"Peculiar Views."

1872 112 One of the symptoms of latitudinarian infidelity at the present day is the dislike of what they call "peculiar views;" and this is the more subtle as it is often found among orthodox men in churchism as well as dissent who count themselves and are accounted by others as far as possible from unbelief.

But it is unbelief so to deal with any truth taught in God's word; and all the truths of revelation will be found at bottom "peculiar views" to the natural mind when their edge comes in contact with the will of man. Thus election, eternal life, human responsibility, divine judgment, everlasting punishment, when faced, prove stumbling-blocks no less than the Deity of the Son and of the Spirit, incarnation, atonement, resurrection, and imputation of righteousness.

It is the same principle even among Christians when they cavil against the assertion of the Holy Spirit's presence, the church's heavenly character, the completeness of redemption, the distinctive calling of the Christian, the coming and the day of the Lord. For it is the same evil heart of unbelief in departing from the living God, which, in the unbeliever rejecting the Lord Jesus and the grace of the gospel, in the believer decries as "peculiar views" those truths which are essential to the glory of the Lord and the well-being of the Christian, but ignored if not rejected throughout Christendom.