1883 217 "I beg you, dear —, allow not one thought that would question the fulness of the love of God to you to enter your heart. Those trials come, and they find out the human sorrow; and with this, be sure of it, God can and does deeply sympathise. They find out the human will, and this God must break down."

1882 48 A Christian is put in the most responsible relation. The highest privilege for the Christian is to have the Lord brought into everything, because thus his affection to Christ is tested in all. So the precept which forbids my purloining in a house brings God and His grace in saving into remembrance. (Titus 2:10.)

1883 375 He that accept flattery becomes in the same measure the slave of the slave that offers it.

1883 377 How sweet to know that the Holy Spirit who gives and directs the joy of our hearts in Christ, making us bid the Bridegroom "Come" (Rev. 22:17) takes equal part in our present griefs and travail of spirit! If we do not know what to ask for, we do know that all things work together for good, as the apostle proves triumphantly to the end of Rom. 8. Meanwhile the Holy Spirit identifies Himself in grace with our weakness and suffering, so as to give it a divine voice to God, who answers accordingly.