The Song of Moses

(Deuteronomy 32).

With delight, Moses proclaims the Name of Jehovah, ascribing greatness to Israel's God. If poor Israel proved himself unstable, God remained immovable; He is the Rock, and nothing would move Him from His purposes, or alter His ways. Great in all in which He makes Himself known, His work is perfect, and His ways are just. How these things had been proved by Moses during the forty years in the desert! On the mount he had seen the greatness of Jehovah, when he saw His glory; to him God made known His ways in the secret of the sanctuary; and in all God's dealings with His people he had learned the nature and character of God's work. God could not allow His people's sins to go unpunished; He is a faithful God, without deceit: and in the knowledge that himself was excluded from the land, because of his failure, Moses can still say, "Just and right is He.'' How blessed for His people to have such a God: altogether transparent, no deceit, no unfaithfulness, no unrighteousness, no imperfection: and altogether marked by greatness. Only such a God could go on with such a nation; yea and with ourselves also. His transcending greatness is richly manifested in the mercy, goodness, grace and love, shown to such as we.