Indifference to Christ.

"Thou art neither cold nor hot: I would thou wert cold or hot."-Rev. 3:15.

Worldliness and earthly-mindedness have blinded the minds and hardened the hearts of Christians, now-a-days, to an extent very few have any idea of. There are, I am persuaded, very few cases touching upon the safety, and well-being of the Church of God, which can be left to be judged by the mass of believers. On whom can one cast one's burden of responsibility as to the spirituality of the saints' walk and conduct? In innumerable cases which have occurred, I have found that the affections to the Person of Christ have not been lively enough to make Christians indignant at open insults put upon Him — and they have had neither the heart nor the mind to stand apart from that which was the expression of indifference to Him … Many can contend earnestly for love to the brethren, and warmly resent failure in this respect, yet remain unmoved when the truth of God, on which it is based, is sought to be undermined … Dishonour to the Lord is less thought about than disrespect to one another.

(Present Testimony 9:207; 2:30-31).