Heaven's Joy

Will it be the glory bright
Of those realms of endless light?
Streets all paved with crystal gold,
Gates of pearl of price untold,
Harps, and thrones, and diadems,
Palaces, and costly gems?
All, and more than this, is given,
But 'tis not the "joy of heaven."

One there is, and One alone,
Every ransomed saint will own
As the central fount of bliss;
Heaven were empty without this.
Jesus, Lamb of God, Thou art
Now the centre of my heart;
While by faith Thy face I see,
While I live and feed on Thee
E'en in this sad, weary waste,
Often heavenly joys I taste:
Thou the joy of joys wilt be,
Of my heaven's eternity. J. G. D.


1916 80 Luke 10:39. It was not much to record of this one that she (Mary) sat at Jesus' feet. Has this value in the eyes of the world, or even of Christians in general? Has it in ours? But it was as ointment poured forth to the heart of the Beloved One. We may be active in service, right as all this is in its place, but there is nothing He so values as for us to love to listen to Him. How wonderful that, although He is now exalted on the throne of the Majesty on high, He still looks for the opportunity of speaking to us down here. Are we beyond His care or reach? or outside His interest? Here was no bustling crowd, no activities of service — here was rest even for Him.

The last of the seven addresses to the churches, "Behold I stand at the door and knock. If any man will hear my voice, and will open the door, I will come in to him." What for? To talk with him! He, when here in this world, had many things to say to His own which they could not bear, and He would have much to say to us if we were ready to listen. The only place to learn His mind for service is at His feet. Service is good, but the Lord said, Mary had chosen the good part. He appreciated and valued Martha's service as no other could, for He never slights or fails to value service in its place. He is listening for the voice that will bid Him enter. May we open to Him!

What was the end of it all? The Lord perhaps had spoken to Mary of His death. When He spoke to His disciples about His decease they wouldn't have it. But this one had sat at His feet, and because of what she had there learnt from Him, she brings out an alabaster box of precious ointment, and pours it on His blessed feet. Let it be ours to be found sitting at His feet, listening to His word.


1916 96 1 Tim. 6:17." He hath given us all things richly to enjoy." In a day of ruin, but not of poverty — for "thou art rich" — we have to do with a bountiful Giver, One who is faithful and unchanging. Are we enjoying all things richly? We ought to be able to enter more than we ever did into His bounty, into the infinity of His resources. His love and care have never wearied, He holds not back that which is good for us. We ought not to hide our heads in the sand, and refuse to face things, but we ought to face them with God. Timothy was told, "Be thou strong."

We are here to do His will. We are not to think of ourselves as a testimony! unless of ruin, perhaps. But we should be rejoicing. In what? In the Lord. Has He changed? Is He not the same? Let us humble ourselves about the state of things within and around. If He gives, He gives richly with no niggardly hand, and it is for our soul's enjoyment. Do we then, take advantage of all His gifts which He has given for enjoyment?

If we are doing His will we shall not be ashamed before Him at His coming, and this is what we are here for — to please Him in everything. For this, we need to abide in Him. Is the Lord Jesus Christ our home? Do we dwell there? Is Himself the circle of our affections? Is whatever concerns Him that which concerns us? Are His interests ours indeed? Do we delight ourselves in all that delights Him, and are we grieved by whatever is a grief to Him? He is our life, and for me to "live should be Christ. The joy of the Lord is then indeed our strength.

1916 174 "To me to live is Christ." So said the blessed apostle and are we not called to be followers of Him as he was of Christ? Can anything be more blessed? And do we not happily confess that He "loved me and gave Himself for me?" May it be ours to devote ourselves to Him in all our daily walk and service!