Jesus the Sufferer.

Now they come to take Him. He looked for some to take pity, but there was none, and for comforters, but found none. He is God over all, yet still and thoroughly a Man. Yet, as another has said, He never asked them to pray for Him; but says, "Tarry ye here and watch with me." To me it is most precious to find thus, that He who was with God and was God made flesh, felt as a man in everything. When asking His disciples to watch with Him, He knew the world was against Him: He looked to those that He had been most with, that they should be with Him. But He must have nothing. He was tested and tried to the last degree of human suffering and sorrow, standing alone in this, praying in an agony and alone. Where were the people that were going to prison and to death with Him? They were asleep, deceived; asleep in the presence of the glory of the kingdom on the mount, asleep in the garden! That shows what poor things we are — not sin exactly; but it shows what Christ was to have as His portion in this world; none to sympathise with Him.
J. N. Darby.