STEM Publishing : hymns : Spiritual Songs : 295: HOLY Saviour, we adore Thee

295: HOLY Saviour, we adore Thee

by Samuel Prideaux Tregelles (1813-1875)

sung to Regent Square midi score
by H. T. Smart (1813-1879)

1 HOLY Saviour, we adore Thee
Seated on the throne of God;
Soon in glory all before Thee
Shall proclaim Thy praise abroad;
Thou art worthy,
We were ransomed by Thy blood.

2 Saviour, though the world despised Thee,
Though Thou here wast crucified,
Yet the Father's glory raised Thee,
Lord of all creation wide;
Thou art worthy,
We shall live, for Thou hast died.

3 And though here on earth rejected,
'Tis but fellowship with Thee;
Should we not with joy expect it
Here like Thee, our Lord, to be?
Thou art worthy,
Thou from earth hast set us free.

4 Haste the day of Thy returning
With Thy ransomed saints to reign;
Then shall end all days of mourning,
We shall sing with triumph then;
Thou art worthy,
Come, Lord Jesus, come, Amen.

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