Christ our Food.

Aaron and his sons were to eat what was not burned in the fire of the meat-offering. Christ was the true bread, come down from heaven to give light unto the world, that we, through faith priests and kings, may eat thereof and not die. It was holy for Aaron and his sons; for who indeed ever fed on Christ but those who, sanctified by the Holy Ghost, live the life of faith, and feed on the food of faith. And is not Christ the food of our souls, sanctifying us also ever to God? Do not our souls recognize in the meek and humble Holy One - in Him who shines as the light of human perfectness and divine grace amongst sinful men - what feeds, nourishes, and sanctifies? Cannot our souls feel what is to be offered to God in tracing, by the sympathy of the spirit of Jesus in us, the life of Jesus toward God, and before men in the world. An example to us, He presents the impress of a man living to God, and draws us after Him; and by the attraction - Himself the force which carries on in the way He trod, while our delight and joy are in it - are not our affections occupied and assimilated in dwelling with delight on what Jesus was here below? We admire, are humbled, and become conformed through grace. Head and source of this life in us, the display of its perfection in Him draws forth and develops its energies and lowliness in us. For who could be found in fellowship with Jesus? Humble, as one has said, He would teach us to take the lowest place, but that He is in it Himself. Blessed Master, may we at least be near to and hidden in Thee!

J. N. Darby.

Do you ask, What shall I study? Study well these four words, "The flesh profiteth nothing." J. N. Darby.

One set of things around us is going on to a city that suits man - Babylon; the other to a city that suits Christ - the new Jerusalem Which are you going to? It is a great question. We get the picture of the future bride - how she will be adorned for her husband; and this is put before us when everything has failed in the church. The nuptial garments are brought out before the wedding-day in order that we may try them on. The bridal costume is shown us in order that we may acquire the characteristics of the bride. We are presented in Rev. 21 with all the beautiful features in which the Lord will have us stand before Him on the wedding-day.

J. B. Stoney.