Three Precious Gifts.

There are three things bestowed on every soul who, through grace, believes in Jesus. These are Life, Light and Liberty. In comparison with these all earthly riches, pleasures and distinctions are but as the small dust in the balance. Many ought to be in the settled enjoyment of these immense privileges who do not know that they possess them at all and consider it presumption for any soul to think of possessing them. Many earnest converted persons through bad teaching, self-occupation or legality are in the dark as to the elements of Christianity; the simple truths of the Gospel. In place of Life, Light and Liberty they are in the shadow of death in darkness and bondage. We are not going to expound nor to state fully the doctrines indicated. Our objects is to exhort rather than expound! Our Lord says, "I give unto my sheep eternal life," (John 10.). Someone may say, "I see that, but my soul-crushing difficulty is to know that I am a sheep of Christ." That is beginning at the wrong end. It is putting feelings before Christ and His word. If it is something about myself I am to feel in order to be saved, then I cannot have settled assurance. I must have something independent of myself, i.e., God's own revelation to rest upon. The eternal truth of God alone forms a real basis of peace which all the power of men and devils cannot disturb. By believing in Christ I get eternal life "He that believeth on me hath everlasting life" (John 6:47). Every one who hears His word and believes in the One who sent Him is the happy possessor of eternal life. A believer should know what he possesses. Of what value can it be for anyone to be left a large fortune in Canada if he knows nothing about it? The life is in Christ. As we get life so we get light in Christ. "He that followeth me shall not walk in darkness but shall have the light of life" (John 8). God would not give us life and leave us in the dark. The proper sphere for the life we possess is the light in which we have the privilege to walk. The darkness is passed, the shadows are gone, the clouds rolled away, the dim twilight has given place to the full orbed light of life, streaming into our souls and upon our path enabling us to judge ourselves and our surroundings according to the true light. Of blessed necessity as we get life and light, so we get liberty in Christ. He quickens, enlightens, emancipates! "If the Son shall make you free ye shall be free indeed" (John 8). He would not give us life and leave us in bondage. He sets us free from guilt and condemnation, from the dread of judgment to come, from the fear of death, from the present power of sin, as from its future consequences! May the reader lay hold of these things in simple faith and join in fervent praise to the Giver of these three precious gifts!

(Summary of article in "Things New and Old," 1874).