A Suggested Remedy.

Extract from "Reflections" by the late S. Scott about 1925.

Over a century ago, souls were retrieved from a condition of things far worse than anything that exists at present; a blight rested on the whole of Christendom and even a profession of religion was almost extinct! There was at that time a power manifested that enabled saints to walk in the light, see eye to eye, dwell in unity, harmony and mutual confidence. That developed such an atmosphere that looseness and kindred evils could not breathe and where the voice of contrariety could not find utterance. The vivifying effect of good was apparent in every feature of their activities; it was the secret of their power! It may be asked, "In what way was the good seen?" First and foremost, it was the truth of the oneness of the body of Christ expressing itself in a congenial medium; the truth of the Headship of Christ operating in that body in the harmonious working together of every part; there was the consciousness of the individual's part and place in the assembly, built on the foundation of the Son of the living God; the call of the saints from every worldly and ecclesiastical system being responded to, made them in reality strangers and pilgrims, while waiting for their Lord. Perhaps the knowledge of the fact of the organic link with a Man in heaven was as potent an influence as any other in the formation of a Christ-like walk here. Such being the hope of the Church, the ministry to the saints was naturally of the character that fostered desire after these realities. Service was carried on in the light of the unity of the Spirit and had the body in view. Fellowship in every sphere of the work of the Lord was co-ordinated by that one thought; the prophet, the evangelist, the pastor and the teacher wrought in harmony. Rivalries and jealousies of the gifts of others could not exist where the presence of the Holy Ghost prevailed; neither could the gifts to the Assembly be exercised in watertight compartments. These things known and ministered by the Holy Ghost will touch the consciences of the disorderly sooner than all else, and free souls from the ways of the world, coldness of heart and irregularity of walk!