"By Him all things consist." - Cor,. 1:17.

Go count the stars, and tell their sum,
The sands that gird the sea,
The fountains whence the oceans come,
And grasp infinity.

Infinite hosts and boundless sea,
Which none can count or span,
Save One who compassed Calvary
In ransom there for man.

"All things" by Him were made of old
By His eternal Word;
The seas, the sands, the stars were told
And counted by the Lord.

But sin, alas! has stung the whole
With travail, groan, and pain,
Till He destroys all death's control,
And "maketh whole again.

Oh, Lamb of God, Thy "scarlet line"
Runs all creation through!
The glory, Lord, the glory's Thine,
Who makest all things new. C. F. C.