The Chief Corner Stone.

"Behold, I lay in Sion a Chief Corner Stone, elect, precious; and he that believeth on Him shall not be confounded."

"The Stone which the builders rejected is become the Head of the Corner."

Can foundation greater be,
Crowned with shouts of victory?
Great in God, prepared above,
Laid in Jesus' quenchless love.
Great in Jordan's judgment-sea,
When He purged iniquity,
When He gave His life and fell,
When He rose His "power" to tell,
Conqu'ring sin, and death, and hell;
Ascending thence to claim His own,
His crown of joy the Father's throne,
Himself the precious Corner Stone.

Can foundation surer be
Than the Lamb on Calvary?
When He bore the wrathful load,
Sin and sentence there from God?
Sacrificed for sin and guilt,
When His precious blood was spilt,
There the Lamb, devoted, dies,
God's redeeming sacrifice;
Sin of ages to atone,
All was laid on Him alone,
Tried and sure Foundation Stone.

Can foundation richer be
Than redemption's treasury?
Vast the "sum" therein enrolled,
"Precious thoughts" of priceless gold,
Not the half hath yet been told;
Rich the Father's count of grace,
Reck'ning all the ransomed race;
Promise of prophetic lines,
Bright the ransom-glory shines
(Glory of eternal times),
Ransom found of richest name,
Found in God's provided Lamb.
Called in judgment to the tree,
Nothing spares the penalty;
His elect, anointed Son
Dies, the just for those undone.
There the streams of life must flow,
Blood of One the purchased know,
Blood - remitting sins below.
By His passion on the tree,
By His passion's penalty;
Bondsman He, for debt He dies,
Surety bound in sacrifice;
Richest ransom-payment He,
None so rich, so poor, could be,
Himself the suffering Surety - P
Priceless gift of God alone,
Chief and costly Corner Stone.

Can foundation dearer be
Than His priestly sympathy?
Gone within the holy place,
Tender there in needed grace;
Touched with pity, next of kin,
On His breast He bears us in;
In His hands and side we see
Wounds that tell of Calvary;
The crucified, rejected One
Declared with power upon the throne
The Son of God, the Corner Stone.

Can foundation deeper be,
Deeper than eternity?
Not the whirlwind's wildest roar,
Beating on that boundless shore,
Nor the raging water flood,
Mars the merit of His blood.
Sooner Jesus' promise fail
Than the gates of hell prevail;
Victim He Himself alone,
God's Foundation Corner Stone. C. F. C.