John 12:1-2.

Abridged D. T. Grimston in "Words of Truth," 1871.

She came not to hear a sermon although the first of teachers was there; nor to sit at His feet and hear His word (Luke 10:39). She came not to make her requests known to Him; time was when in deepest submission to His will she had fallen at His feet, saying, "Lord, if Thou hadst been here, my brother had not died" (John 11:32). Nor to pour out her supplications to Him was now her thought, for her brother was seated at the table. She came not to meet the saints though precious saints were there, for "Jesus loved Martha … and Lazarus." Fellowship with them was blessed and of frequent occurrence, but that was not her object now. She came not after the weariness of a week's battling with the world to be refreshed from Him, though like every saint she had learned the trials of the wilderness, and knew the blessed springs of refreshment in Him.

But she came at the moment when the world was expressing deepest hatred of Him to pour out what she had treasured up, the most valuable thing she had on earth, upon the person of the One Whose love had made her heart captive and absorbed her affections. "Jesus only" filled her soul; her heart beat true to Him, and she "anointed the feet of Jesus, and wiped His feet with her hair." Adoration, homage, worship, blessing was her thought in honour of the One who was all in all to her. Surely such worship refreshed Him! The unspiritual might murmur, but He upheld her cause and appreciated the grateful tribute of a heart that knew His worth and preciousness. Thus a lasting record is preserved of what worship really is! If every eye were on the Lord alone, every heart true to Him, each determined to see "no man save Jesus only," what full praise there would be. Not with alabaster boxes now, but our bodies filled with the Holy Ghost, a stream of thanksgiving and highest worship would ascend in honour of the blessed One who now adorns the glory, as He once adorned the earth. Be it ours thus to worship Him in Spirit and in truth.