The Path of Separation.

If we too are to understand the Scriptures, I believe that we must travel the path of separation from the world. Nothing more destroys spiritual intelligence than merely floating with the stream of men's opinions and ways. … Nor is there any advantage greater for the enemy, short of destroying the foundations, than the mixing up of the saints of God with the world, and the consequent darkening of spiritual intelligence in those who ought to be its light. God would have us in practical communion with Himself; in His light we see light. It is not a question of intellectual capacity and learning. Human erudition in the things of God, I am confident, is only so much rubbish, whenever it is suffered to be anything more than a servant. Unless Christians can keep what they know under their feet they are incapable of profiting fully by the word of God — otherwise whether a man know much or little he becomes its slave, and it usurps the place of the Spirit of God.
W. Kelly.