At times I marvel at the grace of God in permitting us to judge ourselves. He never can give up His title as "Judge of all;" we have come to Him as such, but so completely has He, by His grace, justified us through redemption which is in Christ Jesus, that He can have us arraign ourselves before the judgment-seat, and be the judges of our own selves. The right apprehension of standing in complete righteousness before God in Christ can alone qualify us for this. Self-judgment may have been carried on by us in our ignorance on a different principle — viz., seeking to find some ground in ourselves for acceptance with God. But now it is to search and see how just and holy is the way of God in dealing with us, so as to make us debtors alone to grace, and yet this very grace reigns through righteousness by Jesus Christ; since redemption displays the holiness, justice, and truth of God in strict accordance with His mercy.
Presbutes. (perhaps J. L. Harris)

Resting on God's Testimony.

It is on God's testimony to the blood of Christ that the conscience rests with a perfect rest, in spite of all that it feels working within; and it is only His testimony to the Person of Christ that keeps the heart peaceful and happy in spite of all circumstances.
A. Miller.