The Waters of Bethlehem
"Return unto Me"
Scripture Queries and Answers
"A still small voice"
"An House of Cedar"
The Power of Prayer
Neglect of the Reading Meeting
Our Living Lord
Christ, the Living Bread
The Word of God: How Do You Read It?
Association with Christ
The Pursuit of the Christian Ideal
Step By Step on the Way of Faith
Divine Comfort
"The God of hope"
Philadelphia and the Prospect Today
The Present War
Notes of an Address on Hosea 7: 8-16
"Peace on earth" - "Peace in heaven"
"Heavenly springs"; or, Ever New
Notes of an address on 1 Thessalonians 5: 23
A Voice out of Seir
The Transfiguration
After Man's Day
Notes of a reading on Romans 1-7
Principles of God's Intervention
"Lest ye faint"
The Salvation of God
Denying Self and Taking the Cross.
Salvation Possessed and Known
Conversion to God
The Propitiation for our Sins
The War and Prophecy
Christ the Propitiatory
The Priest to make Propitiation
Our Compassionate High Priest
"Forgive us our debts," or "sins"