The Peerless One.

O THOU, Jehovah's fellow, Man!
Jesus, my Lord, God's Son
Human perfection at its height
But found in Thee alone.

To Abba's love, to God's high claims,
Thou cam'st not short at all;
Perfect in everything art Thou
Alone since Adam's fall.

O matchless, peerless Man! shall we
Begrudge to Thee this praise?
Perfect, alone Thou cam'st in love
To glory us to raise.

Peerlessly, spotless One! 'twas Thou
The wrath did'st bear for me
Peerlessly, righteous One! I'm made
God's righteousness in Thee.

Peerlessly, glorious One; how soon
Shall I be like to Thee?
Thy very glory then reflect,
Thy perfect beauty see.
G. V. Wigram.