, I ventured near,
And pardon found, and peace with God,
In Jesus’ rich, atoning blood.

2 My sins are gone, my fears are o’er,
I shun God’s presence now no more;
He sits upon a throne of grace,
He bids me boldly seek His face;
Sprinkled upon the throne of God,
I see that rich, atoning blood.

3 Before His face my Priest appears,
My Advocate the Father hears;
That precious blood, before His eyes
Both day and night for mercy cries;
It speaks, it ever speaks to God,
The voice of that atoning blood.

4 By faith that voice I also hear;
It answers doubt, it stills each fear;
The accuser seeks in vain to move
The wrath of Him whose name is Love:
Each charge against the sons of God
Is silenced by th’atoning blood

5 Here I can rest without a fear;
By this, to God I now draw near,
By this, I triumph over sin;
For this has made, and keeps me clean;
And when I reach the throne of God
I’ll laud that rich atoning blood.

GT 200  P.M.

When God of old the way of life
Would teach to all His own,
He placed them safe beyond the reach
Of death, by blood alone.

It is His word . . .God’s precious word . . .
It stands for ever true:
“When I the Lord . . . shall see the blood . . .
I will pass over you.”

2 By Christ, the sinless Lamb of God,
The precious blood was shed,
When He fulfilled God’s holy word,
And suffered in our stead.

3 O soul, for you salvation thus
By God is freely given;
The blood of Christ atones for sin,
And makes us meet for heav’n.

4 The wrath of God that was our due,
Upon the Lamb was laid;
And by the shedding of His blood
The debt for us was paid.

5 No fear of judgment now is known
To all who do obey
The Word of God, and trust the blood,
And make that Word their stay!

AH 1

When I fear my faith will fail,
Christ can hold me fast;
When the tempter would prevail,
He can hold me fast.

He will hold me fast,
He will hold me fast;
For my Saviour loves me so,
He will hold me fast.

2 I could never keep my hold,
He must hold me fast;
For my love is often cold,
He must hold me fast.

3 I am precious in His sight,
He will hold me fast;
Those He saves are His delight,
He will hold me fast.

4 He’ll not let my soul be lost,
Christ will hold me fast;
Bought by Him at such a cost,
He will hold me fast.

SS 283  L.M.

When I survey the wondrous cross
On which the Prince of glory died,
My richest gain I count but loss,
And pour contempt on all my pride.

2 Forbid it Lord, that I should boast,
Save in the cross of Christ my God:
All the vain things that charm me most,
I sacrifice them to His blood.

3 See from His head, His hands, His feet,
Sorrow and love flow mingled down:
Did e’er such love and sorrow meet,
Or thorns compose so rich a crown?

4 Were the whole realm of nature mine,
That were an offering far too small;
Love so amazing, so divine,
Demands my soul, my life, my all.

EH 472  P.M.

When peace, like a river, atttendeth my way,
When sorrows like sea-billows roll;
Whatever my lot, Thou hast taught me to know,
“It is well, it is well with my soul.”
It is well . . . with my soul. . .
It is well . . . with my soul. . .
It is well, it is well with my soul.

2 Though Satan should buffet, though trials should come,
Let this blest assurance control,
That Christ hath regarded my helpless estate,
And hath shed His own blood for my soul.

3 My sin—oh, the bliss of this glorious thought—
My sin—not in part, but the whole—
Is nailed to the cross, and I bear it no more:
Praise the Lord, praise the Lord, oh my soul!

4 For me, be it Christ, be it Christ, hence to live!
If Jordan above me shall roll,
No pang shall be mine, for in death as in life
Thou wilt whisper Thy peace to my soul.

5 But, Lord ’tis for Thee, for Thy coming we wait,—
The sky not the grave is our goal!
Oh trump of the angel, oh voice of the Lord!
Blessed hope, blessed rest of my soul!

EH 473  8.7.

When the Saviour said “’Tis finished!”
Everything was fully done:
Done, as God Himself would have it—
Christ the vict’ry fully won.

2 All the doing is completed;
Now, ’tis look, believe and live:
None can purchase HIS salvation,
Life’s a gift that God must give.

3 Grace through righteousness is reigning,
Not of works, lest man should boast;
Man must take the proffered mercy,
Or eternally be lost.

SS&S 983  P.M.

When the trumpet of the Lord shall sound, and time shall be no more,
And the morning breaks eternal bright and fair;
When the saved of earth shall gather over on the other shore,
And the roll is called up yonder I’ll be there.

When the roll . . . is called up yon . . der
When the roll . . . is called up yon . . der
When the roll . . . is called up yonder
When the roll is called up yonder, I’ll be there.

2 On that bright and blessèd morning when the dead in Christ shall rise,
And the glory of His resurrection share;
When His chosen ones shall gather to their home beyond the skies,
And the roll is called up yonder I’ll be there.

3 Let me labour for the Master from the dawn till setting sun.
Let me talk of all His wondrous love and care;
Then, when all of life is over, and my work on earth is done,
And the roll is called up yonder, I’ll be there.

EH 474

When this passing world is done;
When has sunk yon glaring sun;
When I stand with Christ on high,
Looking o’er life’s history,

Then, Lord, shall I fully know,—
Not till then—how much I owe.

2 When I stand before the throne,
Dressed in beauty not my own;
When I see Thee as Thou art,
Love Thee with unsinning heart;

3 When the praise of heaven I hear,
Loud as thunders to the ear,
Loud as many waters’ noise
Sweet as harp’s melodious voice;

4 Chosen not for good in me;
Wakened up from wrath to flee;
Hidden in the Saviour’s side,
By the Saviour sanctified.

Teach me, Lord, on earth to show,
By my love, how much I owe.

EH 517

When upon life’s billows you are tempest-tossed,
When you are discouraged, thinking all is lost,
Count your many blessings, name them one by one,
And it will surprise you, what the Lord hath done.

Count your blessings, name them one by one,
Count your blessings, see what God hath done.
Count your blessings, name them one by one,
And it will surprise you, what the Lord hath done.

2 Are you ever burdened with a load of care?
Does the cross seem heavy you are called to bear?
Count your many blessings, ev’ry doubt will fly,
And you will be singing as the days go by.

EH 476  10’s or 11’s.

When wandering far from the Father’s abode,
The heart full of pride and hatred to God,
The children of darkness, of Satan the slaves,
’Twas Jesus redeemed us—His merit that saves.

2 Our sins on the cross He on Calvary bore,
He blotted them out, and they are no more;
Now pardoned and washed, we boldly draw near,
And cry “Abba Father!” unhindered by fear.

3 Despised by the world, we’re strangers below,
But callèd to heaven we cheerfully go;
The Lord is our leader, and, strong in His might,
Though Satan opposes we fight the good fight.

4 We look for the day when Jesus shall come
And take all His blood-purchased brethren home;
When we shall behold all His glory and grace,
And a heaven be found in the light of His face.

EH 478          8.7.4.

Where is now the sinner’s Surety,
He who once was crucified?
All God’s waves of wrath went o’er Him
When He suffered, bled, and died.
“It is finished! It is finished!”
Grace and truth are glorified.

2 In the grave they could not find Him;
He had told them so before:
Justice could no longer bind Him,—
Mourners, let your fears be o’er,
“He is risen!”
Jesus lives for evermore.

3 “Peace unto you!” This His greeting,
Word of Him that cannot lie,
From the heart that bore our judgement,
Heart of love that cannot die:
“Peace unto you!”
Still He speaketh from on high.

4 “It is finished!” “He is risen!”
You who these blest words receive,
Peace in Him is now your portion,
Peace eternal He will give,—
“Peace unto you!”
All who on His name believe.

EH 479  L .M.

Where will you spend eternity?
This question comes to you and me!
Tell me, what shall your answer be—
Where will you spend eternity?

*Eternity! eternity!
Where will you spend eternity?

2 Many are choosing Christ to-day,
Turning from all their sins away;
Heaven shall their blessed portion be—
Where will you spend eternity?*

3 Leaving the straight and narrow way,
Going the downward road to-day,
What shall the final ending be—
Where will you send eternity?*

4 Turn, and believe this very hour,
Trust in the Saviour’s grace and power;
Then shall your joyous answer be—
Saved through a long eternity!
Eternity! eternity!
Saved through a long eternity!

GT   205          P.M.

Wherefore do you linger
In the place of danger?
Why, O sinner, dwell you longer
Far from God and home?

2 There is only sorrow,
Death and swift destruction,
In that great, that dread to-morrow,
Of the sinner’s doom.

3 Jesus bids you enter
Into joys eternal,
Every blessing finds its centre
In the Saviour’s Name

4 Why not come believing,
In this hour of blessing?
Faith the means of your receiving
Rest of heart in Him.

5 Helpless your condition,
He alone can pardon,
Come! oh come! in true contrition,
Sinner unto Him.

Good T 238  7.4.

While Jesus whispers to you,
Come, sinner, come!
While we are praying for you,
Come, sinner, come!
Now is the time to own Him,
Come, sinner, come!
Now is the time to know Him,
Come, sinner, come!

2 Are you too heavy-laden?*
Jesus will bear your burden,*
Jesus will not deceive you,*
Jesus will now receive you,*

3 Oh, hear His tender pleading,*
Come, and receive the blessing,*
While Jesus whispers to you,*
While we are praying for you,*

SS&S 341    7s

While we pray, and while we plead,
While you see your soul’s deep need,
While theFather calls you home,
Will you not, oh wand’rer, come?

Why not now?..why not now?..
Why not come to Jesus now?
Why not now?.. why not now?..
Why not come to Jesus now?

2 You have wandered far away,
Do not risk another day;
Do not turn from God your face,
But to-day accept His grace.

3 In the world you’ve failed to find
Aught of peace for troubled mind;
Come to Christ on Him believe,
Peace and joy you shall receive.

4 Come to Christ, confession make;
Come to Christ and pardon take;
Trust in Him here, now, to-day,
He will keep you all the way.


Who can cheer the heart like Jesus,
By His presence all divine?
True and tender, pure and precious,
O how blest to call Him mine!

All that thrills my soul is Jesus;
He is more than life to me;
And the fairest of ten thousand,
In my blessed Lord I see.

2 Love of Christ so freely given,
Grace of God beyond degree,
Mercy higher than the heaven,
Deeper than the deepest sea.

3 What a wonderful redemption!
Never can a mortal know
How my sin tho’ red like crimson,
Can be whiter than the snow.

4 Ev’ry need His hand supplying,
Ev’ry good in Him I see;
On His strength divine relying,
He is all-in-all to me.

5 By the crystal flowing river
With the ransomed I will sing,
And for ever and for ever
Praise and glorify the King.

EH 481      P.M.

Who is He in yonder stall
At whose feet the shepherds fall?

’Tis the Lord, oh, wondrous story,
’Tis the Lord, the King of glory,
At His feet we humbly fall,
Own Him, own Him Lord of all!

3 Who is He in deep distress
Fasting in the wilderness?

4 Who is He that stands and weeps
At the grave where Lazarus sleeps?

5 Lo! at midnight who is He
Prays in dark Gethsemane?

6 Who is He in Calvary’s throes,
Asks for blessings on His foes?

7 Who is He that from the grave
Comes to heal and bless and save?

8 Lo! Ascending, who is He
Captive leads captivity?

9 Who is He on yonder throne
Rules the world of light alone?

HE 483

Who is on the Lord’s side,
Who will serve the King?
Who will be His helper
Other lives to bring?
Who will leave the world’s side,
Who will face the foe?
Who is on the Lord’s side?
Who for Him will go?

By Thy grand redemption
By Thy grace divine,
We are on the Lord’s side,—
Saviour we are Thine!

2 Not for weight of glory,
Not for crown and palm,
Enter we the army,
Raise the warrior psalm,
But for love that claimeth
Lives for whom He died:
He who Jesus nameth
Must be on His side!

3 Jesus, Thou hast bought us
Not with gold or gem,
But with Thine own life-blood,
For Thy diadem;
With Thy blessing filling
All who come to Thee,
Thou hast made us willing,
Thou hast made us free.

4 Fierce may be the conflict,
Strong may be the foe;
But the King’s own army
None can overthrow:
Round His standard ranging,
Victory is secure,
For His truth unchanging
Makes the triumph sure.

EH 484  11’s thee-chorus? ’ware tense change!

Whoever receiving the crucified One,
Whoever believing on God’s only Son,
A free and a perfect salvation shall have:
For He is abundantly able to save.

Dear sinner, the Mas...ter is calling for you;
His grace and His are wondrously free;
His blood as a ran...som for sinners He gave,
And He is abun...dantly able to save.

2 Whosoever receiving the message of God,
And trusting the power of the soul-cleansing blood,
A full and eternal redemption shall have:
For He is both able and willing to save.

3 Whoever repenting and forsaking his sin,
And op’n’ng his heart for the Lord to come in,
A present and perfect salvation shall have:
For Jesus is ready this moment to save.

EH 485      

“Whosoever heareth,” shout, about the sound,
Spread the blessed tidings all the world around;
Spread the joyful news wherever man is found,
“Whosoever will may come.”

“Whosoever will, whosoever will,”
Send the proclamation over vale and hill;
’Tis the loving father calls the wanderer home;
“Whosoever will may come.”

2 Whosoever cometh need not delay;
Now the door is open, enter while you may;
Jesus is the true, the only living way:
“Whosoever will may come.”

3 “Whosoever will,” the promise is secure;
“Whosoever will,” for ever will endure;
“Whosoever will,” ’tis life for evermore:
“Whosoever will may come.”

EH 508

Why do you wait, dear sinner?
Oh! why do you tarry so long?
The Saviour is waiting to give you
A place in His sanctified throng.

Why not? Why not?
Why not come to Him now?

2 What do you hope, dear sinner,
To gain by further delay?
There’s no one to save you but Jesus;
There’s no other way but His way.

3 Do you not feel, dear sinner,
God’s Spirit now striving within?
Oh, why not accept His salvation,
And part with your burden of sin?

4 Why do you wait, dear sinner?
The harvest is passing away,
The Saviour is waiting to save you;
There’s death and sure doom in delay!

Sep. sheet.

Why in darkness will you stray?
Why from blessing stay away?
See, it is salvation’s day;
Come to Jesus now.

2 Why not trust Him? Still He waits.
Open wide are mercy’s gates.
’Tis your sin that separates.
Come to Jesus now.

3 You may live—why will you die?
He can all your need supply.
He will fully satisfy.
Come to Jesus now.

4 All may come, however bad.
He will comfort all the sad.
Trust Him; He will make you glad.
Come to Jesus now.

5 Why, then, any longer wait?
Open now is mercy’s gate.
Do not wait and be too late.
Come to Jesus now.

EH 487  P.M.

Why unbelieving? why will you spurn
Love that so gently pleads your return?
Come, ere your fleeting day
Fades into night away;
Now mercy’s call obey,
To Jesus come!

2 Why not, believing, come to the Lord?
Trust in the Saviour, doubt not His word:
Think ’twas for you He died,
Think of Him crucified;
Now to the glorified,
To Jesus come!

3 Why unbelieving? you can be blest;
Jesus will pardon, He’ll give you rest.
Why will you longer wait?
Haste to the open gate,
Come ere it be too late,
To Jesus come.

EH 488  P.M. same tune as previous hymn

Why will you linger, why will you die,
God’s wrath upon you, judgement so nigh,
Now is salvation’s day,
Tread the blood-sprinkled way;
Sinner, no more delay,
Jesus will come!

2 Soon will the Saviour close fast the door,
Tidings of mercy sound nevermore!
Time’s course will soon be run,
Stay then, you Christless one,
Think of the great white throne,
Judgement will fall!

3 Then the dread sentence, “Depart from Me!”
Room for repentance gone, gone for aye:
Endless the sinner’s doom,
Darkness and dismal gloom;
Now, in God’s house there’s room,
Jesus will save!

AH 159 chorus repetitive!

Will you take Jesus to be your guide?
His love will brighten the way;
Safe in His keeping you may abide:
Will you take Jesus to-day?

Will you take Jesus to-day?
Will you take Jesus to-day?
He offers pardon and peace to all:
Will you take Jesus to-day?

2 For you the Saviour was crucified,
Accept His love while you may:
The door of mercy stands open wide:
Will you take Jesus to-day?

3 He longs to enter your heart of sin—
How can you turn Him away?
Throw wide the portal and let Him in:
Will you take Jesus to-day?

4 I will take Jesus, my Lord, the King,
His word I gladly obey;
My sins forgiven, His praise I’ll sing:
I will take Jesus to-day

I will take Jesus to-day!
I will take Jesus to-day!
He offers pardon and peace to all:
I will take Jesus to-day!

EH 490     P.M.

Will your anchor hold in the storms of life,
When the clouds unfold their wings of strife?
When the strong tides lift, and the cables strain,
Will your anchor drift, or firm remain?

We have an anchor that keeps the soul
Steadfast and sure while the billows roll;
Fastened to the Rock which cannot move,
Grounded firm and deep in the Saviour’s love!

2 Will your anchor hold in the straits of fear?
When the breakers roar and the reef is near;
While the surges rage and the wild winds blow,
Shall the angry waves then your bark o’erflow?

3 Will your anchor hold if the floods of death,
Make the waters cold chill your latest breath?
On the rising tide you can never fail
While your anchor holds within the veil.

4 Will your eyes behold through the morning light
The city of gold and the harbour bright?
Will you anchor safe by the heavenly shore
When life’s storms are past for evermore.

EH 491 (v4 thee?)

Will you come, or will you linger?
’Tis the Saviour calls;
Death and darkness are about you,
Sin enthralls.

2 Will you come? for still is mercy
Pleading for your soul;
Heavenly voices leading onward
To the goal.

3 You may come! the vilest sinner
May in Christ confide;
You are welcome, for to save you
Jesus died.

4 Night of wrath did shroud the Saviour,
But ’tis light for thee;
Sacred spot for sin-stained sinners,

5 See the blood, and hear Him speaking
Of redemption done;
And on glory’s heights behold Him,
God’s own Son.

6 Hear Him speak the word of pardon;
Trust in Him who died;
And your heart shall lose its burden
By His side.

Sep. sheet (v4 thee?)

Will you yield to love’s entreaty?
Can you turn away
From the God who marks your goings
Every day?

2 Do you feel that you have wandered,
And ignored His love?
Listen to the wondrous message
From above.

3 From sin’s burden He would free you,
Satisfy your heart;
And with love’s embrace receive you,
As you are.

4 No reproach, no condemnation,
Does He hold for you;
Grace has met the claims of justice
Righteously.??????????In all truth.??

5 When your journey all is over,
Then with Christ above
You shall ever be a trophy
Of His love.

SS&S 1023  11.12.

With harps and with vials there stands a great throng,
In the presence of Jesus, and sing this new song:

Unto Him who hath loved us and washed us from sin,
Unto Him be the glory for ever. Amen.

2 All these once were sinners, defiled in His sight,
Now arrayed in pure garments in praise they unite:

3 He maketh the rebel a priest and a king;
He hath bought us and taught us this new song to sing:

4 How helpless and hopeless we sinners had been,
If He never had loved and cleansed us from sin!

5 Aloud in His praises our voices shall ring,
So that others, believing, this new song shall sing:

YP 26

Wonderful grace of Jesus, greater than all my sin;
How shall my tongue describe it, where shall its praise begin?
Taking away my burden, setting my spirit free,
For the wonderful grace of Jesus reaches me.

Wonderful the matchless grace of Jesus,
Deeper than the mighty rolling sea:
Higher than the mountain, sparkling like a fountain,
All sufficient grace for even me,
Broader than the scope of my transgression,
Greater far than all my sin and shame,
Oh, magnify the precious name of Jesus
Praise His name!

2 Wonderful grace of Jesus, reaching to all the lost;
By it I have been pardoned, saved to the uttermost,
Chains have been torn asunder, giving me liberty,
For the wonderful grace of Jesus reaches me.

3 Wonderful grace of Jesus, reaching the most defiled,
By its transforming power, making Him God’s own child,
Purchasing peace and heaven, for all eternity,
And the wonderful grace of Jesus reaches me.

LH 37

Wonderful love that rescued me,
Sunk deep in sin,
Guilty and vile as I could be—
No hope within;
When ev’ry ray of light had fled,
O glorious day!
Raising my soul from out the dead,
Love found a way.

Love found a way to redeem my soul,
Love found a way that could make me whole;
Love sent my Lord to the cross of shame,
Love found a way—O praise His holy name!

2 Love brought my Saviour here to die
On Calvary,
For such a sinful wretch as I—
How can it be?
Love bridged the gap ’twixt me and heav’n,
Taught me to pray;
I am redeemed, set free, forgiv’n—
Love found a way.

3 Love opened wide the gates of light
To heav’n’s domain,
Where in eternal power and might
Jesus shall reign;
Love lifted me from the depths of woe
To endless day;
There was no help in earth below—
Love found a way.

SV 77

Wonderful story of love:
Tell it to me again;
Wonderful story of love:
Wake the immortal strain!
Angels with rapture announce it,
Shepherds with wonder receive it;
Sinner, oh! won’t you believe it?
Wonderful story of love.

Wonderful story of love:
Wonderful story of love:
Wonderful story of love:
Wonderful story of love!

2 Wonderful story of love:
Tho’ you are far away;
Wonderful story of love:
Still He doth call to-day.
Calling from Calvary’s mountain,
Down from the crystal-bright fountain,
E’en from the dawn of creation,
Wonderful story of love.

3 Wonderful story of love:
Jesus provides a rest:
Wonderful story of love:
For all the pure and blest.
Rest in those mansions above us,
With those who’ve gone on before us,
Singing the rapturous chorus,
Wonderful story of love.

SV 8

Wondrous love of Jesus! spread the news around—
Pardon freely offer’d, what a joyful sound!
Jesus, loving Saviour, died to set me free;
Oh! that blessed “Whosoever,”—that means me.

Pardon freely offer’d all who will believe;
Whosoever cometh Jesus will receive;
Jesus loving Saviour, died to set us free:
Hallelujah! “Whosoever”—that means me.

2 Whosoever means me better than my name,
Anyone, everyone, is not that the same?
Believing is salvation, present, full and free;
Whosoever is the message—that means me.

3 Whosoever cometh may the promise claim,
Precious blood of Jesus cleanseth ev’ry stain.
The Son of God has loved me, wonder, can it be?
Whosoever, says the Saviour—that means me.

4 Do not trust your feelings, trust His word alone.
Pray’rs can never save you, tears cannot atone.
Finished! cried the Saviour; nothing now to do,
Come believe this Whosoever—that means you.

5 Who will follow Jesus, who will now believe,
Who will love the Saviour, who will life receive?
For my sins He suffered on the cruel tree,
Whosoever! Hallelujah!—that means me.

EH 494 8.7.4.
Wondrous is the simple story
Of the blessèd Saviour’s death,
How the Lord of life and glory
Yielded, on the cross, His breath,
Spotless, holy; spotless, holy,
Sinless, as the scripture saith!

2 There He bore that awful burden,
Wrath of God, because of sin;
Stooped, in grace, the costly guerdon
Of eternal life to win;
Blood-bought pardon,
Access, too, the veil within!

3 Lost by Adam’s first transgression,
We in death and darkness lay;
Jesus, making full confession,
For us kept His victor way;
All transgression,
Sins and sin, to put away.

4 Perfect reconciliation
Jesus evermore hath made;
Head o’er all the new creation,
See Him now in light arrayed;
Full salvation!
All the purchase-price is paid!

5 All the righteous God requirèd
Jesus hath divinely done;
All the Father’s heart desirèd
He accomplished through the Son!
Glory to the Three-in-One!

GT 210  P.M.

Wounded for me, wounded for me,
There on the cross He was wounded for me;
Gone my transgressions and now I am free.
All because Jesus was wounded for me.

2 Dying for me, dying for me,
There on the cross He was dying for me;
Now in His death my redemption I see,
All because Jesus was dying for me.

3 Risen for me, risen for me,
Up from the grave He has risen for me;
Now evermore from death’s sting I am free,
All because Jesus has risen for me.

4 Living for me, living for me,
Up in the skies He is living for me;
Daily He’s pleading and living for me,
All because Jesus is living for me.

5 Coming for me, coming for me,
One day to earth He is coming for me;
Then with what joy His dear face I shall see,
Oh! how I praise Him—He’s coming for me

Red 773

Years I spent in vanity and pride,
Caring not my Lord was crucified;
Knowing not it was for me He died
On Calvary.

Mercy there was great and grace was free,
Pardon there was multiplied to me,
There my burdened heart found liberty,
At Calvary.

2 By God’s Word at last my sin I learned,
Then I trembled at the law I’d spurned,
Till my guilty soul imploring, turned
To Calvary.

3 Grace there is my ev’ry debt to pay,
 Blood to wash my ev’ry sin away,
 Pow’r to keep me spotless day by day,
In Christ for me.

4 Now I’ve given to Jesus everything,
Now I gladly own Him King of kings,
Now my raptured soul can only sing
Of Calvary.

5 Oh! the love that drew salvation’s plan,
Oh! the grace that brought it down to man,
Oh! the mighty gulf that God did span
At Calvary.

EH 496 (ch. thee?)

Yes, mercy’s gate stands open wide,
And thro’ its pearl-like portal
The old and young from every side
Press into bliss immortal.

Oh, love unbounded, grace how free, ????????????
That gate stands open wide for you !
For you, for you!
Still open stands for you!

2 Come, all who feel the load of sin,
The heavy-laden, dreary;
For Jesus waits that gate within
To welcome all the weary.

3 Oh, sing aloud of Jesus’ love,
Your sins shall be forgiven,
The angels see His joy above
When sinners sigh for heaven.

4 Hear now the call from mercy’s gate,
How sweet the invitation:
“Come in, come in, you desolate
From every clime and nation.”

5 “Come in, come in, while yet you may,
Before the night of sorrow
Come in, come in, while still ’tis day,
Too late, too late the morrow!”

EH 499

“Yet there is room!” The Lamb’s bright hall of song,
With its fair glory, beckons you along:

Room, room, still room!
Oh, enter, enter now!

2 Day is declining, and the sun is low;
The shadows lengthen, light makes haste to go.

3 The bridal hall is filling for the feast:
Pass in, pass in, and be the Bridegroom’s guest.

4 “It fills, it fills, that hall of jubilee!”
Make haste, make haste, ’tis not too full for thee. you???????

5 “Yet there is room!” Still open stands the gate,
The gate of love—it is not yet too late!

6 Pass in, pass in! That banquet is for thee; you?????????
That cup of everlasting love is free.

7 All heaven is there, all joy! Go in, go in,
The angels beckon you the prize to win.

8 Louder and sweeter sounds the loving call,
Come, lingerer, come—enter that festal hall.

9 Ere night that gate may close, and seal your doom:
Then the last, low, long cry, “No room, no room!”

No room, no room!
Oh, woeful cry, “No room!”