Heaven's Joy.

WILL it be the glory bright
Of those realms of endless light
Streets all paved with crystal gold?
Gates of pearl of price untold?
Harps, and thrones, and diadems,
Palaces and costly gems?
No more sorrow, grief, or pain -
Meetings ne'er to part again -
Eyes undim'd by any tear -
Peace unruffled by a fear?
All and more than this is given,
But 'tis not the "joy of heaven."

One there is, and one alone,
Ev'ry ransomed saint will own
As the central fount of bliss;
Heaven were empty without this.
Jesus, Lamb of God, Thou art
Now the centre of my heart;
While by faith Thy face I see,
While I live and feed on Thee,
E'en in this sad weary waste
Often heavenly joy I taste;
Thou the joy of joys shalt be
Of my heaven's eternity.
J. G. Deck.