"Out of Egypt" - called of God!
(All its curse and bondage gone;)
Israel takes the Canaan-road,
There to serve and dwell alone.

Desert-gifts bestrew the way,
Comforting with staff and rod,
Fire by night and cloud by day,
Living streams and bread of God.

Jordan cleaves its judgment-sea,
Driven back at God's command;
Over - on to Gilgal, free -
Israel conquers Canaan's land.

Forward, through the great highway,
Jesus leads His pilgrim-race,
Keeping rank, with bright array,
Purged by Gilgal's power and grace.

There reproach is rolled away,
Dead and buried through His love;
There the resurrection lay
Wakes and waits the song above.

Dead with Christ, by faith we rise
Far above the bounds of space;
There in Him, above the skies,
Seated in the heavenly place.

Quenched is every judgment claim -
Quenched by water and by blood,
By one offering of the Lamb -
Priceless, spotless Lamb of God.

Soon with Him in yonder sky,
There enraptured round the throne,
Saints will shout the victory,
"Thou art worthy, Thou alone."
C. F. C.