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383: 'MID scenes of confusion and creature-complaints

by D. Denham (1791-1848)

sung to Sweet Home midi score
by H. R. Bishop

1 'MID scenes of confusion and creature-complaints,
How sweet to the soul is communion with saints!
To find at the banquet of mercy there's room,
To feel in communion a foretaste of home.

2 Sweet bonds that unite all the children of peace
With Thee, blessed Saviour, whose love cannot cease;
Though oft amid trials and dangers we roam,
With Thine we're united, and hasting toward home.

3 While here in the valley of conflict we stay,
O give us submission, and strength as the day;
Soon, free from afflictions, to Thee we shall come,
For aye dwell with Thee in that glorious home.

4 We wait, blessed Lord, in Thy beauties to shine,
To see Thee in glory --- the glory divine;
With all Thy redeemed, from the earth, from the tomb,
To join in Thy praise, blessed Saviour, at home.

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