The "Record" and "Christian Standard."

1876 128 Under the head of "The Mildmay Hall Annual Conferences," these two journals venture to circulate, what a correspondent justly calls, an outrageous libel. They speak of threats issued against Dr. H. Bonar and the eight who censured Mr. Pearsall Smith by "Plymouth Brethren of the Darby School." How is it that these journalists are so rash and abusive? The persons they accuse rightly or wrongly are as opposed to us as themselves. As against "Darbyites," as they style us, there is not one word of truth in the charge. Will they never learn to inquire before they speak, and speak injuriously? No man of weight among us goes to Mildmay, and we have always rejected Mr. Pearsall Smith's views no less than Dr. Bonar's.