The Changeless Love of Christ.

"His desire is toward me." Higher than this the soul never can rise. This finding all in the love — the changeless love of Christ. This must ever, and only, be the heart's deepest joy, and sweetest peace. Oh! happy state for a poor sinner saved by grace to be in, and to be in now! To find all its fresh springs in the love of Jesus! To be able to say, "He knows me thoroughly — He knows what I am in myself — what I am in Him. Yet, nevertheless, He not only loves me, but delights in me." There is nothing beyond this. Oh wondrous truth! Here pause for a moment in thy meditations, O my soul. And may I venture to ask of thee, "Has thy harp ever been tuned to take this note? And canst thou take it easily? Is there no strain in reaching it? And hast thou learnt to dwell upon it — sounding it long and fully?" This ought to be the key-note of all our praise — the uniform condition of our souls. We start, if we start aright, on our Christian course, with the knowledge of the love of Jesus — of the efficacy of His sacrifice of the completeness of redemption — of the certainty of glory. And should the song of His love ever become feeble on our lips? Surely it should become stronger and stronger, as we near the bright realms of glory, where the same Jesus, and the same love, shall be our happy song for ever.
A. Miller.