"Yet a little while."

Hebrews 10:37.

Only "a little while,"
A moment it may be,
Ere I shall see Him face to face,
Who died, who lives for me.

Only "a little while "
The wilderness to roam,
And then the Father's house above,
My dwelling-place, my home.

Only "a little while "
To walk by faith alone,
And then without a veil to see,
And know as I am known.

Only "a little while "
To tread the path He trod,
And then the home of rest and joy,
The dwelling place of God.

Only "a little while,"
Then watching will be o'er,
And we shall see Him face to face,
And worship evermore.

Only "a little while,"
Oh, precious, cheering word
It may be ere this day shall close
I shall behold my Lord.

Then not "a little while,"
But through eternal days,
To sing the never-ending song
Of tribute to His praise. L. W.