The Early Chapters of Genesis. (cont.)
Saul, the Third Sign and the Test
On 1 Samuel 14
Saul's Rejection of the Word of the Lord
Nabal and Abigail
Eliab and David
David's Escape from Saul
David: from Nob to Gath
David: from Adullam to Moab
David's regard for Saul
David: Life in Ziklag
David: from the ruins of Ziklag
Thoughts on 2 Chronicles
The Lord's Table (1 Cor. 10: 14-22)
Effectual Power and Imitative Effort
The Lord's Testimony to the Mosaic Authorship of the Pentateuch
Results of the Cross to Faith
"Figurative Language of the Bible"
Salvation, Service, and Rest (1 Thess. 1)
Christ's Obedience and ours
"Teaching of the Twelve Apostles"
Thoughts Suggested by John 1: 14
Thoughts on John 16: 9
Thoughts on John 16: 27
Ploughing, Sowing, and Reaping
The Spirit of Heaven, and that of the World
The Incomparable Love of God
Brief Thoughts on 1 Tim. 1: 15, and 2 Tim. 4: 6-8
The Unreason of Darwinism
To an Enquirer about the Law
Musical Service: is it right?
For (or in) remembrance of Me
Distinctive blessing on obedience
John 6: 68
Aspects of the Cross
The Daysman (Job 9)
Scripture Queries and Answers
The Passover
The Shepherd, the Sheepfold, and the Sheep
"Recent Explorations in Bible Lands"
The Measure and Manner of God's love
John 14: 9
Beginning of recent testimony
The Coming and the day of the Lord
Professor Drummond's "Ascent of Man" & "Evolution"
To an Exercised Soul
Christ's Life and Death
Recent Works on the Revelation and Prophecy
Ruin and Glory
Divine Facts and Human Theories
Correspondence on Mark 13: 32
Scripture Sketches
1. Silhouette: Balaam
2. Vignette: Balaam's Curse
3. Phinehas
4. Zelophehad's Daughters
5. The Death of Moses
6. John the Baptist
7. Miriam
8. Matthew the Publican
9. Joshua
10. The Herods
11. Achan
12. "Simon Peter's Brother"
Gospel Words
"God created" Genesis 1: 1
"God said" Genesis 1: 3
The Two Trees Genesis 2: 9

A Well of Water. John 4: 14
Go, call thy Husband. 16-18
Worship of the Father. 20-22
Worship in Spirit 24
"I that speak," etc. 26
"The woman then left." 28
"We have heard Him." 42
"The Saviour of the World." 42
Justified by Faith Rom. 5: 1
Peace with God 1
The grace wherein we stand 2
The glory of God 2
We glory in tribulations also 3-5
The love of God 5
Christ died forThe ungodly 6
God's own love 7, 8
Justified by His blood 9
Reconciled to God 10
We shall be saved 9, 10
We also joy in God (Rom. 5: 11)