Earnest Expectation.

Romans 8:18-23.

"Behold, a King shall reign in righteousness." - Isa. 32:1.

All creation groans for Thee,
Travailing with penalty,
Toiling on with ancient moan,
Eden's agonizing groan;
Throbbing, throbbing, thrilled with pain,
Longing for Thy kingly reign:
Her bonds to break from thraldom free,
With songs and shouts of jubilee,
At large in "glorious liberty."

Lord of that deliverance-morn,
When creation newly born,
Lumined by Thy cross and crown,
Wakes translated to renown;
Purged from thorns that pierced Thy head,
Purged by witness from the dead.
The curse no more, nor penal rod,
Thy power displays the sons of God,
And frees creation by Thy blood.

King of glory, Jesus, now,
Soon of all creation, Thou!
Earth's dominion won by Thee,
Saviour-God in unity!
Once in groan and travail here,
Soon from glory to appear;
Once in sacrifice for sin,
Soon creation back to win;
Once below amongst the dead,
Soon to reign creation's Head;
Lord of life and glory Thou,
Every knee to Thee shall bow:
Heaven and earth with rapture ringing,
Homage through the ages bringing,
All creation resting, singing!
C. F. C.

The moment the will is broken, bearing with patience everything I come across, then joy is unhindered.
Not only have I all I want, but I am all I need to be in Christ.
All that Christ is, and that Christ has done, is mine in Him.
Had I to perform the smallest act, as that through which I needed to get completeness before God, it would be a denial of the perfectness of the Lord Jesus Christ.