A Meditation.

1 Tim. 4:15.

Made Sin, Thou bear'st my sins
Thou Holy One of God;
Jehovah's sword awoke,
Thence flowed Thy precious blood.
Hail! boundless grace which sets me free,
Sin judged, my sins too borne by Thee,
That blood from judgment shieldeth me.

And I am Thine, through death
For me, where wrath impelled
Its billows all on Thee,
And ever was annulled.
Thou liv'st - I live, Thy sorrow o'er; Mine -
Thine to share for evermore,
The Father's house, heaven's boundless store.

Be mine THY lowly path
On earth till that blest day;
Nothing the world hath now
To give or take away.
From all its shadows vain, I flee;
Hail! Prince and Saviour, Lord, with Thee
I come to spend eternity!
H. C. Anstey.