Christ the Object of the Heart.

What a vain thing it is, for any of the sons or daughters of men to speak of "My" anything, as to this world! Supposing that one could speak of everything that the world holds dear, as my riches, my influence, my power, my wisdom, my fame — what would they, what could they do for the soul, the nobler part of man? But oh! how different when Christ — the well beloved, is the object of desire — of affections! And when faith can say without the least misgiving — "Christ is mine — He is my beloved — and my beloved is mine" — mine now — mine to wash my sins away — mine to clothe me with the righteousness of God — mine to dwell in my heart by His Spirit — mine through life — mine in the swellings of Jordan — mine in heavenly glory! Yes, my soul, and more — much more! Mine to look to — mine to speak to — mine to care for me — mine to sympathize with me — mine to succour me — mine to close my pilgrim's path — wind up my long and weary journey and take me up in the skirts of His cloudy chariot to be with Himself for ever. Say, say, O my soul, is this — all this, a suited portion for thee? Is it enough for a poor vile sinner?
A. Miller.