My Place.

No question of worthiness can be associated with the person of the Lord Jesus Christ, nor with Him personally in respect of the place He now occupies.

So also no thought of any judicial clearance before perfect holiness can come before the mind with respect to the Lord Jesus Himself; and no thought of His responsibility as obnoxious to God's government.

These things do have their place when man is considered, but not else. The eternal Son of the Father, by whom also "He made the world," in Him was found before the world was, as ever since, God's perfect rest, complacency, delight.

If these questions are rightly raised as to my place, how are they met? The answer is, In Him, if a believer, I stand. In Him, in all the favour of His OWN acceptance, as to which not a thought of worthiness can for one moment be entertained. As His worthiness now and always is far beyond any mere judicial clearance - for He is, as always, the delight of the Father - so also am I, as in Him. Can we measure or explain this affection? It is past our powers of explanation, and outside all merely human comprehension. Reason must flounder here. Yet - who will deny it? - "As He is, so are we in this world." H. C. Anstey.