"Where Christ sitteth."

Set your mind on things above,
Where the Christ is seated,
Who has died for us in love,
And our foes defeated.

There, what eye hath never seen,
Nor the heart conceived -
What for us prepared has been,
Is to us revealed.

There affections may outflow
Unrestrained in measure;
There the heart afresh may glow
With unmingled pleasure.

There is Christ Himself to fill
Every heart with wonder,
Who once came to do God's will,
And our chains to sunder.

Centre He, of glories there,
Which no thought can measure;
Glories which we soon shall share,
Whom He counts His "treasure."

Give Him what He values most -
Deep and true affection;
Who redeemed, at such a cost,
Us from condemnation.

Now our life with Christ is hid,
Safe in God's own keeping;
Fruit of what for us He did,
We His saints are reaping.

When He comes in glory bright,
We with Him appearing,
Shine in all His heavenly light,
This each heart is cheering.

Forward then, to see His face,
We would still be pressing;
Walking here in truth and grace,
Here His life expressing. G. W. F.

A worldly religion, in which the world can walk, and in which the religious element is adapted to man on the earth, is the denial of Christianity.

He who seeks to be great, and to take the lead among Christians, has entirely falsified the Christian character. He will be the last of all; and the true way of having the highest place is to serve, considering oneself the slave of the wants of other disciples.

The love of Christ is a love which is above all our wretchednesses, but which adapts itself to all our wretchednesses, and which is not repelled nor chilled by any of these wretchednesses.