Genesis 3 compared with John 8
David and his friends
Faith's Place in a Time of Apostacy
Letter on 1 Corinthians 9: 27
Church Establishment and Church Endowment (J. E. B.)
On the scriptures
Balaam asking Counsel
Notes on the kingdom
Christ on the Throne of God
Church Ministry, or "the epistle of Christ"
Communion and Worship
God's Communications in Grace and the Saint's Intercession
Grace the True Source and Support of Practical Righteousness
What is the Unity of the Church
Defilement for the Dead
Joshua 5
Jehovah is my Shepherd
Brief words on Psalm 63
On the Positive Evidences of Christianity
The Narrative of Passion-week
How men oppose Christianity, and why
The Sin-offering
A few words on Psalm 45, 68.
Church Membership and Gifts
The Sinai Manuscript
The Smoking Furnace and the Burning Lamp
To Correspondents: The Titles of Psalms
Saul's Declension
A Test and a Confession
"Peace . . . my peace"
Grace the Spring of Righteousness
Our Exodus
Fragment: Prophecy
Correspondence: kipper
Fellowship in Days of Ruin
The Dying and the Life of Jesus
The Servant for ever
Thoughts on Romans 12
Evil Only Judged in the Light
Salvation and Sealing
A Glance at the Prophecies of Isaiah