The Maintenance of the Truth.

Three years of A Scripture Quarterly

Editor Dr T. Oliver, Galashiels

This Magazine is Devoted mainly to the Exposition of Scripture.
"Till I come, give attendance to reading to exhortation (encouragement), to doctrine." (1 Tim. 4:13).


As a preface to the first issue of this new quarterly magazine, the following extracts from a letter written over 40 years ago would seem appropriate.

"In the issue of a new serial it is important to make plain that its object is the maintenance of what is true in doctrine not the promulgation of what is new. No intelligent Christian can gainsay that in this (19th) century there has been a remarkable revival of the truth of the Church, and the effect has been felt beyond the immediate circle formed by the truth, revived in God's goodness. How are the great truths involved in the Church, e.g., the calling of God, eternal life, new creation and union to be maintained? Fixed statements and conventional terms have proved inefficacious, as has also the attaching of everything to the believer as a possession, the good of which is experienced in the power of the Spirit. Souls so trained must necessarily stop short of apprehension of new creation. A Christian's apprehension of God's calling cannot be beyond the measure of God's work in him. He may claim standing, privilege, having prophecy, understanding mysteries, and without love. be nothing. A Christian's measure for God and for the assembly is love … The only real way to secure truths is in our being their expression; holding the truth in love … We cannot have the consciousness of any truth, save as we are in the state which corresponds to it … The first light of God in the soul was by faith. We are justified, saved, sons of God, risen together with Christ, and Christ dwells in our hearts by faith. At the same time the work of the Spirit of God forms the believer for approach to God in the consciousness of his soul, i.e., in the new man … In this way our souls are in the brightest light as the fruit of God's work in us and in the apprehension of the greatest things which are for God. We have not only the faith but the consciousness of all that is of God's grace for man. Truly we can then say that we have been brought out of darkness into God's marvellous light!"


As several correspondents have asserted that this is a party magazine, possibly due to judging by signatures rather than contents, I may state that after 26 years' exercise it was initiated by me without consultation. In 1915, its advent was hindered by several circumstances and not until 1940 was I free to do the arduous work entailed. All expense has been met by me and no subsidy, other than the advertised price, has been or will be taken from any one. So the "party" allegation fails! Current ecclesiastical matters will be rigorously eschewed! I desire that brethren may dwell together harmoniously, expressing the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace. Hence this "Quarterly" will (D.V.) proceed with the exposition of Scripture, all fragrant with the preciousness of Christ which alone can lift us above dissension and will cause our thoughts and speech to spread refreshment instead of discontent wherever we go.

T. Oliver.

Editorial Notice. (Vol. 1, No. 2.)

The Editor cannot undertake to answer correspondents on what may be published from time to time as he is single-handed for both editorial and publication work. Any letter which he deems to be of general interest may be published if space will admit. A letter requiring reply should be accompanied by a stamped addressed envelope! Articles on the lines of those already published may be submitted on the understanding that sentences may be altered or omitted or the whole article rejected without apology. (Letters should not exceed 300 words nor articles 600 words). Prolixity next to inaccuracy is the greatest fault in writing! "Masterpieces" from living poets are not received, as the Editor is unable to assess such. Genuine enquiries on doctrine distinct from mere quibbles may be answered to the best of the Editor's ability. Money is not received for any other department of the Lord's work, as there is no intention of interfering with existing stewardships.