The Morning Star.

1888 192 This is an exclusively New Testament designation of Christ, and of course in relation to His coming to receive His own for heaven. In Rev. 2:28 He promises the overcomer the "morning star," besides power over the nations and judgment of them in the day of His public and earthly glory. Even in the kingdom of God there are heavenly as well as earthly things. There is the "day" when the Sun of Righteousness shall arise unto Israel then fearing His name with healing in His wings. The wicked shall be trodden down as ashes under their feet in that day. But the Morning Star is not for Israel. It is for the faithful now, for Christians while Israel are still unbelieving. It is for those that watch in the night before the day. Being children of light and of the day, it is not for us to sleep as do others, but to watch and be sober. To such will the Lord give the Morning Star — Himself on high before the day; so that, when He shall appear, then shall we also appear with Him in glory. With this agrees Rev. 22:16 beautifully in its season. 2 Peter 1:19 had shown the all-importance for the saint meanwhile to have, not only the prophetic word as a lamp shining in the squalid place of the earth, but the heavenly hope — daylight dawning and the daystar arising in the heart. For that hope is pre-eminently for the affections as a practical object and power.