God's Purpose for Us.

One great object of God in His approach to man in grace is to bring His people up out of this present evil world into the place that He had purposed for them before the world was. As Moses was sent to bring Israel out of Egypt into the land of promise, so Christ came into the world to bring His people out of it and to lead them to heaven. Our blessings are not in this world, nor are they given to us on this side of death: they are all in Christ. We are blessed with every spiritual blessing in the heavenly places in Christ, and the work of the Spirit is to bring us in our hearts and minds to the place and Person where, and in whom, all our blessings are. Pardon, righteousness, redemption, salvation and eternal life are all in Christ, and in Him for all men; hence Christ is the Glad Tidings, and has been preached in the whole creation under heaven. If we are to possess the things that are in Him, we can only possess them in the power of the Spirit; and they are ours in Him as the One in whom the old order has been ended, and who in resurrection is the Head and centre of a new, heavenly, eternal system, which has no link with the old earthly order; and to Him we are attached; and in Him we live in the power of the Spirit.

(These words were found in the handwriting of a brother who was recently called home by the Lord.)