The Father's Ways of Grace.

(Notes of address by J. S. Bertram at Galashiels).

All movement in relation to the accomplishment of the Father's will must essentially emanate from the Father Himself, hence the Father sent the Son, and it is the Father that draws to the Son. It is not in man or of man to come to the Son, it is the Father in absolute grace that draws to the Son. What a constraining power! That power draws from the distance and darkness into the light which exposes and into the love that dismisses all dread. "No man can come unto me except the Father which hath sent me draw him." Thus drawn to Christ, the Son, the new centre, He must displace all that has gone before, whether place or system. Having been drawn to Him, we are also given to Him of the Father, i.e., the Father's love gift to the Son. Seven times over in John 17, we have the Lord addressing the Father about "those whom Thou hast given me," as such we are the objects of His interest and care, so much so that He prays for them. "I pray for them," what a place we have in His heart of infinite love; all that He has here are those who have been given to Him of the Father, and in this connection He says "all mine are thine and thine are mine." What oneness obtains between the Father, and the Son! This speaks of a divine capacity to be in accord with the Father's appreciation of the Son consequent upon His accomplished work. He has received from the Father a specific glory, this He shares with His own. "The glory which Thou hast given me I have given them" (John 17:22). That shall be seen by a redeemed universe, as presented in the precious stones in the foundation of the heavenly city, for they reflect that acquired and shared glory. The saints become the vessel of expression thereof.

The Lord Jesus desired of the Father that His own might be with Him. Love cannot rest apart from its object. What a delight for the blessed Lord it is to have His own with Him, whom He has conducted and befriended through the long night of His absence, not only to be with Him but to behold His glory. That unique incommunicable glory shines forth in all its majestic splendour; the glory as of the only begotten of the Father. We shall be free then from all the frailties which at present mark us, to be absorbed with that divine glory. In that circle of the Father's love is the Son's portion and the portion of His own. Then love and glory find their eternal home. All the seeming mishaps of time but serve the Father's ways. Since everything has been given to the Son there is going to be a complete recovery in the last day.

And we shall dwell with God's beloved
Through God's eternal day.