"He led them forth by a right way."

Christian Friend, vol. 13, 1886, p. 135.

"He led them forth by a right way, that they might go to a city of habitation." Ps. 107:7.

"HE led them forth" - no other guide
Can lead the way,
No other shepherd tend the flock
From day to day.
"He led them forth" - the way was right
When led by Him;
He gently lures the erring ones
From paths of sin.
"He led them forth" - they, trusting in
His care, rejoice;
No hireling, wolf, nor stranger heed;
They know His voice.
"He led them forth that they might go"
Unto their rest;
Though rough the road, if following Him,
It is the best.
"He led them forth," and though they long
To reach their home,
In patience wait they for His voice
"Behold, I come."
"He led them forth" - soon listening ears
Will hear the shout,
The city enter, and with Him
"Go no more out."