"I Will Never Leave Thee"

Hebrews 13:5.

"Himself hath done it" all - Oh, how those words
Should hush to silence every murmuring thought!
Himself hath done it - He who loves me best,
He who my soul with His own blood hath bought.

"Himself hath done it." - Yes, although severe
May seem the stroke, and bitter be the cup,
'Tis His own hand that holds it, and I know
He'll give me grace to drink it meekly up.

Himself hath done it." - Oh, no arm but His
Could e'er sustain beneath earth's dreary lot;
But while I know He's doing all things well,
My heart His loving-kindness questions not.

"Himself hath done it." - He who's searched me through,
See how I slave to earth's insnaring ties;
And so He breaks each reed on which my soul
Too much for happiness and joy relies.

"Himself hath done it." - He would have me see
What broken cisterns human friends must prove;
That I may turn and quench my burning thirst
At His own fount of ever-living love.

"Himself hath done." - Then I fain would say,
"Thy will in all things forevermore be done;"
E'en though that will remove whom best I love,
While Jesus lives I cannot be alone.

And when, in His eternal presence blest,
I at His feet my crown immortal cast,
I'll gladly own, with all His ransomed saints,
"Himself hath done it" - all, from first to last.