John 10

[04 1862 060] The blest ones of Christ must be content to share His rejection; and it is only in the measure we taste Christ's rejection that we enjoy the blessing we have in Him. I only the more deeply enjoy it, as I see Him cast out from the world; aye, from the religious world. You may find Christ possessed by one who is going on, alas! with the world — God known by a Lot who sits in the gate of Sodom. But how far does he enjoy the blessing he has got? A rejected Christ, the everlasting Son of the Father, is the One in whom alone is unfailing blessing that nothing can touch. It is not only no man, but none can pluck us out of His hand — no creature, no angel, no devil. The Father has given the Son, that we might have eternal life in Him; and there is none who can touch that life. "I and my Father are one." They are both engaged in it, and the Holy Ghost too, who has brought us into the knowledge of it. Thus the whole Trinity are concerned in the fullness of our blessing, in giving the assured consciousness of it, and in its absolute safe keeping. But it is only to be known as it should be, in sharing rejection along with the rejected Son of God.